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August 12, 2017 18:08

Elastic plaster expands our capabilities

What is elastic putty?

elastic putty - this is a new product based on polymers, opens up new possibilities for decoration and protection of surfaces of different types.Most often used for decorative purposes, such as to cover the Styrofoam seams.This not only hides the unsightly appearance, but also protects these places from mechanical influences and from destruction by the weather.Flexibility help to cover the surface of the heterogeneous solid layer, and eventually prevents cracks in the transition from the foam on the concrete, for example.

Apply such protection not only for fragile place, and it is used for decorating the monolithic structures.Due to the good bonding and protective functions, putty, elastic after drying, (metal and concrete) becomes a kind of shell, which does not form cracks, corrosion and other ailments.It will be a very long time, because it most effectively sealed to any surface with proper preparation.

This unique building material is of several types, depending on the substrate.The most common - acrylic and elastic silicone putty.Silicon is used to finish when you need to get a grainy surface (if it is still part of the decor), but has all the same strength characteristics and security features.The acrylic version is smooth and pleasant to the touch.

Elastic filler is so called also because if you covered it some kind of flexible design, it can be bent freely and fully perform its functions without fear of destruction of the surface layer of putty.

Getting trained to work with a flexible putty

The first thing you want to clean the surface .Enemies will be dirt, dust, moisture and existing large crack.Then, depending on the primer surface may need, especially when applied to the wall is plastered.Once everything has dried, you can begin to work directly with the filler, please read the safety precautions .

wise to take care of their health, so buy protective glasses and gloves.Avoid contact with skin fillers, but if it happens a misunderstanding, rinse well with water.Considering the resistance of the material to any influence, do not wash residues into drains, then it can lead to irreparable consequences.

How to work with a flexible putty

goes on sale this material for decoration in the form of a thick liquid, which is necessary before the use carefully stir , it is best to resort to using the mixer.Because of this her condition, you can even spray putty, although you can manually.Grainy substance silicone plaster with a trowel.

After using elastic putty is necessary to wait first setting time , and then drying time .Sometimes, to accelerate the drying process uses an additional source of heat, and if you work with the product - even the heat chamber.Depending on the type of putty drying time may take up to 3 days.

When the putty dries completely, the surface is subjected to adjustment , if any visible defects.Typically, this is done manually with fine sandpaper.When working outdoors have to choose the moderate conditions of temperature and humidity, especially not recommended to work in the rain, for obvious reasons.