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August 12, 2017 18:06

Storm sewage in the country

Construction of country cottages requires solving many engineering and construction issues.In addition to creating a convenient and comfortable living conditions inside the house - you will also equip and infield.One of the most important building in the suburban area is a storm water drain in the country.

Storm sewage in the country

Storm sewage on

cottage protects against precipitation

In our country almost no places where there is no atmospheric precipitation.In central Russia the volume of the drop-down rain and water from melting snow can be measured in cubic meters in a year.In addition, none cottage is immune to heavy rain, which for a limited time can oversaturate soil moisture on your site and make it a natural marsh.

Once your cottage will cover the pouring rain - dropped out water slide from the roofs and areas with a solid, does not absorb water covering the ground, over saturating it with moisture.This moisture can not only create problems for your crops, but also cause for the destruction of your home base.If you have a cellar, basement or cellar in your summer plants - water can penetrate into the room and partially submerge them.The same situation is with the excessive amount of moisture in the area and can be folded during the intensive spring melt snow.

The scheme of stormwater around the country house

scheme of stormwater around the country house

to protect against the adverse effects of moisture - in backyards satisfied storm sewers, which discharge an excessive amount of moisture outside of your house, where she can not hurt anything.

Key Features stormwater

Storm sewer system is sufficiently specific structure.Unlike conventional water pipe in the rain and melt water is present as a large number of large debris and fine particles.Such a composition Photo involves an initial purification and the creation of a channel for uninterrupted movement littered water.

stormwater system

system stormwater

Composition storm sewer system in the country

Composition storm sewer system is not limited to gutters that collect rainwater from the buildings floors.Rain pipes are just one of the components of livnevki.

The storm sewer villa the following main components:

  • elements that direct rain water and moisture from melting from various areas of overlap or areas.
  • elements, assigned to collect melt water away from homes or beds.
  • elements that allow to accumulate or to reuse the accumulated moisture.

should also be noted that the storm water drainage diverter can be created using two design techniques: line and point, or a combination thereof.

Trays for stormwater

trays stormwater

Spot storm sewer on

cottage In applying this method of collecting rainwater or melt water runoff collected solid, non-absorbent surfaces, such as roofs or paved areas.Next effluents are sent to the receiving hopper.After collecting the waste water transported to the drainage system.

Linear storm sewer on

cottage When using a linear exhaust system, all wastewater from non-absorbent surfaces merge into gutters along such sites.After collecting rainwater and snowmelt runoff directed to the drainage system.If you have in your section of the border with a ravine or a pond - it is advisable to direct the runoff towards the natural flow.As an option - rain and snowmelt runoff can enter the septic tank cleaning, where to pass primary treatment.

Installation of storm water drain

device stormwater

Reuse of rain and melt water is very beneficial exercise.With its use, you can achieve solid savings accounts for water for irrigation or for cleaning.Rain and snowmelt runoff carry relatively few pollutants and their treatment in a standard septic tank should not pose much of a problem.

Independently install storm sewers on

cottage Despite the fact that the storm water drainage is fairly complex engineering system - you may well hold its own installation.The situation is facilitated based on the fact that a storm sewer system no pressure pump, and the water moves by gravity therein.Therefore, installation livnevki at the cottage or country house is only more technically advanced nursery needle with spring creeks.In order to properly design and install rainwater or melt water in the country, you need only have a minimal technological skills.

Mounting pipe stormwater around the country house

Mounting pipe stormwater around the country house

Mount Technology stormwater

  1. Initially calculates the storm sewer system.The minimum necessary elements of a system of water drainage from buildings, since rainwater in its overabundance can seriously complicate your life.Further, if necessary, is calculated from the drainage paths and areas with hard surface, such as an asphalt parking lot.
  2. identify areas on which should be given to the water to make sure that rainwater does not linger on such surfaces.On the roof is clear - with its water collects standard drainage system.But in order to get your walkway or parking at the cottage is not covered with water after each rain - when the construction is necessary to provide a bias on which the water under the influence of gravitational forces will slide into rainwater or gutters.Similar device- funnels or chutes installed and under endings downpipes, collecting moisture from roof.
  3. After the calculation and construction of drainage funnels and troughs - collected water should be displayed away from the site, or in wastewater treatment system.
  4. drain water from rainwater raven can be made private or public way.When using the open method water flows into the troughs, closed at the top of the bars.In the application of the closed system to the place of water enters the collection and removal system for underground pipes.
  5. As when installing gutters, and when placing pipes - building drainage structures should be located with a bias towards the catchment.The angle of the catchment pipes and gutters are also calculated, as in the outer lining of the sewer system.
  6. When laying pipes and gutters after digging trenches in the desired location on their bottom fits sand cushion thickness of not less than 10 centimeters.
  7. drainage system pipes in the ground, you can not bury a considerable amount.Storm sewage works exclusively in the warmer months, and the problem of freezing it is not threatened.
  8. To ensure that the system is not clogged it is necessary to provide for the installation of lattices filters to collect large debris and trash boxes for the collection of suspended fine particles, such as sand.In places the filter arrangement and trash boxes for underground closed piping necessary to provide for the availability of inspection wells and manholes for the routine maintenance and unscheduled cleaning.
Set the tray for stormwater

Set trays stormwater

mounting Features stormwater

for laying sewer gutters livnevki open way, you can use ready resheniyami- concrete and plastic gutters for stormwater.

also storm drains can be combined with a drainage system.In soils with a lot of moisture requires constant drainage of excess water.For this ground pipe laid apertured which collected soil and moisture and it is withdrawn away from the site.These pipes can be used to move off-site rainwater or melt water.However, usually the drainage pipes are laid at a depth of more than a storm sewer system.

carefully calculate the slope of drainage pipes.Use the building level or special theodolite.

aware that water is a fairly aggressive environment, so follow the storm sewer system exclusively from materials not subject to corrosion, for example, plastic or concrete.Do not use pipes with a corrugated surface, since they are extremely susceptible to clogging.

Water can always find a way, so that when connecting pipes stormwater use a sealed technology, similar to conventional external water drain.

To livnevki water does not freeze in the winter - in the beginning of the freezing system must be completely cleaned and released from the water.

All entrances to the cisterns and rain gutters should be closed bars.It is easier to rake leaves from these gratings than to get them from the depths of the sewer system.

At every turn there must be a drainage pipe inspection hatch or well.

To become more familiar with the technology of building storm sewer in the country - check out video tutorials.

Storm sewage in the country: the video