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August 12, 2017 18:06

Put the tiles on the bathroom floor

Put the tiles on the bathroom floor

Everyone started repairs in the apartment, it is useful to know how to lay tile on the bathroom floor - because thus you will significantly save on attracting professionals will be able to put the tiles correctly and get a beautiful bathroom that every day will be pleasing to the eye.

process as putting tiles on the bathroom floor, has its own nuances, and it is important to perform well not only the process of styling, but also preparatory work and choose the most suitable material to the tile was not only durable, but also moreand beautiful, and I have served you for a long time.

About all the nuances of preparing and laying tile (as it dries, the surface preparation as to lay it on the wood floor as level a surface, etc.), you will learn in this article.

Videos and photos will help you get the job done, even if you previously did not, and to make quality repairs in the bathroom.


  • Choosing tiles
  • Preparation
  • floor laying material

tiles Choosing

Tile - the most common material for laying in the bathroom, both on the walls and on the floor.The explanation for this popularity is quite simple - tiles noticeably superior to other types of coverage.

It is very easy to clean, it does not stick to dirt and dust, and it is resistant to even the most aggressive cleaning agents.

Tile - an environmentally friendly material that does not emit any harmful substances and is absolutely safe for humans.

Ceramic tile flooring has a wide range of design solutions - you can easily pick up the material in any desired color for the interior decoration of your bathroom.

This material has practically zero electrical conductivity, so you can put it on the floor even in very wet areas and not to worry, that the damaged wiring.

Types of tiles can be seen in the photo.


To select a coating, it is necessary to focus not onlyits aesthetic qualities, but also know how to determine the quality, so that the repair was not necessary to do again soon.

order not to make a mistake and buy the tile it is on the floor, make sure that the packaging was a note with the foot on a black background.

Since the tiles are often exposed to cleaning products, it is better to choose the cover marked "AA" - it has the highest resistance to the action of alkalis and acids.

buying a tile, you can choose from several types.For example, you can buy Porcelain coated with non-slip surface - it has a ribbed or textured matte texture and is very comfortable to use.

truth, and this will cost a bit more expensive than usual.Tile is normally used for bathroom walls becausetile - quite fragile and when laying on the floor quickly damaged.


to the floor is better to choose a mosaic material - hedurable, to put it is not difficult, is quite cheap and has a lot of design options.

The most important thing you should pay attention, in addition to the type of tile - its resistance to moisture.The flooring should be durable and resistant to physical impact.

If you do not plan to lay tile per year, it is better to choose a high quality material that will last at least 5 years, for example, the classic Italian cover.

How it looks like, look at the photos in the section.

Preparation floor

Before starting to stack coverage in the bathroom, you need to prepare the room to work and smooth the surface.Firstly, it is necessary to remove from the premises all the furniture.

Paul for paving to align, only then it will lie beautifully.One of the most important stages throughout the work - surface leveling.

There is an easier option - to put a new coating directly on the old tiles, then the alignment is not necessary.

This is easier, but in this case the material is poor adhesion and coverage over time will begin to move away from the floor.

Plus it will reduce the height of the room, so in a small way to the bathroom so it is better not to use.


Remove old material can with a hammer and chisel, and then clean off the old glue solution or where he was laid.Then you need to check the evenness of the floor with an optical level.

To remove the bumps, you can pour the mixture to the floor leveling.How to apply it with your hands, look at the packaging.

initial layer of the mixture should not exceed 1.5 cm, otherwise it will not dry out, and put on top of the tiles will be impossible.

After drying the primed surface in addition to a coating adhesion was better.

tile laying on the wooden floor as a whole does not differ from installation on a concrete base.However, the wood floor itself is fragile.

Before laying the wood floor must be dismantled - remove the old board, and then smooth the surface:. Pour it screed, or align the sheet of plywood and boards with a thickness of not less than 3 cm

wooden floor should also be further impregnated with a special means against rot andparasites, and leave until it dries.

most reliable option - to make a screed on the wooden floor, then do not worry, he will not stand and cover cracked or otherwise deformed.

More details to follow this process can with photos and videos.

alignment and preparation to the floor tiling and waterproofing work requires.You can see the steps of waterproofing on the photo.


Many lazy to do it with his own hands, but professionals recommenddid not neglect this process, because the tile is laid usually in the bathroom, where there is water and there is a real threat of leakage.It is especially important to make waterproofing before laying water underfloor heating.

addition to gender, are treated and the lower part of the walls of the bathroom - a quality waterproofing layer should capture the 20-30 cm from the height of the room.

After the waterproofing works (learn how to make their own hands, you can watch the video and photo) to do screed, especially on the wooden floor.

proper conduct of this process ensures that the coating will lie flat.After pouring the mixture of sex, should undergo 1-2 days, before it can be put on top of the tiles.

Drying time depends on the thickness of the layer, to know exactly how much you need to wait, you can read the instructions on the packaging of the mixture.

Stacking material

After preparation is complete, and you have successfully coped with the task - "to level the floor," you can begin to lay the tile in the room.Most often used for laying ceramic tiles.

Stack material only after the primer, waterproofing and other preparations are completed.


Primer will greatly facilitate your work on the laying of the hands, so do not neglect this process.

Before sticking the tiles need training, Lay it on the floor to see how it will lie.

If the material should be cut, such part of the best laid with the edges that they are less conspicuous.Begin to glue coating from any distant corner of the room.

To paste it, you'll need a special glue, as its breeding depends on the size of your room - you can see the aspect ratio on the package.

before glue coating, it is better to do on the floor marking chalk or marker - so you can immediately fix the tile exactly.

This should be done at the same time when you make a fitting tile and choose the picture that it is laid.

Spread the mixture on the floor should be notched trowel, and then firmly press the tile to the treated surface and whack at the edges of a hammer to grip the material to the floor it was better.

Before starting to glue the material with their own hands, look better photos and video with the instructions, especially if earlier you do not do it.

sure that the glue was evenly distributed on the floor, or some tiles will be higher or lower, and this will have to correct.

How long will the glue - it is written in the instructions, but as a rule, it is about 8 kg per meter square.


to tiles were stacked evenly between each piece to insert the cross on which will form the seam.

not forget to check the height and horizontal tiling on a level, otherwise the coating will be laid smoothly and it will be noticeable.

First of all, it is necessary to lay tile whole, and only then you can start assembling the circumcised parts.

to cut the tiles, use a special tool - Tile, or you can do an ordinary hacksaw.Clipped tiles are mounted on the sides.

After laying the material is completed, the finished coating must be left for 2-3 days before it is completely dry.

However, it must immediately remove crosses Mezhuyev seams becausethe material dries quickly, and after setting this would be impossible.

After the material between the plates seized and hardened, the joints need to be processed sealant.

own hands the easiest way to make a classic styling.There are other types - the most complicated way - to lay the tiles on the diagonal (even this method is called laying the diamond).

This kind of styling is more expensive, becausematerial will require more and more complex, however, it looks more impressive than the standard way of styling.

If you want to put the tile diamond, be sure to face it should make a layout drawing and lay the tile in accordance with it.

Once you have finished tile glue, wait until the material dries and then it should be wiped with a damp sponge to remove sealant residues.


Different ways of styling you can view the videos and photos, and choose the one that best fits the design of your bathroom.

Put flooring is not so difficult, most importantly, the right to perform all the steps of: selecting tiles, surface preparation and installation of the material.

After that, you get high-quality and beautiful flooring in your bathroom.