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August 12, 2017 18:06

Netting for the well filter

Netting for the well filter

not know why the grid for the well filter and the filter itself, and - how to choose a product?Then we will help you deal with these and many other similar questions.

When the filter is well needed and what are its functions?

Traditionally strongly all filters for wells perform two main functions:

  • Firstly, such products provide a supply of water that is free from a variety of mechanical impurities;
  • Secondly, the filters also prevent borehole collapse, that you will agree, is important.

As usual for wells filters installed just in case we are talking about the so-called unstable rocks.

Recall that has nothing to do are not talking about a natural filtration, since the water-permeable solid ground.

In terms of the design of any filter wells will consist of three parts: the working part (ie, directly, the filter itself), the settler with a cork and nadfiltrovoy pipe.


the same in all cases, and the filtering process.

So, those pieces of rock for which the grid for the well filter does not become a hindrance to settle in the settling vessel, and only then, pure water is supplied to the consumer without them.

types and filter design for

wells If you decide to buy a filter for the well, then you will be useful to know that all these products now can be divided into three different types: gravel, or gravitational, mesh and perforated or slotted.

when selecting the types and designs of filters, it is necessary to pay attention to well established in what kind of breed.

Thus, for those aggressive species, which contains a large amount of hydrogen sulfide, oxygen, or carbon dioxide, using appropriate models, which frame is made of stainless steel or non-metallic pipes.

Holey and slotted filters actually used for fractured rock, prone to collapse.In this case, the slit in appropriate readability milling tubes and the openings - drilling.

filters for wells drilled in gravel-pebble deposits, is usually carried out from the pipes, which have or longitudinal cracks or coating of the grid with large cells.


But for sand filters is to purchase those that are coated with a brass mesh with sufficiently fine mesh.

We hope that we could be useful to you and now you can easily and quickly select the type of filter that best suits your well and for a long time will provide you with a stream of clean water.