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August 12, 2017 18:06

Garage of sandwich panels with their own hands

Garage of sandwich panels - a modern version of a metal garage, easy to assemble and has a number of other advantages: structural strength, good insulation, neat and attractive appearance.He's going for a couple of days and can be any size, shape and color.In addition, the garage of the sandwich panels can be equipped with automatic gates, making it easier to enter and save your time and effort.

Garage of sandwich panels with their own hands

What is the garage of sandwich panels

Sandwich panel - multi-layer design team, consisting of several layers: the outer skin of the profiled sheet layer of insulation and the interior metal cladding.Sandwich panels come in various sizes, and in the places of articulation they are equipped with locks, greatly simplifies their installation.

Sandwich panels

Sandwich panels

Garage erected on level ground or on a strip foundation.The frame of the garage is made of metal profile, when mounting the panels in the joints mounted sealing gaskets.Construction of the garage is strong enough, at the same time light, allowing to equip the garage heating, lighting and automation systems tear gate.The price of the garage turns out an average of three to five times lower than the cost of the capital structure of the blocks.

Garage of sandwich panels typically purchase a prefabricated kit, which includes the frame, trim, roof, as well as hardware and additional elements - the junction of the roof and walls, corners, sealing gasket.The design of the garage and its size differs depending on the model.The assembly is not particularly difficult, so you can save considerably, gathering garage of sandwich panels with their own hands.

assembly of Stages garage

Garage sandwich panels can be installed on any flat surface.This can be concreted area or gravel dumping.If you need to base yourself - you can make a garage band foundation, and then pour the concrete floor.

Then erect the garage frame made of metal profiles, the bundled.Lining made of prefabricated sandwich panels, securing it to the chassis.garage gates can be hinged or folding.

foundation and floor

This step is not mandatory - garage of sandwich panels can be installed on any smooth tarmac.If no such site, then the setup time is increased by the garage runtime foundation.The technology of works is:

  1. to mark the site, remove sod and level with him.Along the perimeter of the installation strip foundation dig a trench width of 60 cm and a depth of 40-50 cm. The bottom of the trench is filled dvadtsatisantimetrovym layer of sand, it must be carefully compacted.
  2. The trench installed shuttering of boards, formwork width - 40 cm, height - 20 cm above ground level.The top level of the formwork are aligned on or make it markup marker at which the foundation is leveled.Placed inside the formwork waterproofing layer - dense polyethylene and then placed on two rows of reinforcement two reinforcing rods laid along the longitudinal axis of each of the foundation, and held together by transverse rods.At the junctions of the valve is associated with a soft wire.
  3. ready-mixed concrete from the cement, sand and filler - fine gravel.Mixing ratio 1: 2: 2.For the preparation of the concrete mixer is convenient to use.It lay cement and sand is poured to water and mixed smetagny liquid state, and then added to the rubble and stirred until all the gravel is not distributed evenly in solution.
  4. Pour concrete formwork, align the top edge, covered with cover material and allow for concrete maturity.A few days later, after the concrete pour, you can remove the casing, backfill the trench with sand and begin the sexes.
  5. space inside the garage of the future is filled with sand, which is closely aligned.Above the sand establish a grid of reinforcing bar diameter of 8 to 12 mm, bars relate the wire.To mesh reinforcement was completely immersed in the concrete, it is raised slightly above the level of the sand.For this purpose, you can use a special guide or the usual fragments of brick.
  6. To align the floor was comfortable, at a distance of about 1 m along the garage put beacons - bar set just above the wire mesh.According to it, with the help of rules will later be aligned grout.Between themselves, lighthouses are aligned using a spirit level and long boards.Kneaded
  7. concrete rubble with a reduced content of 1: 3: 1, it is poured onto the prepared surface and distributed over the surface of the floor of the future, and then leveled by a predetermined rule beacons.

Placement of reinforcement and pouring the floor in the garage

laying reinforcement and pouring the floor in the garage

frame garage

to perform the frame of the garage can begin as soon as will be prepared by the foundation or flat ground under his installation.If you buy a prefabricated kit, it is sure to be provided with detailed instructions for assembly sequence of the garage.The whole assembly process includes the following stages:

  1. first assemble the walls of the garage separately.To do this, take the profile set for the side walls, or in the size of the cut profile and connect it first to a rectangle having the dimensions of the wall.Thereafter, additional edges mounted at a distance of about 50 cm from each other.To make the structure more stability by tightening the wall diagonally perforated metal tape, pre-measured their equality.Connecting elements to produce metal screws using the screwdriver.Since both sidewalls collected.The end walls are collected in the same way according to the scheme, not forgetting carefully measure the distance to set the target.

    The process of assembling the walls of the garage

    process of assembling the walls of the garage

  2. the ceiling is made of a profile of greater width, as the load on the roof with a small angle of slope can in winter be significant.Profile combined with self-tapping screws in the rectangular structure, then set additional edges, which will play the role of the roof battens.

    The process of assembling the gate

    assembly process gate

  3. assembled wall mounted on a prepared site, and then fasten them together by means of connecting elements, bundled.Line the walls plumb and level.

    frame assembly and fastening elements

    frame assembly and fastening elements

  4. The roof is attached to the finished frame, stacking it on top of the garage frame and fixing screws.After that frame the garage ready for plating.

    The frame is ready for plating

    frame ready for plating

plating technology

Sheathing garage sandwich panels is fast enough, but you must respect the technology and installation of walls use a level to avoid distortions formed.

  1. Sheathing start from the walls.Krepjat first sandwich panel, applying its domestic smooth sheet metal sheathing to the frame, fixed on the upper right corner, carefully align the plumb, and then fastened by several screws, metal, hexagonal head with a rubber sealing washer.Screws secured to the upper cladding wave, trying not to pull - the rubber gasket must be slightly pursed, but not deformed.

    Sample mounting sandwich panels

    sample mounting sandwich panels

  2. Connect sandwich panels together using a lock on their edges, using gaskets and silicone sealant.For a better fit of the panels to each other during installation using special clamps.They fasten sheets joined at the time of their installation.

    Ctrubtsitsy for mounting sandwich panels

    Ctrubtsitsy for mounting sandwich panels

  3. Produce lining all the walls around the perimeter, and then perform the roofing, use with additional elements: gutters, junction strips, angles, reaching complete.All joints necessarily coat with frost-resistant silicone sealant.

    The structure of the sandwich panels

    sandwich panels structure

  4. After skin hung gates, check their level and also sewn sandwich panels, install locks, deadbolts.Perform interior trim garage.Thereafter garage ready for use.
Garage of sandwich panels

Garage sandwich panels

Garage of sandwich panels, assembled their own hands - a convenient and practical structure, which can also act as a workshop or warehouse.It is possible to install a local heating, furnace or electric.If there is a need for a more permanent building, you can build a garage of foam blocks with their hands.