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August 12, 2017 18:06

Alignment of plasterboard walls

The task of aligning the walls of almost any excellent job plasterboard.This material is strong enough, easy to use and the cutting.Due to its flexibility, drywall sheets can be used when installing with the utmost efficiency.Modern technology alignment walls using gypsum boards not only helps to hide surface irregularities, but also create entirely new partitions.The main advantage of this method is the ability to perform all the work with his own hands.To do this, just select the most suitable method of fastening plates and design of the final result.

The task of aligning the walls of almost any excellent job plasterboard

The task of aligning the walls of almost any excellent job plasterboard

main ways to install drywall sheets on the wall

Alignment plasterboard walls can be done in two main ways.The first method involves the construction of rigid frame and sheet attachment thereto via screws.The second method is simpler, as it implies a sticker sheets directly to the wall.In some cases, you can combine both options, for example, for joining plaster and plasterboard walls, as well as finishing the joints of the ceiling and walls.

Skeleton way to finish

most reliable and relatively simple method of leveling and construction of walls made of plasterboard is a frame.To create the framework necessary forms used special metal profiles for plasterboard, which are fastened with screws themselves sheets.The main disadvantage of this method is that the lining is obtained sufficiently thick, sometimes more than 4 cm, which reduces to a few square meters of useful floor area.The process of alignment of the walls of the carcass method can be divided into several stages.Consider everything in order.

primarily made preparatory work.The alignment of the walls in the apartment begins with the fact that they removed all old paint to the base.It is mandatory require dismantling the old stucco and shingles, which are dilapidated and easily behind the wall.Moreover, it will save a few centimeters of useful space.Primer walls process is not required, but make it desirable as antiseptic treatment is very important, especially in the case of external wall finishes.In addition, in preparation for future need to draw a line on the boundary wall on the floor and ceiling.

frame Mounting

second stage of finishing work is the construction of the frame, which will serve as a basis for fixing plasterboard sheets.

The frame for fixing plasterboard sheets

frame for fixing plasterboard sheets

All work should be done by the following algorithm:

  • To erect the frame uses a special galvanized steel profile.Included should be profiled parts of different types and forms.At the beginning of the ceiling and the floor, as well as adjacent walls mounted UD profile which rests on the central part of its surface.His fixation is done with dowels.This is the most important stage, which should be very clear to control the vertical using a spirit level.
  • The resulting frame is mounted vertically jumper from the CD profile.That they will be the basis for fixing plasterboard sheets.Their fixation is carried out to the edges of the walls, and a wide flat surface in the side of the room.Profiles are attached by means of special screws, equipped with a drill on the end.They have been specifically designed for galvanized profiles, allowing them to freely prodelyvat for themselves holes and firmly twist all the details of the frame.
  • Installation of the first profile is carried out directly at one of the side walls.Follow the vertical profiles mounted parallel to it at a distance of 600 mm between them.distance measurement is performed not by the profile edges and their centers.The choice of this distance is not random, as it is equal to half the width of gypsum board (1200 mm).This makes it possible to mount it on the edges and in the middle.Near the other adjacent wall profile mounted back to back, regardless of the distance from the previous one.
  • reliable fastening give special suspensions of galvanized metal strips having in the central part of the ribs and the ends of the perforation.These suspensions are bent by the letter "P" and is attached under each vertical profile of the middle wall.Then buckle ears to the edges of the profile and level to fix it.
"U" shaped hanger

«U» shaped suspension

  • There are cases when the length of the sheet of drywall (2500 mm) is less than the height of the walls.In such situations, it becomes necessary to add pieces of plasterboard from above or below.This may be done if the height of 2500 mm to mount the horizontal bridges between the vertical profiles of the same CD profile.

Installation of drywall sheets in the frame

When the frame is fully assembled it is possible to begin to fix plasterboard.As the fasteners used screws length 35 mm black with a hot iron.For their tightening is best to use a screwdriver, as this makes it easy to bury the cap in plasterboard flush.Screws are screwed every 10 - 15 cm around the perimeter and in the center of the sheet.Most often, each sheet of drywall exactly in the middle there is a vertical line, which greatly facilitates its installation.

intervals, in which a sheet is not included, filled with scraps of an appropriate size.For cutting drywall sheets, you can use an ordinary knife construction.To do this, the paper along the cut sheet and a sheet break in two lines are drawn on.Thereafter, the paper is cut from the other side of the sheet.This can be considered as dry leveling plasterboard walls finished.You only need to seal the seams and apply a topcoat.

Paneled room with plasterboard

drywall paneled room

finishing wall surfaces

edge of each gypsum board is slightly thinner than the rest of the surface.This further facilitates sealing of seams.For this purpose a self-adhesive mesh that you want to paste from the ceiling to the floor along all seams.After that it is applied starting putty for leveling depressions in the general level.

The next step depends on what kind of veneer is used.If it is a tile or some other thick and opaque material, just enough to cover the seams.If you plan on painting or wallpapering, the entire surface of the wall must be covered with the finishing putty.Its layer should not exceed 1 - 2 mm.Then putty and sanded the entire surface of the ground.If you plan to paint, the surface must be perfectly flat, which can be achieved by alternating the grinding process and the application of additional layers of putty.

Aligning wall gluing process of gypsum boards

If the room of your apartment is very small and you do not want to lose even a few square meters of space, it is possible to do without the device frame.For this plasterboard can be pasted directly on the wall.However, this method is suitable only for sufficiently smooth walls.If there are any irregularities, bumps and hollows, they need to cover up and skived.Then you can start gluing drywall.At the beginning of the wall primed and raskraivajut size sheets.Note that along the ceiling and floor need to leave a gap of 50 mm, which will dry out faster than glue.

dowel holes drilled across the wall.They spin screws, so that they create a flat surface of the cap.This approach is necessary in order that the sheets were placed correctly.Otherwise, to level the surface of the sheets in a flat wall will not work.

stickers method of gypsum boards to the wall

Method stickers gypsum boards to the wall

Glue made from special dry mixes to which water is added.The consistency of the resulting solution should be like a paste.Since this glue dries very quickly, it is necessary to plant directly before the actual installation.To create a better adhesion of the glue, the sheet surface should be thoroughly cleaned from dust.Glue is applied to the back surface of the small sheet piles, which are arranged at a distance of 20 - 30 cm at the edges of the sheet and the middle longitudinal bars.Handful impossible to level in a uniform layer, as this leads to excessive consumption of the solution, and not be able to properly dock plates to the wall over its entire area.

Once you have caused the adhesive to a sheet, you must press it to the wall evenly, so that he lay down on the cap screws.If you want, you can use a rubber mallet.To the holes are not made their way through the sheets, you need to make a bar or board and only for him hammering.When all walls are finished you need to wait some time before the complete drying of the adhesive composition.The duration in most cases, is indicated on the instructions, which is attached to the adhesive.Further work can begin only after the glue to dry.The seams between the sheets need to cover and seal the mesh filler starting at the leaf level.Using finishing putty is only necessary in the case of painted or papered walls.

Thus, no matter what method is chosen, as a result of this work will turn out perfectly flat and smooth surface of the walls.There will not be spent such works as plastering.Sticker sheets of drywall can also be used in case of partial repair or forming slopes on the windows and arches.Especially good gypsum board to create the arch, since the water wetting and perforating it can take any curvilinear shape.