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August 12, 2017 18:06

Aluminum foil for the bath

Aluminum foil for the bath

great importance in the construction of a sauna or bath has a sturdy floor insulation, ceiling and walls.

For these purposes successfully used aluminum foil for the bath, which has the ability to reflect heat and steam, defies fire and can withstand very high temperatures.

in conjunction with insulation, aluminum foil is used as a reflective insulator.To heat loss is minimal, usually mounted behind the foil insulation.

use of foil in the construction of a sauna or bath ensures complete preservation of heat inside the building.

In addition, significantly reduced the cost of heating, because the application of the foil is heated the room very quickly, and the warmth lingers long.


  • Scope aluminum foil
  • Composition foil
  • technology aluminum use foil

Scope aluminum foil

Aluminum foil can be used as high-temperature reflective thermal insulation inbaths, saunas, boilers and water heating devices, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

word - everywhere where there are very high temperatures.Foil baths can also be used in ceilings, attics, floors and walls of various buildings.


Many owners of households now buy special foil for the bath for installation of "warm floor".

When installing the system "warm floor" aluminum foil for a bath is placed on a layer of insulation rock wool or polystyrene.

foil Composition

only pure aluminum contained in the composition of the foil.It has a very high durability and heat resistance.

Aluminum foil is produced in rolls that have an area of ​​10 sq.m.and a width of 1 meter.

closely spaced to each other, the metal atoms in the material ensures excellent gas barrier foil.

In the process of manufacturing the foil becomes sterile, so it is completely non-toxic, and from this, it will never become a haven for all kinds of micro-organisms and bacteria.

technology use aluminum foil

Mount aluminum foil in various ways.On the wooden crate it is attached by small nails or staples.When bonding the foil webs together using folgoskotch.

to heat more efficiently reflected between the topcoat and the sheet material is necessary to leave an air gap width of 3 cm.

As topcoat in the baths and saunas are usually applied lining.

The premises can be used with foil insulation for the bath.

Aluminium fine conductive, so the installation of wiring, always remember the complete isolation of electrical equipment before use aluminum foil.