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August 12, 2017 18:06

Planting grass with his hands in the country

Planting grass with his hands in the country

In order to properly plant lawn grass with his hands do not need any special knowledge.

Just watch instructional videos and read this article, and that would be on your villa was beautiful green grass.

In the country generally seeded lawn, selling seeds, at least buy a roll.

To make things right, carefully read everything that is written on the package with seeds of grass, there is usually provided all the necessary information about the type of plants and the norms of sowing.


  • Types lawns
  • When to plant lawn grass?
  • Stages landing
    • soil preparation and fertilization
    • Sowing seeds
  • Care shoots
  • Further lawn care
  • main mistakes made by inexperienced gardeners

Types lawns

Consider especially the places whereYou plan to break the lawn.Choose the right mix - the first step to a beautiful landscape on your country.Lawn loves the sun.

constant shadow can not stand no grass mixture.


in dense shade better to break a flower bed or come up with another solution landscape.

However, if the sun is on the site at least a few hours a day, the situation is solved by choosing teneustoychivoy mixture of varieties of lawn grass.They are dominated by fescue.

is necessary to pay attention not only in name but also in the composition of the seed, when you buy it in the store.The composition of the mixtures can include up to eight different varieties of herbs.

Usually this:

  • fescue,
  • ryegrass,
  • apera,
  • bluegrass.

Herbs are adjusted so that the total coating evenly germinate looked harmonious and aesthetically pleasing.

Under certain conditions, some seed varieties can die at seeding, but then the rest of the grades of these gaps are filled.Correctly composed mixtures give excellent results.

Another criterion for selection - the purpose for which the lawn will be used.

Lawn View - Moorish

The following types of lawn mixtures, which are planted with his own hands:

  • Sports lawn.It is resistant to mechanical stress, no resistance to stomping easily restored after the damage.Ideal for seeding in the playground.Even the most active walks through this covering him uneasy.But there are a "but" - a part of the mixture enters the plant ryegrass, which is very poorly tolerate cold winter.In the northern regions of the country will have a mixture of podseivat at the beginning of each season;
  • Decorative lawn.The mixture of herbs, specially selected for your lawn was covered with a uniform layer of soft emerald grass.This is the best option for use in the garden;
  • ground grass.In the cottages is rarely used.This is not a grass mixture, and one type of plant, is extremely sensitive to any shocks.Walking on it is impossible, and to care for them is difficult.Therefore, use it only for decorative purposes;
  • Moorish lawn.This type is very different from the usual smooth green carpet and looks more like a bed of different colors.The average height of the plants and the timing of their flowering in these mixtures are selected in such a way that the overall composition is harmonious looked.

popular form of turf - Lilliputian.His take out in a separate group and called lawn lazy.Its main advantage is the slow growth.

Liliput popular among gardeners newcomers.

When to plant lawn grass?

There are no strict deadlines lawn seeding.To put it in the middle zone of Russia is possible in the period from May to October.

Some landscape designers recommend to do this spring, others insist on the end of August.

you can do it when it suits you, and then, in the process of germination of grass, podseivat it can be during the warm season.


In the southern regions of the country is better not to do it during the hottest months - from mid-June to mid-August - because of the heat may be difficult to grow grass.

On average, it takes 4-6 weeks for the preparation of the soil, the landing and germination of seeds.

Therefore, the first stages of work - clearing and fertilization - can begin in the spring with the onset of the first warm spring days, when the summer you will already be on the site beautiful green shoots.

landing stages

Preparing the soil and fertilizer

first stage of the creation of the future of a beautiful lawn - site preparation, its layout and alignment.At this stage, the final design of the landscape area.

customize it, when it will be ready a beautiful lawn, it is impossible.Indicate the border places, which will be planted with lawn grass.

If possible, do this work in the autumn, and then dug up the site and make fertilizer.

As such perezimuet land, and in the spring you have to immediately begin leveling the site and sowing his seeds.

If you do this work in the fall did not happen, that's okay, then proceed to her as soon as the ground thaws.

dig the ground with a deep well is 25-30 cm. After that you need to clear the land from the roots of plants, stones and debris.

removal of weeds - a very important step, so how to deal with weeds, when the grass is already midget rise, is extremely difficult.


On how well you remove them from the soil will depend on the appearance of your entire garden.

There are several ways to get rid of unwanted vegetation on the site:

  • Manual before sowing weed several times all the weeds, remove all the roots;
  • autumn cultivate the land with chemicals (herbicides), which destroy weeds.You can even do this several times with small intervals.Spare no effort to prepare for sowing the lawn, it is better one time to do quality than to redo several times;
  • Some experts recommend before boarding a rake to loosen the ground and then cover with the land film for 2 months.During this time, any remaining weeds perepreyut and die.

next stage - fertilization.In the winter it should be made only fertilizer with phosphorus and potassium.Nitrogen is better to leave in the spring, as they reduce soil frost.

Sowing seeds

dig the ground must be leveled with a rake.If possible, you can make an additional plant-fertile soil and distribute it on the site of 8-10 cm.

thickness According to the composition soil should be a peat-sand mixture with an admixture of humus.This mixture is quite fertile and can not fertilize in the first year.

After leveling rake to step tamping the ground roller.Hand roller - a handy tool for leveling the loosened earth with their own hands.

rink If not, instead you can use an empty barrel.Technology rolling you can see on the video in the article.


And after rolling can proceed directly to the sowing, the seeds of lawn grasses.This is done manually or with the help of the drill.The amount of seeds per 1 specified by the manufacturer on the packaging.

average rate of planting - 3-5 kg ​​per one hundred square meters.Some experienced growers recommend to mix the seed with a small amount of sand, the seeds are distributed evenly on the surface of the earth.

Others prefer to sow as is.Both of these methods bring good results.The classic method: first pour along and then across.

believed that this is the easiest and most convenient way to distribute lawn grass mixture evenly over the surface.

And for best results, additional seeds buried in the soil with a rake to a depth of 1-1.5 cm

You can then use the mulching method -. Sprinkle seed on top of another small layer of earth.

This will help the seeds when watering is better to recruit and retain moisture and grow faster.And protect them from birds and possible rain erosion.

more seeding technology with their own hands can be seen in the video below.


Care shoots

first thing you should do after planting - carefully pour the ground.It is important to ensure regular watering, but do not prevent the formation of puddles.

With proper planting seedlings produced in a week.If you're not very warm, the seeds will require longer time.

On average, the seed may lie in the ground 7 to 21 days, depending on temperature, soil and grass varieties.

first mowing is usually carried out 3 weeks after the appearance of young shoots.

Walk through the small seedlings are not recommended - allow them to get stronger.

Further lawn care

belief that the lawn - it's "put-and-forget 'no more than a myth.

If you want to have on your site has always been a smooth green lawn lawn, you have to watch her carefully and properly looked after.

To cut it in the summer should be one every two weeks, fertilize once a month, it is desirable, and in spring and autumn can be podseivat seeds in those areas where the grass grows poorly.

intensity of watering depends on the region and weather conditions, usually every two or three days.Lack of water will make your lawn uneven and pale.

main mistakes made by inexperienced gardeners

In order to avoid embarrassing blunders, when growing a lawn dwarf their own hands, which further negatively affect the quality of your landscaping, consider the following points.

is not recommended to plant a lawn in late autumn before winter.Chances are that the seeds for the winter all vymerznut.Exception - the south of Russia, where the winters are milder.


When mowing at a time should be cut no more than 1/3 of the grass height.Otherwise you risk too much to hurt growth.

It is therefore very important systematic grooming to lawn did not have time to acquire too much.

should mow the lawn, excess grass and leaves on clear opportunity before winter.

Carefully choose some grass mixture should be used to sun-loving varieties were not in shaded areas.This may hamper the cultivation of beautiful smooth lawn.

Creating a beautiful, flat lawn with his own hands - a painstaking task.However, well-groomed lawn grass in the country looks very impressive, and is the basis for any landscape design.