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August 12, 2017 18:06

Choosing air conditioning for homes and apartments

Choosing air conditioning for homes and apartments

How to choose the air conditioner for the home when the market is represented by a range of?

Select the device that just liked the design - not the best option.

room for the installation of an air conditioner must meet certain requirements of the device, the correctness of which depends on the choice of his work.

also a mistake to believe that the high power and prominence equipment firms provide quality work.How to choose the air conditioner, take a closer look.

Conventionally, all air-conditioning systems can be divided into two types: one-piece and consisting of several blocks.

Immediately it should be noted that the first type of equipment (mobile and window air conditioner) - the representative of the low-cost models.

It is equipped with air-cooling system, but does not always have heating or cleansing property.The second type of air conditioners is the most modern model, equipped with different functions.



  • main parameters of air conditioners
  • Monoblock
  • conditioning Wall Split System
  • Multi-split systems
  • Channel conditioners
  • Inverter system
  • Firms manufacturers

The main parameters of air conditioners

All air conditioning systems have a certain set of functions and parameters.

Here are the main ones:

  • power devices - the most important parameter is the air conditioner, the choice of which depends on the efficiency of the equipment.Air conditioners have two measures of power: power consumption and cooling.For example, 10 square meters of space is able to cool 1 kW of power.Based on this information, it is possible to choose the most efficient instrument to cool the whole apartment area.It should also be borne in mind that the heating of the room air-conditioning system spends more energy than cooling.So when you are going to buy such a device, you must pay attention to the performance metric.To automatically control room temperature, you can use an inverter air conditioner.Do not buy air conditioner according to the principle "more powerful - is better."When power of the device does not match the floor space, when electricity consumes excessive power is greater at low - will work with equipment overloads, which can lead to early failure;
  • function of heating the air - a great alternative to electric heating radiators for the house in the cold.The principle of operation is to transfer heat from the street to the apartment;
  • Drainage is an essential function for wet areas or humid climate.The peculiarity lies in the fact that by working in this mode, the air conditioner lowers the room temperature by 1 degree;
  • Responding to the question: what to choose air conditioning, we can say that he should have the air cleaning function.Installed filters allow you to make indoor air clean, get rid of various allergens.For purity filters need to follow: some can be washed, the other - to be replaced regularly;
  • Noise is also an important indicator, is responsible for the comfort.For a more quiet operation need to buy models that have the lowest level of noise, especially important for children's rooms and bedrooms.

So, which to choose air conditioning?Consider species in more detail.


Monoblock air conditioning systems

Household air-conditioning system, consisting of a single block, were the first in the Russian market.They are characterized by simple design and low price.

Monobloc air conditioner is divided into mobile and window.

  1. window air conditioner mounted in the window opening with brackets.It features low cost and ease of installation, but it has a huge drawback - too much noise, because the compressor is located directly in the room, and the glass and the frame amplifies noise.It may also be noted that the sealing of windows in this type of device is broken.By the way, modern split-systems originate from the window air conditioner;
  2. mobile air conditioning, based on their names, must be independent and be located in any place convenient for you, but this is not true.Mobile air conditioning unit is a duct through which the hot (warm) air must leave the premises.The duct is attached to the window opening, or is a special hole in the wall for him.The mobile air conditioner in a different way is also called the floor, as he stands on the floor.Such a device is also characterized in noisy work that does not create additional comfort indoors.Mobile air conditioning is useful in cases where there is a need for constant change of residence.

Mobile and window air conditioners can cool the apartment, but not always equipped with the function of heating and even less air purification function.

Wall split systems

Domestic split systems are the most popular type of air conditioners.What is the basis of their popularity?First, design.

Secondly, convenience of location: does not occupy space on the floor at home, as a mobile device, the window opening is sealed, not cluttered.

Third, much quieter monobloc systems.


split system consists of an outer and inner blocks, interconnected.The outdoor unit of split system - compressor.

Due to the fact that it is outside the room, provides a less noisy operation of the equipment.

One of the drawbacks of such a device is that it is impossible to establish with your hands, you need the help of experts.

may also be mentioned as a minus, rather high price, but it still lives up to expectations.

order not to lose with a choice of air-conditioning systems, can look top producers, to ensure the reliability of the device.

Multi-split systems

Normal air conditioning split system differs from the multi-split in that the second can "serve" all the rooms of the house.

This happens due to the fact that the outdoor unit can be connected to several indoor units, regardless of their capacity.Communications length is 70 meters.

That is, for each room the different blocks are selected on the basis of floor space.Thus provides a more efficient air-conditioning system of a country house or large apartment.

Multi- split system

course, buy the system at a low price will not work, which also depends on the installation works involving the installation of the system throughout the house.

addition to high prices, there is still one drawback: when the compressor fails, it fails completely out the entire system, be it 4 or 5 indoor units.

Channel conditioners

This system is a combination of a split system and ventilation.Buy

channel air conditioning system, it is desirable for the premises with a large area or with high ceilings.

Because laying ventilation ducts will clutter the small (and low) room.

can hide under a suspended ceiling system or plasterboard wall, which will also reduce the useful floor area.

If space allows you to install such a system, you can use it to beat the interior.

Ducted air conditioning

Of positive note can be equipped with all the necessary functions: cooling and heating of the premises, its purification.

There is a possibility air conditioning large area and several rooms simultaneously.However, the price of such a system remains high.

Inverter system

Normal air conditioner maintains the set temperature, heats or cools the room.

This occurs as follows: when the temperature reached the optimal value, the air conditioner stops.After a while he again switched on and continues to work, and so constantly.

Inverter air conditioner varies its performance, that is, reaching the optimum temperature, it does not turn off the power starts to decline.

Inverter air conditioner can significantly reduce energy consumption.For example, a conventional device consumes 2 kW continuous power.Inverter

consume power conditioners depending on the situation, for example, at a cool temperature daily to achieve optimum power level is produced in smaller quantities.


Buy this air conditioner will have enough for a high price, but it pays off over time due to more economical energy consumption.

Inverter air conditioning system will last longer due to the fact that the device is permanently switched on, the constant switching on and off is not the system.

Firms manufacturers

dealt with the species of air-conditioning systems, it would be desirable still to answer the question: what kind of air conditioner is better?

For this purpose the company manufacturers continually improve their performance, on which depends the reliability of the device.

But amid increased demand for air conditioning, some companies are starting to release the device, which is poor quality.

In this regard, there was a top producers whose air conditioners are highly efficient and operability.


Immediately it should be noted that the company manufacturers, whose prices significantly lower than the rest of the market does not guarantee perfect quality and long service life.

Therefore, buy better to a more expensive model, but to save money on electricity and, most importantly, on their nerves.

Thus, rating was made on the reliability of air conditioners, which is divided into ultra-high, high, medium, low and very low:

  1. Ranking head (highest reliability) firms such as MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC and Daikin.The main producing country - Japan.Mitsubishi Air also has collected in Thailand, Daikin - in Belgium and Malaysia - is the best conditioners;
  2. showed high reliability of the company Sharp, Hitachi, Fujitsu General, Panasonic;
  3. Average rating from firms such as Toshiba-Carrier, Gree, Hitachi, York;
  4. low ranking is most famous for LG us, Samsung, and Vailland, Toshiba-Carrier, Daewoo;
  5. Lowest rating from LG, Samsung Turkish assembly Reinford from Ukraine, Hualing, TCL, Ferroli, etc. From China.

Key findings question: how to choose the air conditioner?

making a choice in favor of one or another model of air-conditioning systems, it is necessary to pay attention to several parameters, to deal with power, required features, design, and it is desirable to test yourself by looking the security rating of these devices based on the test of independent experts and the experience of the ordinarybuyers.