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August 12, 2017 18:06

Which is better for polycarbonate greenhouses ?

Which is better for polycarbonate greenhouses ?

What better polycarbonate greenhouses for?

This question will sooner or later there is any man who thinks of, to create its own polycarbonate greenhouse.Razobratcya this we will try to continue.


  • advantages of polycarbonate
  • What to choose for greenhouses?What
  • trademark prefer?

advantages of polycarbonate

Polycarbonate, and it is not a secret for today's consumers, stands out for its high translucent.

example, some brands of this material is passed about 89% of the sun light, and this will agree, a lot (this figure is higher than the better for future greenhouse).

With its high ability to transmit light, polycarbonate also scatters it (rays passing through the surface).

And it must be said, is very beneficial for the plants themselves, as strongly promotes uniform growth of seedlings in the greenhouse, and the plants are not of any particular site.


This, by the way, and provokes many gardeners desire to buy a greenhouse made of polycarbonate or build it with his own hands.

thickness and polycarbonate structure as the translucency of the material, may be different.But what is best for polycarbonate greenhouses?

What to choose for greenhouses?

In this case, the preference is to give a material with a thickness of 6 mm (you'll have a wonderful spring and autumn greenhouse), or with a thickness of 16 mm (with polycarbonate you can easily create even a winter greenhouse).

But creating a greenhouse polycarbonate greater thickness - not a good idea.

The fact that the thicker the like, so it is characterized by at svetopronikaemostyu (this figure is only 55% of the material with a 40 mm thick).

What brand prefer?

Let's talk a little about brands, products from which you can easily and without hesitation to purchase to build their greenhouses and greenhouses.

Polugal.Trade capacity of this company is based in Israel.

Not long ago, a factory that the company opened in Russia, resulting in a polycarbonate price for our fellow citizens has declined substantially.

Soton.the company factory is located in Ukraine.

In a little less than a low price polycarbonate, compared to the same material Polugal companies, products from this manufacturer have a very decent quality.

VIZOR.Previously, the production of this company based in China, but has recently been the main base of the company is the Czech Republic.