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August 12, 2017 18:06

The advantages of the turbo brush for vacuum cleaner

The advantages of the turbo brush for vacuum cleaner

Turbo brush for a vacuum cleaner is indispensable, if you have recently made repairs, and if you need to get rid of animal fur and other difficult to clean off the elements.

With a powerful turbo brush can clean even the most complex surface of your apartment.

If you have purchased a powerful vacuum cleaner recently, it is likely, turbo brush is already included of your vacuum cleaner, but many just do not know what it was for.

If not, then it can always be purchased separately.There is a universal model that fits to any type of device.

From the article, you'll learn why you need the turbo brush, as well as how to use them to become a cleaning fast and efficient.

At the end of the article we will talk about the most popular models of devices, their pros and cons, so you can choose the best quality option.

Destination, rules of operation and types of brushes Externally

turbo nozzle on a vertical or other vacuum cleaner bag with the presence of looks like a roller arranged on it in a spiral bristles.

It works with an electric motor or turbine.

This tool is needed to clean the apartment from "difficult" pollution: animal hair coat, a large amount of dust and other difficult cleaning.

roller rotation frequency is not necessary to adjust the device making it yourself, depending on what type of surface you want to clean.


If it is a solid, such as parquet, laminate, tile or linoleum, the brushing will be slower, and if it is a carpet or any other soft carpet, then it starts to work faster.

This nozzle has a powerful mechanism, and therefore can effectively purify virtually any surface.

Conventional brushes can clean the material in only one mode, while the turbo brush selects the mode of cleansing of surfaces based on their properties.

Like any other, after cleaning Turbo nozzle needs to be cleaned, otherwise the accumulated garbage in it will reduce the effectiveness of its work.

This is due to animal hair, which is accumulated inside, and long hair and thread of carpets, which will also be stuck to the brush.

This nozzle needs regular cleaning, otherwise its speed will slow down significantly, and if you do not clean the brush, the roller stops turning completely and, therefore, clean the surface.

Perhaps you can use it on a solid plane, but the carpet to clean it as such just can not.

Turbo brush for cleaning is of two kinds, the model configuration depends on the manufacturer.They are characterized by the type of drive: it can be electrical or mechanical.

In the first case, the power brush works depends on the capabilities of your vacuum cleaner, becauseit works by air that blows into it a vertical or other cleaner.

With this construction, the nozzle is mounted on a vacuum cleaner pipe, and then you are running it in the same way as any other brush.

This will rotate the brush roller at a speed that allows you to own a vacuum cleaner - if you want to clean the surface more efficiently, you will need to purchase a modern model of the device, such as upright vacuum cleaner with aqua-filter.

Vacuum cleaners for the well are of two types: the presence of the bag and aquafiltering.

aquafiltering devices to have less power and are suitable for areas where not many carpets or animal hair.

device turbo brush

Another option, when the turbo brush is integrated electric drive, and it works by its own energy.In this case, the turbo brush must be connected to the network, regardless of the vacuum cleaner.

Consequently, the device is autonomous rotation speed and depends only on the specifications of the brush itself.

Sometimes such brushes may be connected to a vacuum cleaner, with the proviso that it has a small capacity.

The only significant negative of such models is that they are not cheap and can cost as much as it is a new vacuum cleaner.

brush What to choose?

Edition turboschetok for a vacuum cleaner, both conventional and equipped with an electric drive, is engaged in a variety of companies, and often on the characteristics of products are virtually identical.

Edition turboschetok engaged company LG, Electrolux, Samsung, Philips, Dyson, and others. Let us compare the most popular models, reviewing their basic characteristics.

Quite popular model is a Dyson attachment.It can be easily cleaned, and to assemble and disassemble.

Dyson designed to cleanse the hair and fur animals with hard and soft surfaces, ie, perfect for cleaning carpets and carpet.

Nozzle Dyson comes with a transparent cover, so you can immediately see when the time comes to clean it.

Thanks to the adapter, which is included in the Dyson brush set, you can attach it to virtually any type of vacuum cleaner, even if he released another brand.

If you need more power and quality of treatment, then pay attention to the firm Electrolux brush - bristles on its roll more powerful and better collects dirt, debris and pet hair, even with dense carpet with a long nap.


model Electrolux, as well as the previous device, suitable for different types of vacuum cleaners: besides Electrolux brand, you can also set it to vacuum cleaners, issued Rowenta and Philips.

nozzle has a complete guide, so most likely you will be able to connect to the Turbo brush and other types of vacuum cleaners.

Turbo brush for cleaning LG is also very popular among consumers.

Its bristles are not less stringent than those of the Electrolux brand, so LG also cleans coat of hair, fur and other debris problem.

It is made of plastic, the outside unit has a maintenance indicator, by which is easy to determine that the device LG it's time to clean.

turboschetok main advantage of LG is that they are designed specifically for cleaning lint, upholstered furniture and carpets and cope with it perfectly.

However, LG has brushes and negative - they are quite heavy, and constantly work to be uncomfortable with them.However, this model is well suited for periodic cleaning of the rooms.

Devices Philips and Samsung company with properties reminiscent of the turbo brush LG and Electrolux: they have a good capacity and a large roll with a hard coating, which adheres well to the hair, animal hair and other debris.

Brush Philips and Samsung adheres to the surface to be cleaned, so it can even be used for carpets with very long nap, while Philips and Samsung are less severe than the LG, but it has no pollution indicator, so watch when brush Philips and Samsunghave to clean, you will want to own.

In general turboschetok Philips and Samsung is a good choice: they have a long service life, high quality performance and easy to replace parts, if any of them fails.


There are also so-called universal turbo brush.Their main advantage is that they are suitable for almost each of the existing vacuum cleaners today.

Universal turbo brush for cleaning both hard and soft surfaces and is applied in the same way as the others to remove a pile of carpets debris, hair and animal fur.

The quality of all the models about the same, the main thing - look at where they are produced, and check for any damage before you buy a brush.

And how to work with it, how to disassemble and assemble the brush, you can see in the video instructions - no big deal in these processes.

If you buy a vacuum cleaner brush, then pay attention to its power, which depends on the type of device: vacuum cleaners with aquafiltering less powerful than models with the presence of the bag, but more environmentally friendly.

You can also buy a vacuum cleaner with a vertical arrangement of the bag: it is more convenient to work with them than with other models.

Whichever type you choose: with aquafiltering, vertical, with the presence of a normal bag, keep in mind that the turbo brush should approach it, so it's best choose a device model.