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August 12, 2017 18:06

Construction of a canopy over the porch with his hands

Construction of a canopy over the porch with his hands

How to make in your own home awning over the porch with his hands?

Firstly, it should be noted that the canopy - it is a necessity rather than a whim.It protects the porch and the front door from the rain and snow.

Secondly, it can serve as a summer veranda: you can arrange a tea party, to hide from the hot sun, etc.

Third, the house can be supplemented with another beautiful piece..


  • What could be the awnings?
  • Material and features awnings
  • Wooden canopy Canopy
  • polycarbonate
  • -metal canopy
  • General rules for the fabrication of frameworks: hanging and supporting

What could be the awnings?

Canopy is a structure of a frame and the coating itself.If we talk about the installation in a nutshell, you must first install the frame (frame), which is attached to the cover.

Make it yourself is not the complexity, only need to make an effort to understand what sheds can be.

Canopy can be suspended and the support.The difference is in the method of fixing.

pendant mounted directly to the wall.This visor is best done from lighter materials, so as not to bear the additional load on the wall.An example of such a peak is represented in the photo.

Suspended canopy

second type - a reference, is attached to the poles.It is characterized by high strength and reliability.To create a frame of the canopy is better to prepare a draft.

Reference canopy

Depending on the form of awnings can be:

  1. Shed - in this form of the slope is usually made from the wall, you can find other options for the location - it all depends on a design idea.But monopitch roof visor always planned to install drainage pipes;
  2. roof - the most common form, consists of two ramps.Easy to use, because the snow does not stay, also protects against rain and wind;
  3. Arch.Represents the arch, decorate the house;
  4. Tent.Is the most practical, because all closed porch on all sides.They have round or sectional shapes.


What awnings can construct shown in video.

Material and features awnings

To properly build a canopy over the porch, first determines the material from which it is made.

choice primarily depends on the building, which is necessary to maintain the style.Secondly, the proposed form of the visor.

For example, a simple sheds, uni-directional or gable, the material can serve as a slate, metal, corrugated board and, in extreme cases, even tree branches.More complex canopies covered by polycarbonate, soft tiles.

for laying roofing done crate.

This step is for hard materials (. Slate, trapezoidal sheet, etc.) observed no more than 30 cm, performed waterproofing: crate covered with dense polyethylene or any other material.

Laying softer materials produced on a continuous crate, formed strips or sheet material.

canopy can be made of wood, polycarbonate, or be all-metal.

In order to make your own canopy over the entrance to the house, you need to develop a project to transfer the drawings onto the plane, to include in the calculation of the following information:

  • tilt hood must be at least 20 degrees to ensure that the ramp of snow in winter;
  • canopy should be placed so that the porch on both sides covering approximately 30 cm;
  • visor must have a height of less than 220 cm in its lowest point;
  • canopy depth should be at least 100 cm.

Wooden canopy

correct to make such a canopy when the house has a wooden roof itself is made of wood, then the composition of the whole structure is not disturbed.

to create designs require wooden beams and planks with cross sections 5x5 cm, 2x1.5 cm Number of material depends on what kind of project is selected:. It can be a canopy over the porch or just passing from the porch to the window.

to wood construction lasts as long as possible, the boards and the boards should be treated with hydrophobic agents and antiseptics.

Framed backup and build a wall of boards.We consider the most common type of shed - Gable suspended, so support is triangular in shape and frame - almost square.Examples can be seen in the photo.


Next frame is sheathed with boards, they have to go to close to each other, as the play the role of crates.

holders are executed in the form of a right triangle that attach to the wall with anchor bolts.After fastening structure parts made of wood coated with tar and roofing material for its durability.

Next fastened roofing, ideally it should be the same as the whole house is covered.The final stage will be the installation of a canopy over the porch.How to do this is shown in the video.


Canopy Polycarbonate canopy

inorganic polycarbonate material is gaining popularity.To this there are a number of reasons:

  • due to its artificial origin, this material is less exposed to external influence is eliminated its natural decay, etc .;
  • well lets sunlight;
  • material is fireproof (does not support combustion);
  • under the visor of polycarbonate is good shelter from the wind;
  • material is very ductile;
  • is a wide color range.

complexity of creating the visor of polycarbonate is in the frame.The material itself is mounted very easily with the help of screws.

frames can be:

  1. of wood.It is done in the same way as described above.This option is acceptable, if the house is also made of wood;
  2. frame of aluminum is characterized by its ease.A positive aspect is that it does not need painting or varnishing;
  3. for manufacturing a skeleton of steel welder required.You can make any shape and form;
  4. Forged frame will look very noble and expensive.


peculiarity polycarbonate assembly is the correct use of it during construction, that is, to stick to it should be so that the channels formed insidematerial, are parallel to the fold.

When attaching the polycarbonate to the structure need to resort to a trick: the mounting holes should be slightly longer bolts themselves.This will allow the material to move slightly when changing the temperature and to avoid distortions.

When using single sheets of polycarbonate are used special profiles.

The only drawback of using a canopy made of polycarbonate is its loose fit to the wall are possible stains.

for their exclusion, a special trim profile, which can be purchased in the store.How do

visor made of polycarbonate with their hands shown in the video.


-metal canopy

We can say, if you do the visor of metal, it is best to use a stainless steel - is a more practical option, but more beautiful is forged.

This type of canopy, made entirely of metal, often combine and decorate forging, which smoothes out the construction, making it and the house as a whole more attractive.

It should be noted that such a framework will last a long time.The project of this design must necessarily be prepared and carefully thought out.

To require welding machine, can be replaced by welding riveting or nuts and bolts.

Stainless steel sheet metal (0.1 mm) will serve as the basic material for manufacturing.To make it more rigid is possible using thin or sill rail 15 mm.

metal thickness is caused by the size and weight of the visor, the larger and heavier canopy roofing, the larger profile.


General rules for the fabrication of frameworks: hanging and supporting

To properly fix the hanging canopy should follow technology:

  1. Initially the project throughout the design is developed;
  2. On the wall mounted support profile or a wooden bar;
  3. support posts and girders are secured together by welding or metal corners, if the frame is made of metal;
  4. done crate visor depending on the roofing;
  5. Wooden materials treated with varnish or paint, metal - a pre-primed and then painted;
  6. Running coverage flooring.

To properly install the required support:

  • In areas where support will be installed, it is necessary to make a hole at least 0.5 meters in height;
  • Poles after their installation filled with concrete;
  • prepared frame is placed on the support, the front part is attached to the poles, the back - to the wall of the house;
  • Running coverage flooring.