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August 12, 2017 18:06

Fastening on plastic window blinds

Fastening on plastic window blinds

How to attach blinds on windows, you should pay attention to when to carry out work on the installation of their own hands, what is the difference and horizontal roller design?

Such questions he asks himself who decided to change the interior, replace the traditional textile curtains to their modern counterparts.

Blinds are easy to use, does not interfere with opening windows, well protected from the sun and dust.


  • varieties and designs
  • for installing shutters with his hands Instruction
  • Installation on brackets
  • Features roll fixing, horizontal and other types

varieties and designs

Blinds are:

  • Horizontal - slats (slats) are arranged horizontally, going up into the opening;
  • Vertical - slat mounted vertically, opening to one side or the other, or apart from the center;
  • Round - are presented as a single fabric that folds in on the need to roll;
  • Pleated - they feature in the corrugated texture treated for strength special composition.There are horizontal, vertical, can be assembled in an accordion.

All of these can be:

  • wood;
  • plastic;
  • aluminum;
  • tissue;
  • bamboo.

choice depends on your preferences and financial capabilities.

Installation Instructions shutters with his hands

very first step - it's sizing.Fasten the curtains to the window opening can, wall, ceiling.After determining the location of the place of their future, it is necessary to make correct measurements.

To fix the curtains in the opening, it is necessary to make the following measurements.Determine the length - it will be equal to the height of the window glass with a heater (typically a rubber band) plus 1 cm

Driving blinds

width defined as the width of the window, but with the seal gum..Do not forget that the plastic window should open freely when the blinds are assembled.

If you are going to fix the curtains on the wall, the note, they must completely cover the plastic window.The width is 10 cm wider than the window.

length, taking into account the eaves increases by about 5 centimeters of its final size depends on whether or not to close the shutters sill or slightly above it.

When the blinds are mounted directly on the plastic box, the length is the height and width equal to the width of the window to be closed.


drilling method Attach design can use tools for drilling, or do without them.

consider how to properly hang horizontal blinds with his hands directly to the sash of the window, using the drilling method.

Since curtains are mounted on screws, note the place of installation by applying the upper limit of the blinds to the upper window profile.A small drill to make the holes, fasten the brackets.

Fix the shutters and fasten the line, which will hold the slats.At the bottom of the sash again drilling techniques make two holes, placing them evenly under the upper outputs.

Fix the fishing line in a design shutters, fix the ends of the plugs and threaded them into prepared holes, stretch the twine.

Considered drilling method is typically used when you need to hang a roll or horizontal design.


to hang vertical blinds, also used this method.In the field of fastening holes are drilled, and by means of connecting elements are mounted.

Installation on brackets

without drilling method is used when the blinds will be subjected to the regular removal.

Recommended hang them on the brackets fixed to the double sided tape or the top of the plastic window frames.

This method is safe and we protect with respect to the plastic windows at the same time, installation without drilling as reliable as the previous version.

Particular attention should be paid to the installation of fixing the top of the curtains.To avoid skewing, be careful when marking.


Features fixing roll, and other types of horizontal

Each species has its own particular installation.For example, the roller blinds is better to mount directly on the window sash.

blinds structure at the other mounting will not allow to open a window when they are omitted.

Horizontal - this is universal design, they can be hung between the frames, attach to the wall, ceiling and so on.

Instructions for installing horizontal product causes the least difficulties during installation.

Therefore, if you are thinking to hang blinds with his own hands, it is recommended to start with this species.

Vertical - mounting only do drilling method is fixed to the wall, the ceiling, the upper slope of the window.

not important - roller, horizontal or vertical blinds you plan to use, they require careful maintenance.To curtains serve you as long as possible, do not forget to wash and clean them.

In conclusion, we offer you to watch video phased installation design for plastic windows with their hands.