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August 12, 2017 18:06

Construction of the floor of gypsum fiber board - quickly , accurately and budget

Despite the seemingly unpretentious interior elements such as flooring, its design is quite complex and consists of many elements.And the main role among them is a solid foundation, the quality of which depends entirely on the creation of a general aesthetics of the flooring.Gypsum fiber sheets can be an excellent choice for a quick and high-quality solution to the problem everything subfloor.

Gender of GVL

floor of gypsum fiber board - the perfect solution

gipsovolokonnyh sheets and their benefits.

Sheets GVL are the next stage of development of the once popular material called "dry plaster."Now, however, they represent a durable sheets high hardness, consisting of pressed gypsum and reinforced fluff pulp.Such sheets successfully resist bending, have excellent load carrying capacity, excellent retain heat and can resist burning.

GVL Among other advantages are the following:

  • speed of laying on the floor with no loss of quality;
  • efficiency due to the small amount of waste;
  • opportunity immediately after installation to start laying the flooring.

Video - flooring installation of GVL

In addition, the alignment of the floor plates GVL is not associated with dirty, dusty or wet work.

Apply Distin GVL for floor leveling is possible in many cases:

  • over slabs of concrete and wooden beams;
  • over designs of lags;
  • over ties of sand-cement mixture or polymer materials.
Besides leveling qualities gipsovolokonnyh sheets help to normalize the level of humidity in the room, absorbing excess moisture from the air and evaporating it at nonizhenii humidity.

Species GVL sheets suitable for arranging dry screed.

Construction of sub-floor is made by two types of gypsum fiber sheets:

  1. standard sheet size of 1200 1500 mm?.
  2. small-format sheets are available in a size of 1200 × 600 and 1500? 500 MPRI creating multilayer sheets of the base is allowed to use both types, and they may alternate.

Features assembly gypsum fiber panels.

many manufacturers gypsum fiber sheets are supplied with fasteners and detailed instructions for their installation that allows you to work even without special skills to work with this material.A feature of the installation is the mutual arrangement of the individual sheets with an offset, whereby the finished surface resembles brickwork.This is done to increase the structural strength by increasing the area of ​​contact between the individual elements.And this should be offset from 20 to 25 cm.

device subfloor of gipsovolokonnyh sheets.

  1. At this stage it is necessary to make the preparation of the main floor, t. E. Close up large potholes and sand resulting surface.If masonry GVL will be made over a wood floor, you should also check the horizontal coverage and the integrity of its components.
  2. GVL To protect from moisture on the main floor is laid a layer of waterproofing material, and in the case of the wooden floor as the main waterproofing is necessary to use glassine, waxed or corrugated paper or other permeable materials.On the perimeter laid skirting tape.
  3. In view of the edge of the gap is cut sheets of gypsum fiber board.
  4. filled and leveled insulation of sand or small clay pellets.
  5. performed directly laying GVL.

To make it easier to comply with the condition of horizontality put out by the surface, lay sheets are best consecutive tracks, and you need to start with the side opposite the door to the room.

6. The outer surface of GVL promazyvatsya either PVA or mastic adhesive.This procedure should be repeated with each layer of gypsum fiber board.

multilayer coating is additionally fasten with screws, spaced at a distance of about 30 cm from each other.When working with small-format GVL distance between the screws can be reduced to 20 cm. Screws for this purpose should have a double thread and apparatus for samozenkovaniya.Use self-tapping screws for mounting drywall is not recommended because they have the ability to spontaneously get out of sheets of gypsum fiber board.

When working with GVL should not be afraid of overspending of the material due to the large number of scraps.All of them will be used in further conjugation zones.If the room has a custom configuration, it makes sense to give up the use of standard sheets in favor of small-format, which will reduce the amount of scrap.

7. Designated screwing screws and joints shpaklyuyut and polished.

8. cut off the protruding around the edges of the floor surface and the edge excess waterproofing tape.

It is worth noting that if in the case of multi-layer construction subfloors bottom layer of the sheet has a large crusades connections, at places such compounds, it is desirable that there are a small-format sheet GVL.Also we advise to read about laying cork floor.


technology availability stacking sheets GVL as the subfloor allows this operation on their own, without the involvement of specialists.And work with your own hands can not only be fun, but also provide the highest achievable quality.