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August 12, 2017 18:06

Instructions - how to make a pile foundation


Comparing the process of creating a pile foundation with the process of creating a columnar base, come to the conclusion that the first more than meets the requirements of modern construction than the second.The disadvantage of the latter is a long preparation, which is not always allowed in terms of performance for the construction plan.Pile foundation eliminates this problem.The process begins with the drilling of wells of a certain diameter, loading the reinforcing elements, concrete filling.The well can be created manually or with a drill.

We do pile foundation with his own hands

do pile foundation with his hands


piles placed around the perimeter of the object under construction.Their number is determined by the total weight of the building and operational load.Depending on the load acting on the various building elements (floor, wall, roof, walls, etc.), and operating time is selected or that the internal diameter of the pile.

When the calculation produces the pit size, taking into account that the manual means you can dig a hole with a maximum of 3 m. The use of a drill with an adjustable hose length allows you to delve more than 5 meters.Boreholes diameters of 6 m is not possible to make a manual drill because it is recommended to use motor and electric drills.


Once completed the process of digging the pit, and select the number of piles, go to the preparation of tar board pipes of a certain size.Please keep in mind the following fact: pipe length should exceed the depth of the well 3 meters.Creation occurs by means of formwork upper portions of pipes which are made from three layers of roofing material of a steel wire.The finished formwork is lowered into the well.You can often see the output of groundwater in wells, but they do not pay attention to it, when the amount is not exceeded?the volume of the pit.If the amount of water exceeds the above value, the pumping produced by the pump.Only after the removal of the water produced concrete pouring.

The main task of the roofing material of the pipe is to protect the foundation of the destruction of the column.If we abandon the use of such pipes may be a number of problems:

  1. grasping and hardening grout hard occurs when insufficient quantity of cement milk, which is contained in the concrete.Ruberoid pipe prevents diffusion of cement slurry into the ground.
  2. without foundation Ruberoid tube has ragged edges.Ruberoid pipe solves this problem by eliminating the irregularities.When it was cold, and the ground starts freezing, weaknesses in the concrete pile to be these irregularities.

proceed to consider the reinforcement of the process.The frame of the valve is done by rods with a diameter of at least 6 mm.They fasten the cross members, each of which has a size of 6 m. In order to effectively connect the post with a raft rod valve just below the height of the grillage.It is sufficient to lower the cane for a couple of centimeters.

When finished reinforcing process proceeds to concrete pouring.The poured concrete hole portions so as to form a layer of no more than five meters in height.To seal necessarily apply vibration settings.More specifically, how to fill in the foundation with his own hands here.

pile foundation

pile foundations


in the construction of pile foundation are two types of grills are used.The first - team of reinforced concrete beams, the second - monolithic.

To properly build a grillage, you must adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. height should not be more than 3 m width
  2. grillage with piles of single-row order must be equal to the width of the basement..In the absence of such guided thick load-bearing walls on the ground floor.However, the width should not exceed 4 m.

If grillage assembled from prefabricated parts, special attention should be paid to secure hold on the pile heads.To accomplish this, during the concreting of the pile in the construction provide additional element - a T-shaped rod.Headroom piles should be covered with a horizontal extension of the valve stem to which are welded restrictor plates.The width of the plates is selected so that it does not exceed the width of the pile.Remember that tip height should be sufficient to capture both the post and the mounted part of raft foundation.Thereafter, the resulting joint concreted and protruding reinforcing elements are welded to the mounting tabs.When the process is completed, the stitches poured concrete or cement.

Before you begin installing the walls, it is advisable to check at what level are grillage.If necessary, they equalize the cement mortar to fit the same level marks.The final stage of validation of the building plan will be stopped and diagonals on all sides.

Pile Foundation with raft

pile foundation grillage with


Cases where the pile foundation does not prove its effectiveness are its disadvantages.There are only two, and it is:

  1. pile foundation is forbidden to use in unstable ground, since there is a possibility of overturning the structure.Such soils requires only durable concrete raft foundation.
  2. happens that prevents the device pile foundation plinth.
  3. Additional costs as cracks and gaps between the piles need to be sure to fill with concrete.
pile foundation

pile foundations

Video - installation of piles for the pile foundation