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August 12, 2017 18:06

Floor heating combi gas boilers

Floor heating combi gas boilers

Today combi floor gas heating boilers extremely popular with the mass market, in almost all regions of our country.

This is despite the slightly higher cost.Why is this happening?Try to understand by this publication.


  • pricing factors
  • Principle and advantages
  • Disadvantages
  • Species boilers
    • gas removal system through a chimney
    • system turbirovanie
    • ventilation system


So, the main purpose of the 2-contour gas heating boilers (floor analogues) is not just a banal space heating, but also the supply of warm / hot water for various household needs.

more precise when compared to the boiler wall, the floor analogues differs somewhat higher cost.

It is not a budget price due, firstly, greater resources.Second, the more significant is the power of each of a variety of devices.

Third, a significant advantage of these boilers is their efficiency, because when all the above advantages, the amount of gas flared is practically not increased.


Principle and advantages

main unit of any boiler is its heart - the heat exchanger.Actually exchanger - this is the place where the energy of combustible gas and is passed directly to the coolant, in this case - the usual water.

Thus, each heat exchanger in the gas boiler is exposed, of course, the greatest thermal loads.

The boiler heat exchanger wall is most often made of steel or copper, which gradually is destroyed under the influence of temperature.

rather - gradually burns.In addition, the "graceful" heat exchanger made of copper may not have significant own heat.

It can not be seriously considered as a heat accumulator.

difference floor gas boilers in the use of heat exchangers made of cast iron.

This material has the "ability" for quite some time to experience considerable temperature differences and not be subject to destruction.

This iron is characterized by fairly substantial capacity and may well serve as a certain heat accumulator.


due to the presence of a large amount of hot water that is in drive 2-circuit of the boiler, is much easier to maintain the set temperature and to prevent sudden changes in temperature of the coolant.

Another significant plus cast iron heat exchanger and coolant storage is reducing the number of ignition cycles for each floor of the boiler.

Quite simply, the ignition system is another major node, which is characterized by a specific resource efficiency.

from the above is easy to conclude that the 2-circuit heating boilers Gas floor initially have a slightly higher efficiency and greater service life compared to the boiler wall at a completely other conditions being equal.

Disadvantages Of course, when such essential virtues in this equipment are obliged to have at least some disadvantages.And, certainly, they - are.

first one we have already mentioned.This high cost.The second unfortunate drawback - the significance of the size, in comparison with the wall-mounted counterparts.

specify, many of these devices even require separate facilities for boiler arrangement that multiplies even further overhead as installation and operating.

It is clear that the mass of such analogs will be significant at the impressive dimensions.

to effectively heating the premises, according to different circuits / heating distribution lines was the highest in the mandatory need to install the boiler, as well as an additional pump.


However, this deficiency rather be called an advantage, because the water will be supplied not only in the central heating system, but also can be connected to a system of warm floors.

This flow temperature is regulated much easier.

Species boilers

Today domestic combi floor gas heating boilers are classified according to various criteria.

For example, floor 2-contour gas heating boilers can vary using different breeding systems of combustion products.

gas removal system through a chimney

The first type is a gas removal system (waste) through the chimney.

This system is inexpensive, but it should be borne in mind that in the draft, which is available in the chimney may be affected by various natural phenomena.

example, it may be wind and pressure differentials (atmospheric pressure).Specify if the chimney (system) installed a professional, there are no problems concerning the thrust is not usually the case.

system turbirovanie

second type is represented turbirovanie system.In this case the boiler combustion chamber are closed.Outside air enters the combustion chamber through the blower, and more specifically the turbine.

Connected to the turbine pipe draws air from the street.The fan at the same time pushes the exhaust gases out into the street, but in a different tube.

boiler device

latter system makes it impossible to exhaust gases from entering the premises.

addition, a forced air injection provides almost complete combustion of the gas, which ultimately multiplies the efficiency of the boiler.

ventilation system

There are systems where floor heating combi gas boiler with a boiler equipped fans force is removed from the combustion exhaust gases.

difference from the above systems is that there is no completely forced injection of air by the fan.Accordingly

called such poluturbirovannymi system.

course, in such a boiler efficiency is somewhat lower than that of a so-called analog complete turbine.

But still, gas 2-circuit heating boilers and a variety of (outdoor) are characterized by a much more significant efficiency when compared with boilers with a laid-back exhaust gas.