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August 12, 2017 18:06

installation wiring rules with their own hands

installation wiring rules with their own hands

Before wiring your own hands, you need to think things through and examine building codes and safety regulations.

From that, how well it is done, depends in the first place, safety in the home.

Particular attention should be paid not only to the method of cable laying, but also the creation of the project, the choice of materials, the reading of various documents (construction norms, safety and so on. D.).


  • rules and safety
  • Wiring in
  • apartment Wiring in a country house
  • Mounting methods
  • Prices for services

rules and safety

starts wiring withfamiliarization with safety.

Do not joke with electricity as it can cause serious troubles and their consequences.

Here are the basic rules of installation of wiring in the apartment:

  • installation of switches, sockets and counters must be performed in easily accessible locations;
  • forbidden to wiring in contact with metal constructions, the minimum distance from them - 0.4 m;
  • All wiring connections are done only in a special box, any other twisted wires hidden in inaccessible to human tunnels, are prohibited;
  • Joining ground wire and zero is allowed only by special shoes with screw-bolts.

recommended to explore the various installation wiring own hands schemes, but they all share a number of rules that tell us about the cable arrangement and endpoints (sockets, boxes, switches, etc...):

  • switches must be installed at a height of 0.6-0.8 m, if they are used by children, and at a height of 1.5 m - if the adults;
  • Doors should not deny access to the circuit breakers;
  • Sockets must be installed at a height of 0.5-0.8 m, from metal pipes heating distance must be not less than 0.5 m;
  • Recommended number of sockets - one for every 6 sq.M. Premises, in the kitchen of their number may be greater depending on the number of connected electrical devices;
  • outlets in the bathroom and kitchen have to be connected to a separate isolation transformer;
  • Wiring resolved strictly in two directions: vertical or horizontal;
  • minimum distance cabling of the main elements of the following premises: on the plinth - 0.15-0.2 m, from the beams and eaves - 0.1 m from the window openings - 0.1 m

It is also recommended to study SNP Wiring..


can name two main documents:

  • 3.05.05-84 - describes the rules of installation of wiring in pipes;
  • 31.110-2003 - describes the design rules and wiring is in a residential area.

Little acquaintance requires safety precautions when installing wiring.

Getting Started, you must get up the old wiring, so as not to damage them.

must work in daylight in good light, to be able to disconnect the house.

advised to use special wiring tools with insulated handles.


Before touching a wire connected to the chain, they are tested for the presence of voltage indicator with a screwdriver.

Wiring apartment

start wiring in an apartment with the necessary preparation scheme.

It is conditional and only reflects the exact placement of the wires, as well as places in which to be mounted electrical equipment.

Have scheme allows you to place boxes correctly.

If the walls are already laid wires, old scheme requires the installation of wiring in the apartment.

This new harness is recommended to be laid, the best use of all the old ways.


The flat wires are usually laid in the wall and plaster are closed.

Thus the installation wiring requirements are the same as those described in the previous section.
Inside the cable must not be twisted and intersect with each other, otherwise they will start to heat up.

Recommended installation wiring with their hands by the following rules:

  • Separation box in a corner, from which the distance to each of the points will be minimal;
  • If you need to install more than one box, but they must all reside on the same level;From
  • cable junction box is laid in a horizontal position on the perimeter and vertically down to the desired level in the locations where the mounting sockets and switches.

Wiring in a country house

has virtually no differences wiring in a private home, only wires are often not deepen into the wall, and sometimes even allowed on top in boxes.

Since installation wiring in the house, at first again drawn diagram.

If the two-story building, it will have some differences.Each floor, including the basement, must be equipped with guns with his shield.

particular interest wiring in a wooden house.It runs superficially in special protective boxes.Passing through the wall of the cable must be placed inside a metal tube.


When the wiring is carried out in the bath, the wire must be reliably protected against moisture.

They are placed in a corrugated metal tube, which is recommended to put on the plastic boxes.

Next, consider wiring with their hands in various ways.

Mounting methods

most popular installation of hidden wiring when the wire is securely hidden from view.

made Stroebe, inside which the cable is laid in the walls.It should be fastened every 40-50 cm using nailed to the wall of a metal or plastic clip.

To protect the wire, wiring is provided in the pipes.At the same time they must be metal, not to ignite a short-circuit.

wires from the shield go down and go on the surface sex, climbing the walls of the sockets, switches and junction boxes.


also pipe placed cable coming in the drywall.

widespread installation of public electrical wiring in wooden houses or in cases where there is no way to hide the cable in the building structure.

However, the "open" does not mean that the bare wire is attached to the surface.

Recommended wiring in cable channels - a special plastic box, which is laid on the wall.

inside it keeps the wire and close the lid.

Wiring in ducts should take into account a number of rules:

  • No gap in the joints of the vertical and horizontal channel box;
  • cover should not arbitrarily open under the weight of the cable;
  • joints should not coincide with the junction box;
  • By wooden surface cable is attached with screws to the concrete - anchors.

In the non-residential premises of a popular assembly of a rope harness, when the cable is suspended on a steel galvanized wire, suites of 3-4 strands.


This is the easiest and cheapest form that makes it easy to convert the electric circuit.

cable should be well insulated to prevent accidental contact him.


Services What is the cost of wiring installation depends on who will undertake the work: the house itself or the owner of the construction team.

In the first case will be able to save a lot of time in the second - cash.

Today, the market value of the proposed works on the installation of wiring depends on the area of ​​premises:

  • Studio apartment-from 12 thousand;
  • bedroom apartment - from 16 thousand;
  • bedroom apartment - from 23 thousand.

This does not count the cost of materials, which can not buy customer or surcharge building organization.


also prices for wiring include a number of additional services:

  • Installing spotlights - from 100 rubles;
  • Installation chandeliers - from 400 rubles.per Unit;
  • Set bra - 250 rubles;
  • Installation switches or sockets - from 80 rubles.

Just finding out prices for wiring from local builders, everyone decides for themselves which option it more optimal.