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August 12, 2017 18:06

Can I make a shower with their own hands ?

Can I make a shower with their own hands ?

Shower with their own hands - a great way to create an exclusive interior bathroom in the house.

Shower cubicle are increasingly found in small apartments, because it saves space.

It is possible that in large areas using just a booth instead of baths, which can perform any form for any needs.

Showers can be found not only at home but also in the country.

dacha most common option is the cabin of polycarbonate.

How do you shower with your hands in the apartment?This will help you pictures and video in this article.

Before the implementation of this task, it is necessary to determine the stall base.

There are two different options: Set the pan or the creation of an inclined floor.Finished pallets can be purchased at the store or make yourself completely.

In the second embodiment, it is necessary that all the sealing seam has been made accurately.

In the video you can see the installation of the shower channel.



  • Inclined floor
  • Set pan
  • the walls and communications wiring
  • Shower wooden house
  • Suburban option

Inclined floor

Manufacturing obliquefloor provides a high quality waterproofing of the floor.It is also necessary to carry out the waterproofing of walls to prevent moisture from spreading to adjacent rooms.

Previous screed is removed from the floor completely made waterproofing in several layers, at least there should be three.Walls treated with mastic asphalt.

screed is laid in such a way to create a slope towards the drain.The important point is the treatment of drain from the beginning to the pipe.

laying tile or mosaic must be maintained at a slight slope to ensure good water drainage.It is better to use a special non-slip surface.

Currently, additional prevention of mold and mildew can be obtained using the adhesive under the tiles with special additives.

quality sealing joints and wall tiles should be mandatory.See photo.

Sealing joints

Set pan

As previously mentioned, the trays can be purchased or made with their own hands, for example, made of bricks.

When the first option, you must correctly dock it with the walls, the walls are aligned, if necessary (in areas with a docking tray) in order to avoid water seepage.

To set the podium not squander over time, it strengthened by a brick.Then all the joints are treated with sealant, the outer side of the pallet covered by a decorative border.


when installing shower trays in the apartment is very often faced with such a problem as a lack of drainage.

Therefore, the primary task is to his organization by the elevation of the pallet on sanitation.How to make the podium?

tray is applied to the installation booths, rises to such a distance, in order to arrange the drain, the result is recorded.Podium turns out about 15 cm. See. Photo.

Podium for the pallet

Podium easier to do on a template made of plasterboard.For this tray is applied to the material and is shaped pencil then cut pattern.

Further, the resulting material is applied to the installation and re-delineated.Podium can be made of the foam block or brick.

Before that, the floor must be primed, then the solution is placed on the material.Most fast-drying variant solution - a mixture of tile adhesive and perfiksa with the addition of water.

on packed material is applied pattern of plasterboard in order to be able to align the podium at the edges.

solution was treated edge, which after drying (5-7 minutes) the template is removed, and the same solution is aligned surface of the structure.

Podium can be laid tiles, which for convenience is also applied to the template, mark out, cut and paste.Podium ready.

Creating a podium for the pan with your hands see. Video.


the walls and communications wiring

But before engaging the walls finished, it is necessary to lay all the necessary communications.

One of the main advantages of the question: how to shower with your hands, is that any communication made.

In order to be able to warm up well in the shower, the steam generator is mounted.

prodalblivayutsya For pipe wall and then immediately installing communications.The steam generator requires a ventilation.

For her and lighting necessary to the wiring.If possible, all cables must be laid outside the booth, to prevent contact with water.

Decorating the walls made by setting plastic panels or laying tiles.

When laying the tiles need to take care of the recesses in the walls, that is, they are made in the first place, the sides of which are treated with sealant.

For better adhesion of tiles placed small metal mesh and plastered her sizes.

For aesthetic reasons the shower stall, the seams between the tiles is better to wipe silicone sealant.


ceiling lockers can be rack from plastic panels or tiles laid on a special adhesive.

Glass doors - the most practical and beautiful option.Thick glass can be purchased on request.It is set on the cantilever special hinges that are mounted as a floor or a ceiling.Next

mounted handle, and the glass is covered with matting foil if desired.

Shower wooden house

shower device in a wooden house is somewhat different from the apartment option.Even if you install the finished cabin, spray will still remain on the wooden floor and the walls.

highlight is the high-quality waterproofing the walls and floor.

old flooring in the house is fully opened and dismantled, the waterproofing layer is laid, which is filled with cement.Thereafter, the tiles can be laid on the floor.

walls in the house, you can sheathe water-resistant plasterboard treated special impregnations.

Another feature of the cabin installation in a wooden house is that you can perform these work only after the house shrink.

The rest is no different shower installation technology: mounted the podium (if necessary), set the tray for sealing all joints and seams, fitted wall and door.

can install a steam generator, which will be a great addition to a booth in the house.The steam generator requires additional wiring, as well as the mandatory ventilation.


steam generator can be integrated into the cabin, and you can buy it separately and install yourself.The steam generator is

floor and wall.He may be in a home in the next room with a bathroom, the distance to the booth must not exceed 10 m.

steam generator is mounted on the wall screws.a water supply pipe connected to the water inlet ball valve flexible metal hose.

steam generator connected to the steam pipe metal pipe and plastic - to the sink.Then connect all electrical.

first time the steam generator is switched on for 3-4 minutes.If formed the pairs went out, therefore, the steam generator is ready for operation.

Suburban option

In the country, as a rule, can not only work, but also to relax.An integral element of the garden is a sauna, but unfortunately, it has not at all.When all the cottages work done, I want to freshen up.

excellent solution to the problem could be a shower that you can do yourself.See photo.

Shower in the country

easiest way to make a shower at the cottage of polycarbonate, because it has several advantages: can withstand temperature changes, heavy loads, durable, plastic and fairly easy to install.

first step in installing shower at the cottage is the choice of the place which, in the first place, should not be on everyone's mind.

Secondly, conveniently pulling power (if necessary).It is better if the place will not be in the shade and in a strong wind.

Before the construction of the soul of polycarbonate, should define the structure itself: whether it will be a water tank or a complex system on a foundation, possibly with heated water.

next step is to make the drawing, according to which the frame is made, and to him are attached polycarbonate sheets.In the photo below you can see an example of a project for the holiday soul.

cabin dimensions in the country should be such that it was roomy and comfortable shower largest person in the family.Dressing should be mandatory, its size may be smaller than the wash.

carcass Manufacturing - the process is not complicated.steel, wood, PVC, MDF: For him, the different materials can be used.Steel is durable and resistant to rust.

The project for a summer shower

other materials, it is desirable to process the special impregnation, antiseptics from premature rotting.

Shower with their hands placed on a foundation, which envisage pre-drain.

next step is to install the supports, which are buried in the ground to a depth of 50 cm, fixed with concrete.

After installing the uprights are held together by horizontal bars with screws or brackets.

If desired design can be made more robust by oblique pillars, which will stall polycarbonate to withstand strong gusts of wind and load a tank with water.

tank is installed at the top of the structure so that the load is distributed evenly on all racks.

tank size should be proportional to the structure: the smaller the tank, the easier the whole structure, and vice versa.Take care of yourself in the country is to install a water heater.

Another point during the installation of the tank is to choose its form: a stable tank is flat, the water is warming up faster, and the design of the polycarbonate is not increased.

Installing the float in the tank makes it easy to control the amount of water.

Manufacturing shower ends fastening polycarbonate sheets.This is done using aluminum tape.

Transparent sealant is necessary to eliminate all the air ducts.

It is necessary, rather, to preserve the aesthetic appearance, otherwise the existence of such channels can lead to discoloration of polycarbonate surface.

Gender shower stall in the country can be wood, concrete or tile.Lay it can be on the joists.The easiest way - to make the logs with a certain interval, so that the water flowed freely.

Another option involves the location of the special pipe that allows water to flow out.

Since the cabin is located in the country, for the economy of water resources can be developed irrigation system.

doors are made as necessary, which may also be of polycarbonate or thick polyethylene film.

Watch the video on the device, see the soul of the country.