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August 12, 2017 18:06

Options for laying plywood on the floor under the laminate and linoleum

Options for laying plywood on the floor under the laminate and linoleum

to flooring, such as laminate or linoleum, served for a long time, it makes a stacking of plywood on the floor with his hands.

gained particular popularity plywood for roughing finishing floor.

This was due to the fact that the material has a high strength, reliability, manufactured by compressing multiple layers of wood.

installation has its own characteristics, but it's easy to perform with his own hands.

There plywood sorting by quality (appearance):

  1. Class E - is the most expensive, high-end material.Knots he completely absent;
  2. First grade - there are micro-cracks, no obvious defects;
  3. Class II - can be found about two percent traces of glue, small dents and scratches.Often used for floor leveling;
  4. third grade - lower quality, there are knots, wormholes;
  5. fourth grade is the lowest in quality.It is characterized by a large number of defects, irregularities, can be used for stacking under the linoleum.

It should be noted that the main negative material - it is hygroscopic.In a humid environment, even water-resistant plywood can be unstuck and start to flake.

Therefore, it must be treated with special coatings.

Features plywood


  • Application Method plywood
  • Laying plywood on
  • concrete floor Plywood is mounted on a lag
  • plywood laying on the wooden floor
  • Laying Tile
  • Features laying a decorative floor covering

Application Method plywood

plywood is used to create a smooth floor under laminate, linoleum, and even the installation of ceramic tiles.Performing any work starts with preparation.

In this case, based on the negative aspects of the material is necessary to check all of the floor space and humidity in general.

For this small section of the floor was covered with a polyethylene film (not interference), the edges pressed by heavy objects.

If during the days condensation, therefore, the room is very humid, and it should be dry.

If three days formed a few small drops, the concrete floor you can lay a waterproof film and get to work, wooden base to better understand and to dry or to give more time to dry.

If condensation has formed, it means that plywood sheets can be stacked.


In order to put a decorative floor covering such as laminate, parquet, carpet or linoleum, prepare flat surface.

And the prepared surface is made of plywood on the floor laying, which will serve as an additional heat and shumoizolyatorom.

plywood stacking methods:

  • on concrete base;
  • on logs;
  • on the wooden floor.

Laying plywood on concrete floors

be subject to a dry and clean surface.For additional waterproofing before laying the overlapping spreading a special substrate or a thick polyethylene.

Mounted such materials Scotch.This technology is used when the logs are not installed.Pre

before starting work plywood is cut into squares, expanded on the floor, numbered, and then removed.

Plywood attached directly to concrete, so this work is necessary punch.

sheets are fixed on the screws in the middle and on the perimeter of the cap which is recessed a few millimeters.

If you plan to lay linoleum on the prepared surface, it can be mounted on a special adhesive.

Laying his hands takes place in a staggered manner, ensuring the reliability of the design.

near threshold desirable to eliminate seams sheets, it is better to put whole cloth, because in this place the load on the floor will be more.Between the sheets need to leave a gap of 2-3 mm.


They are called temperature compensation or seams.Wood has the ability to expand and contract with changes in temperature.

These joints ensure the integrity of the floor covering, eliminate distortion.From the walls and leave a gap of 1-2 cm thick, which are hidden under the baseboards final finish.

plywood laid directly on the concrete floor when intended to be used as a decorative coating linoleum or cork floor, ie the material less sensitive to small bumps.

Plywood is mounted on a lag

This technology is used for laminate or parquet.The device eliminates the lag all surface irregularities, creating a warm floor as well as to conduct further communications.

As in the first embodiment, first lay polyethylene, the entire structure is already installed on it.

bars are set with the level at this distance to insulation (mineral wool, expanded clay, foam, etc.) Between them in the interference fit of about 50-60 cm.

In the formation of irregularities, under lags make small inserts of woodor pieces of roofing material.

Laghi set grille.The same scheme is used for laying tiles.The entire structure is necessary to glue and fix the anchor bolts.

plywood is cut into squares so that each of them was attached to the joists by all parties.The coating itself must have a thickness of 18 mm.Stacking also occur staggered manner.

When installing laminate flooring is important that foundations do not coincide with the seams stitching decorative flooring.

All further material stacking technology is observed, as in the above-mentioned method.


Laying plywood on the wood floor

Under this option, you must check to make sex on his fitness.Boards should not be rotten, curved, stagger.

If some of the floorboards creak and deformed, it is disassembled.If the joists are used, check their suitability.

If you can see mold or fungus, such as boards are removed, to prevent the further spread of the bacteria.

After making sure that the old floor is still in usable condition, you can begin to lay the plywood.


If you are laid under laminate, then the flatness of the floor is constantly checked by means of a two-meter rack.Under the linoleum can tolerate a small error in alignment.

Veneer sheets attached to the wooden floor on the screws, the variant mounting glue, but it will not work if in the future installation of laminate will occur.

Under it should be done a solid foundation, exclude the possibility of changes.

Laying Tile

less common option is to lay the plywood under ceramic tile.The most common use of the tiles used in wet areas, that is, in the bathroom or toilet.

main "enemy" of plywood is the humidity, so this method is not always used it in specified places.But the laying of tiles can be seen not only in the bathroom, toilet.

She also decorate the kitchen (it is a wet area, but the humidity is below), hallways, and sometimes even the entire floor.

Of course, this should take into account some special features:

  • Due to the large weight of the tile, the thickness of the plywood should not be less than 22 millimeters;
  • additional waterproofing is done in wet areas;
  • Do not use warm floor when installing the tiles directly on plywood;
  • Plywood sheets should be secured;
  • When using logs, then the distance between them should not be large, very thick plywood should not be less than 30 mm;
  • plywood base should be clean, dry and free of joints.Mandatory primed plywood in two layers.

Laying tiles on the plywood look at the video.


for laying tiles on the plywood base requires a special adhesive that possesses elasticity.This is important as plywood may be deformed.

better to use two-component polyurethane adhesive, which is an additional waterproofing and dries quickly.

may also come another adhesive that upon contact with moisture and cures while pulling it.It includes a modified silane.

serrated adhesive is applied with a metal spatula.When working with your hands should not apply the adhesive to the entire surface at once, so that it does not dry prematurely.

After all the tiles are laid, grouting is done, the remaining glue and dirt should be removed with a damp cloth.

Features laying a decorative floor covering

Veneer sheets have been applied in the preparation of the base under the floor covering.The most common are: laminate, linoleum.

Linoleum material is less expensive and less whimsical.

Leveling the floor before installation is not necessary, but for aesthetics and to provide additional sound insulation should still do that with plywood sheets.

frequently used technique of laying on a special glue under the baseboards.Therefore, the plywood should be pre-primed, the glue did not lead to deformation of the coating.

Laminate better to lay on a base made with lags, because it is possible to achieve perfectly smooth floor.Accordingly, high-quality floor covering.