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August 12, 2017 18:06

Most radiators for apartments and private houses

Most radiators for apartments and private houses

Pending home cold start to think, what radiators is better to choose for an apartment or private house.

Typically, in such a way that for the purse was economical, but also warm.

pre-planned construction of a home heating system is the key to its effective operation throughout the entire heating season.

Since the main elements of the heating network are radiators is very important to come to their own choice.


  • district heating Cons
  • Types of radiators for apartments
    • requirements radiators
    • Steel radiators
    • Aluminium radiators
    • Bimetallic radiators
    • Cast iron radiators
  • What radiators suitable for home?
    • Steel panel and tubular radiators
    • Aluminium radiators
    • Bimetallic radiators
    • Cast iron radiators

Cons district heating

For a large number of tenants of apartment buildings supply of external coolant in the apartments is much more convenient than the arrangement of the individual Autonomousheating.

With the arrival of cold weather in the first run hot water and heats the living space.In this space heating takes place without the participation of the residents.

But not all in the central heating system as smooth as it seems at first glance.

As the water gets on the common central system to the battery, it is saturated with aggressive chemical impurities.Furthermore, it bears with a slurry of microscopic particles.

All this has a negative effect on the inner walls of the pipes and radiators, as a result of corrosion manifests itself.

Damaged heating elements inside eventually become thinner, which inevitably leads to leaks and pipe breaks.

main threat can be considered the occurrence of water hammer, resulting in a sudden high pressure worn battery burst, flooding everything with boiling water.

second reason is the instantaneous pressure surge valve overlap of the pump station.

Earlier locksmith could block the water slowly by crane with a smooth swing, then replace them with modern spherical cranes now allows you to perform the job in a matter of seconds.

make sure that the total heating operation are many vulnerabilities, it can be concluded as to which heating products is best to choose to serve a multistory apartment house.

Types of radiators for apartments

Sometimes overhaul in the apartment requires a dismantling of old batteries that have either served their time or do not conform to the design premises.

modern market of heating devices offers a wide range of radiators for an apartment or private house, made of different materials.


Among them newfangled bimetallic devices, steel and aluminum, as well as classic cast iron.

decide which one is best suited for heating the apartment, taking into account the characteristics of the district heating, allow the comparison of the proposed consumer products.

requirements radiators

Here are the basic requirements to be met by radiators:

  • The heating network of apartments to be used radiators with pressure stated on the manufacturer, but which is above the operating and 1.5 times the testpressure operated in the general system of communications;
  • As an example we can take the following figures for the 5-storey building standard pressure indicator does not exceed 5-8 bar, modern high-rise buildings is fired at a pressure of 12-15 atm.
  • Selected apartments for heating devices should also have the property of liquid slugging confrontation.The majority are impact-resistant cast iron and bimetallic device;
  • If during heating in the batteries can hear the buzz and occasional clicks, it indicates that the network pressure rolls;
  • Therefore it is necessary as soon as possible to report this fact to the municipal organization;
  • High quality inner walls of radiators for apartments will not react to chemical exposure devices coolant;
  • Therefore, when choosing a radiator, even from the most famous producer, you must pay attention to how thick a layer of protective coating;
  • heat index and impact of heat - another condition for the correct choice of the optimal variant of the radiator.And, of course, the period of operation - what it is, the better.

Now consider the question, what other radiators can better perform its functions in the heating period of the apartment.

Steel radiators

During production tubular and panel steel products receive light weight, attractive design and small dimensions.Steel heating device give off heat well.

Through the use for heating small amounts of liquid, they are considered cost-effective.

panel and tubular steel radiators can be easily used for efficient heating of apartment, if they possess characteristics that allow them to withstand high pressure.


Currently we considered devices are limited to 6-8 atm.So for flat steel panel and tubular radiators are not the best option.

Aluminium radiators

Aluminium radiators have an interesting design, small size and weight, in addition, encouraging consumer good heat dissipation.

But for heating apartments aluminum radiators, as well as steel, are not suitable.

The reason lies in the material from which made heating device - aluminum are inherently different activities.

So moving on aluminum tubes coolant saturated alkalis and other chemical impurities, forcing react non-ferrous metal.

As a result, the battery thinner and fail.

Aluminium radiators

Furthermore, aluminum radiators will not be able to cope with high blood pressure, if necessary.

The average working pressure is about 16 atm., So a sudden water hammer can destroy even the new aluminum heating device.

Bimetallic radiators

Bimetallic radiators - the new type of heating devices.Due to the fact that the production of this grade is used simultaneously several types of metal, the device gets its name.

Different companies in the manufacture of bimetallic articles may use different alloys, such as copper or steel and aluminum with aluminum.

devices are not only high quality, but also the cost, so that luxury can afford, not every owner of the apartment.

Typically, the interior of the bimetallic radiator is made from copper or steel metal and shaped body made of aluminum alloy.


Firms manufacturers offer a guarantee that such devices can work out for at least 40 years.

They can be considered the best option for efficient heating apartments.These devices may not be cheap, or you offer a fake.

Verified company manufacturers - Italian brands Global b Sira, as well as the Russian brand Rifar.

Cast iron radiators

inexpensive and the best option for heating the apartment can be considered a modern cast iron products.

Their service life is measured in decades, during the operation they are not afraid of any contact with the hot, rich aggressive impurities, water, or a sudden surge.

Modern cast iron radiators provide large heat transfer area, which compensates for the difficulty of installation.

Operating devices pressure is 9-12 atm.But being exposed to strong and frequent pressure surges, even iron batteries may eventually become brittle.

What radiators suitable for home?

more benefits to people living in private homes, carries automated heating.With its payment arrangement and installation of the system is carried out on an individual plan owner of the house.

In this case, to resolve the question of which is better to connect the radiator for heating private houses, is much easier than to select a device for heating an apartment connected to a total of the heating network.


This fact is easily explained - the closed circuit heating private houses as compared to a centralized system has enough valid positive characteristics:

  1. ability to operate under low pressure in the system;
  2. absence of sudden and severe water hammer in the system;
  3. respecting the technical conditions of water balance, it is possible to take advantage of offers on the market a wide range of heating devices.

choosing a heating radiator for an apartment, it is advisable to focus on the pressure indicators that the device can withstand.

So, buying products for private homes, attention should be paid to indicators of maximum heat transfer and an ideal balance between the cost of quality.

In general, to connect to heat the house can be all kinds of radiators, but it still should not forget about some important points.

Which facts can influence the choice of the heating device - about this topic later in this article.

Steel panel and tubular radiators

Panel and tubular steel heating device referred to as the budget category of products for the home.

In the production process of panel and sectional models get a high performance heat transfer, they can even choose a compact complement the interior design.

This panel radiators is recommended to put in houses with wide windows, they prevent drafts, blocking cold air flow.

tubular radiators panel slightly more expensive devices, but about the same technical properties.


The reason is the high cost of their more sophisticated look with distinct design details.

Tubular radiators are ideal for families who have young children, as their design can be used for drying things.

Disadvantages which still have a panel and tubular steel radiators, are the need to constantly fill the product with water, otherwise they porzhaveyut.

And in flushing system, which is carried out every three years.In addition, panel radiators have not too harmonious design.

Aluminium radiators

Due to the high level of heat transfer, as well as contemporary design decoration, various kinds of aluminum radiators are in great demand among the owners of private houses.

cost aluminum heating devices can be in any price category.In this case, all will depend on the quality and location of the manufacturer.

now relatively cheap, you can choose from Russian manufacturers.

To connect to a local aluminum radiator heating system at home and use it effectively to work long period of time, it is necessary to take into account the following requirements:

  • extend the life of aluminum models can, observing certain parameters of the coolant, especially the fact index concerns the acidity of water;
  • Intense heat output is not always a positive effect on the aluminum radiators.The heated flow of air quickly rises in the ceiling space, which causes the temperature difference, resulting in the floor remains cold.So before you choose and put the radiator of this type is very important to calculate the area of ​​heated space.

Bimetallic radiators

If you put Bimetallic radiators for heating private houses, will have to spend rather big amount, as their cost is much higher than all other types of heating devices.

Quality construction bimetallic radiators allows to maintain them for 40 years.In the operation of the device can withstand a pressure of 20-35 atmospheres.

The structure of the radiator

Although in this case the increased strength of bimetallic construction is not a major factor, because of which they can choose for heating private houses.

Indeed, in his system is not powerful water hammer - an indicator of network pressure of 2-3 bar.

Therefore bimetallic products all the characteristics best suited for heating the apartment, but not a detached house.

Cast iron radiators

Cast-iron batteries are not out of operation for about 100 years, the first products used for heating homes in tsarist Russia.

Compared with aluminum devices that have the ability to rapidly heat up and cool down instantly, cast iron for longer heat up, but also long and cool.

final heat retention rate is 30%, while it is in other types of radiators it is not able to exceed 15%.

turns out that of all the types considered above heating batteries, cast iron products allow for truly reduce the cost of gas heating.

high level of resistance to the inner walls of the devices chemical environment, as well as a high rate of resistance to stress corrosion are the key to their half-century of reliable operation.

As for the design of cast iron batteries, but now from the existing range, you can choose the right model for any of the interior of an apartment or house.

price for this type of production is slightly higher than the cost of steel and aluminum products, but it is much cheaper bimetallic devices.

At the end of the article it can be concluded that no steel or aluminum radiators do not have all the necessary properties, which would be enough for a complete heating house or apartment.


most effective option may be considered iron and bimetallic devices, which one to choose, tell your budget.

However, in the old Khrushchev apartments is quite possible to manage iron batteries, their construction is well able to withstand the operating pressure.

But for modern high-rise buildings are best buy bimetallic products, as they heating network pressure is much higher.