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August 12, 2017 18:06

Solar power to give

Solar power to give

In what cases will be true - establish its solar power to give or own home?

course not when the electrical power comes from centralized sources or if the power supply comes within the normal range.

Electricity depends on centralized networks that are directly within a radius of several kilometers near the garden, it is their lack of need to determine the issue of solar power to give.

Solar panels are used in a private home for an autonomous energy source.

Considering the principle of action, we understand that it is quite simple.


  • The principle of
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • When it makes sense to put these batteries?
  • How to choose and calculate the power?
  • Where and how to buy solar power plants for the garden?

The principle of

sun's rays affect the silicon crystals, which are part of the battery.

silicon orbit electron is knocked out, a large number of the released electrons makes it possible to produce electricity.

One battery is not enough to generate the required amount of energy, so the installation is carried out whole blocks.

The installation of these units is made on the roof of the house, on a prepared site or on special supports.

After generating electric power is transferred to a special inverter inside the premises.Inverter, transforming the current, collects it in a battery.


Modern man is hard to imagine life without electricity.But solar panels are both advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages and disadvantages

These batteries have a relatively low efficiency.However, if we consider the alternative sources of power - this is the most effective.

low efficiency is the reason that on the roof of your house, for the efficient operation of electrical appliances need a stand-alone solar power, numbering a series of panels.

Energy collected one battery, not enough even for a simple computer.

also efficiency of solar cells depends on the solar radiation intensity and the number of sunny days, so not to be missed during a gloomy rainy weather stored energy.

Let's summarize and list the advantages and disadvantages of using an autonomous solar power station for questioning.


  • Long service life with a guarantee of up to 25 years;
  • lack of dependence on traditional sources of supply;
  • No need for constant maintenance;
  • free electricity.


  • high cost of purchase and installation;
  • depending on the number of sunny days;
  • low efficiency;
  • dependence on additional equipment.

When it makes sense to put these batteries?

consider the case when it makes sense to install such batteries.

Given that the cost of energy, which produces solar power - is zero, installation of such a station will cost considerable money.


recoup it only with time.Therefore, set the solar panels will pay for itself in just a few years.

Considering all these aspects, we come to the conclusion that plant that runs from the sun, it makes sense to install when:

  1. owner of the house is ready to invest big money in the long-term income for a family of four station will cost about 10000$ 20,000;
  2. In cases where the limit of power consumption has a specific value;
  3. In cases where the accommodation is located in a very remote distance from the central electrical networks.

How to choose and calculate the power?

finished choosing solar power for the house, it should be remembered that manufacturers are advised to install them as an additional source of electricity.

Therefore, choosing the appropriate option you need to consider the possibility of covering the electricity needs of your home.It should be 40-80% of the total electricity consumed.Only experts can -

However, to calculate what kind of solar power to give you need.

Managers of most companies, specializing in the production and installation of these structures, operate the necessary formulas to calculate the number of batteries.

Where and how to buy solar power plants for the garden?

In recent years, greatly increased the popularity of this type of power as necessary electricity supply to areas distant from the major energy carriers.

This is due to the fact that the purchase of equipment to increase power capacity costs money.

power device

Besides you purchased equipment will dispose of an organization that provides you with energy.

In this case, you can consider buying a stand-alone solar power.Buy solar power plants for the garden is not too difficult.

Currently trade this equipment is produced in all major cities of our country.And managers of these companies will help you choose the best option for you.

Individual solar power will certainly be the best way out of the situation, because the sun every day delights us warm.

question arises: can be used to produce electricity the sun's rays?Of course.

This power supply due to its natural qualities will be more effective and inexpensive, compared to conventional energy sources.