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August 12, 2017 18:06

Decorate suburban area - garden arches made ​​with their own hands

Dear subscribers site.In today's article we will examine the instructions, how to make a garden arch with their hands, but all in order, let's first understand what it is.Garden arches Flower - is an element of design suburban area in which your country life filled with new colors and impressions of your guests from the amazing plants that will fill your summer residence after the construction of the garden arches on the site.

Garden arch with their hands

Garden arch with their hands

In this article, we will consider not only the decorative component, but also a look at the technical issues, allowing the design to manufacture for our arch, so let's begin.

frame garden arches made of wood

plants to cover the arch, of course it is best to choose the most beautiful and climbing plants, then it does not allow you to fully realize our plans and enjoy the beautiful appearance of the garden arch.

arch frame for flowers

frame arch for

colors to manufacture the frame, we need:

  • 4 bar 10 * 10 cm, in order to make support and build a wall for the arch:
  • 2 boards to build our roof arches;
  • 4 slats 3 meters each - needed to fill the void between the supports of the walls.
tree must necessarily be well dried to avoid deformation after installation process.

This photograph shows a turn-based fabrication technology forming the profile of the arch.It is worth noting that this is not quite a complicated technology.First, you must create a template of the upper arch of the element, it can be made of cardboard.

  1. Take a pencil and draw a cardboard figure of the future of the upper arch element.
  2. Then fasten the bars and sealed them with our template (if it is made of wood), wooden bars.
  3. Then start to cut our electric jigsaw arch.
  4. Next on the similar principle do the other half of our arch.

    Upper garden arches frame member

    upper garden arches frame member

  5. Next is attached to the base of the arch of the bars, and wooden slats nailed directly with a hammer and small nails.It should be noted that the base is attached with screws.
  6. next step - a side panel of the arch, it is done using the same wooden slats, so fill them with the help of the void, which is then quite successfully closed our vyuschieya plants.Note that the side walls are made in the form of an arch lattice.

    The side arches panel flowers

    side arches panel flowers

  7. frame for garden arches made of wood ready, then set it in our garden.
The frame for the garden arches made ​​of wood ready

frame for garden arches made of wood ready

How to enter the garden arch in the design suburban area

Indeed, the arch is willing to stay two points - setting the arches and arch bracing on plants.Let's start in order to establish more successful garden arch just at the entrance of your garden, it will look as follows.

Garden arch as wickets

Garden arch as wickets

Another option interesting design solution - this wicker arch.Wicker Arch - this is quite an interesting option decor, but about the hurdle fences can read their own hands.

Wicker Arch - fence

Wicker Arch - fence

addition to the suburban area design will fit in very handy - horizontal wooden arch, which can be used as the entrance to the garden.

The horizontal frame that serves as the entrance to the garden

horizontal arch that serves as the entrance to the garden

It is worth noting that there are not only the arch of a certain shape and size, not on all of them does not end, for example, there are long horizontal arches, which can be refined along the garden paths, solook.

Long garden arch

long garden arch

If you have not yet decided how to enter the garden arch in the suburban area Design - We offer you an interesting method for manufacturing a Garden arch in the form of pavilions, yes it is in a villa gazebo.It's quite an interesting view villa design pavilions, it features a fairly simple technology, and impressive appearance.

Long garden arch

long garden arch

And finally, let's see how to make a frame for the garden arches from a bar.

Wooden garden arch beam

Wooden garden arch beam

What plants oplesti garden arch?

as selecting plants for the garden arch, climbing perennials that are perfect for her, which in its structure to form interesting and beautiful curls, for example:

  1. Hops;
  2. Grapes;
  3. Peas (sweet);
  4. Chinese magnolia:
  5. Honeysuckle;
  6. Climbing rose;
  7. Clematis.
Plants for the garden arch

Plants for garden arches

Video - garden arch for flowers made of metal with their hands