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August 12, 2017 18:06

Water-repellent impregnation for wood - types of impregnation , how to choose?

Wood is the most common material in construction, as a very accessible, easy to work perfectly and with all that has excellent aesthetics.Wooden items can be found in the interiors and household objects.In addition, the tree can act as the main building material in the construction of residential houses and baths.However, wood is very sensitive to the influence of adverse factors such as moisture and insects pests.It is to protect against these afflictions is available as a wide range of various surface treatments for wood.Moreover, the bulk of them are among vodottalkivayuschie impregnation, since it is able to moisture cause maximum damage to wood products and structural elements.

What is the waterproof spray

wood coating water-repellent

wood coating water-repellent

main function, which is carried out water-repellent impregnation, a reliable protection of wood from the damaging effects of moisture.Such impregnation applied to preserve intact a wide variety of wooden structures: fences, houses, baths, cellars, etc.Applying the impregnation may be either as a self-protective agent, either in special biogruntovok, which are applied to the wooden surfaces before painting.

In addition, water-repellent qualities of the majority has toning compositions, used in the manufacture of furniture and interior decor.Processing wood surface such impregnation not only improves its appearance, highlighting and tinting wood structure, but also gives it the properties of the soil and vodottalkivayuschie.This is especially important in the processing of the interior decoration of saunas and baths, where humidity levels are almost always high.

Types impregnation

water-repellent impregnation for wood is rarely available without additional additives, which give the facility an additional protective qualities.Depending on where and for what purpose will be used impregnation, they are divided into the following types:

1. Fire retardant impregnation.Their special feature is the effect on the wood, giving it the properties of non-combustibility.Processed retardant impregnated wood is not able to ignite, so the probability of occurrence and spread of fire becomes minimal.In addition, the treated such impregnated wood are not able to live and breed insects.The composition of the flame retardant impregnation include only safe substances with environmental point of view, so they can be used completely without any restrictions.Frequency of applying flame retardant impregnation usually ranges from 5 to 7 years.

2. Impregnation for protection against rot and mold.Most of these are used for impregnation of wooden protection of building facades, interiors of the plywood panels, etc.Such impregnation have the maximum possible water-repellent qualities.Their other feature - a colorless, it is possible thanks to the use of such surface treatments without the risk to spoil the look of wood products.

3. Toning impregnation.In addition to the water-repellent additives, they contain a special dye for wood.After processing such impregnated wood surface is not only perfectly resists moisture, but also takes on a deeper and more noble shade.

A tree covered with water-repellent

tree covered with water-repellent

Recommended composition

huge variety of surface treatments for wood creates certain difficulties in choosing them.So do not be superfluous to have an idea of ​​the brightest and most trustworthy representatives of this type of protective drugs.

The most famous among professional decorators use impregnation Belinka (Belinka).Such a high level of confidence they deserve that the manufacturer chose an integrated approach in their design.This means that all products are able to withstand any Belinka hazards: BIN, dirt, water, UV rays, etc.

No less known are impregnation Akvalazul.They are available in an extremely wide range and can be used for tinting of wooden structures and objects ka indoors and outdoors.In addition, extremely Akvalazul dries quickly and does not leave behind the slightest smell in the air.This is achieved by the fact that as a basis for the solution manufacturer chose ordinary water.How to choose

How to choose the wood impregnation ?

How to choose the wood impregnation?

Before directly proceed to the choice of impregnation, should decide the following questions:

  1. - if required by impregnating only the water-repellent qualities or she should perform even any function;
  2. - whether the necessary associated tinting wood;
  3. - upcoming workload.

get answers to these questions, you can safely proceed to the selection.As a rule, it is not difficult, because the range of any store is almost always possible to find a penetrating water repellent impregnation container having the desired volume and any additional properties: protivoplesnevymi, fire, etc.