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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to fill in the floor in the bath ?

How to fill in the floor in the bath ?

man who decided to build their own bath, asks the question: how to fill the floor in the bath?
It would seem that may be difficult in this case, but there are some peculiarities.

If they neglected, the result - instead of the pleasure of visiting the baths you can get negative emotions in the form of frozen legs, water, unwilling to leave due to problems with drainage, a large fuel consumption by maintaining a sufficient level of heat.

Consider more detail.


  • Preparation - it is important
  • How to make the base of the future sex?
  • floor is ready, what's next?
  • sex casting technology
  • Underfloor
  • wooden floor

Preparation - it is important

first erecting the foundation.Then we think over the drainage system.Here we pay attention to the soil of this further actions depend.

Normal drainage pit is suitable only if the ground under the future will be sand bath, then there will be good to absorb water.

Make a hole only need to wash or shower, where there is a sink, as in the steam room of water consumption, in principle, it does not happen, which simplifies the work.

Fill the hole with gravel, sand or gravel, pieces of bricks work best because they can be taken for free by agreeing on this construction site.

enough to make the depth of the pits 50-60 cm.

Driving a concrete floor

If the soil under the future bath of clay, then it will require more effort.What is necessary?

makes a small pit under the planned discharge, which in the future to build a pipeline.

For this install the sewer pipe, it will be held, respectively, under the foundation and bring the water into a sewage pit.At the end of the pipeline need to make the gate.

This trick helps to avoid unpleasant smells coming out of the ditch.The walls of the pit are sealed with clay or concreting a thin layer of 5 cm and close the metal grate.

How to make the base of the future sex?

first compactable soils.In a place where the sink will make a small slope.Next fall asleep all the rubble layer, height of about 15 cm, and with a bias to the side where the drain is.

Thus, we do a kind of pillow, the role of which is absorbing moisture formed by condensation due to temperature differences.Once again, all rammed.Fill in two layers.


The first layer should be not higher than 5 cm all also do not forget about the slope under the sink..

floor joint locations with walls fill with bitumen, in order to avoid water seepage.For better thermal protection solution is based on perlite.

It has good thermal insulation properties, and can increase the fire safety of the future saunas.

kneading this solution in several stages (more convenient to use a concrete mixer):

At two buckets of perlite is added to one bucket of water, kneaded thoroughly.The volume should be reduced greatly.

bombarded with half a bucket of cement, or in parts, without ceasing to interfere.

to achieve uniformity of mass, then add another one bucket perlite and 2 liters of water.

When the solution becomes loose, then it is possible to stop and leave the mixture "rest" for 10-15 minutes.

Ready mixture should be plastic, so after a pause must continue kneading until the desired result.


This solution is dried from 5 to 7 days.Concrete solution dries about 14 days.

next step laid insulating layer.This can be felt, expanded clay, rock wool.

best option would be a layer of felt, which gives an additional screed adhesion and retains heat well.If

as insulation mineral wool choose, it will need to handle the roofing material to protect from moisture.

Insulated surface pour a second layer of concrete, which is then armiruem.You can do this by using a grid-netting.

After tamp concrete, is applied on top of a sand-cement mixture.

levels, do not forget about the sink, the usual board.Now we wait until the partial drying of the surface and is doing its moisture every day, to avoid the formation of cracks.

floor is ready, what's next?

After half prepared, you need to take care of the beauty and convenience.This is the direct coating of the concrete screed.

Most often, in the sink and shower use a ceramic tile.


for baths is well suited metlahskoy due to its performance.As it is placed?

We even concrete floor is applied to a dry cement per square meter - half a kilo, and it applies directly to the tile by pressing.

close up the seams between the tiles is better after two days.

You can use the tile, which is not recommended.Upon contact with water, it tends to become slippery.

If, however, you are staying in this embodiment, the floor can be put wooden canopies or polymer mats.

last after each use will need to be dried in order to avoid the spread of bacteria.

Synthetic materials: linoleum, laminate - it is better not to use.


Why?Because at high temperatures, they can start to give off toxic substances, as well as swell and become very hot.

bath designed to improve my health, and not contribute to its deterioration, so do not do that.

sex casting technology

To understand that the floor in the bath can be filled with his own hands, let us consider some of the nuances:

  1. If you want to lay tiles in the future, the screed fit a simple mixture of cement.Otherwise, the need to use a mixture of sand and cement.On a half square meters need one bag of cement;
  2. If you stack a tile, you can simplify your task, and use the self leveling floor screed;
  3. Pour floor need from the far corner of the entrance, in a circular motion.This process must not stop, so it is best to carry out this work together: one pours, one prepares a solution;
  4. To speed up the drying process in the solution is added plasticizers, which will help avoid the formation of cracks and increase the strength of ties;As a result,
  5. tie color should be uniform gray.All works are executed correctly, if the gaps are not more than 4 mm.The strength of a hammer is detected, if the surface is not damaged after the attacks, it means all is well.

For clarity, you can see the video on how to fill in the floor in the bath.



most important thing in the bath - it's the floor that needs to be warm.You can achieve this with the help of cable installation, and it is possible through the use of simple bottles.

  • first way - to establish in the bath floor heating system.On the surface of the reinforcing rails are installed.Before laying the cable you need to measure the resistance to ensure it is working properly.Properly laid cable, slightly pulling it and eliminating the distortions and twisting.Further, a temperature controller to control the warming step.The temperature sensor is usually isolated corrugated tube located, generally flush with the concrete binders, to in case of problems could replace it.Installation of the floor heating system can be viewed on video;
  • floor heating in the bath can be made of bottles.Obvious advantages of this method is that it can be made with your own hands and do not spend a lot of money for the installation of the system.Bottles suitable for both glass and plastic.First, you must first warm up and shut tight lid.Plastic sufficiently fill anything, for example, sawdust.After the floor was made of a kind of cushion of crushed stone is laid and the reinforcing mesh is placed on the number of bottles required perimeter.Positioning them better necks to each other, to the place was as little as possible between them.As always, do not forget about the slope and drain water.Next, pour the concrete.After the first coat has dried, proceed to fill the second layer thickness of about 5 cm. Floor of the bottles will last longer if you make "cement".That is, until the concrete has not yet frozen, its surface covered with a layer of pure cement for strength.As usual, do not forget about the slope and drain.

floor of the bottles have to do with your hands, without the involvement of professionals, as this popular method, violates all the recommendations and construction norms.


wooden floor

Particular attention should be paid to the floor of the wood, which is able to create a cozy and relaxed atmosphere, as if you are in a distant village and clean.

For the construction of the wooden floor in the bath is best suited conifers: larch, pine.Why?Because due to the resin-impregnated wood, they are less susceptible to rotting.

Wood flooring comes in two types - flowing and not flowing:

  • Leaking floor to make it easier, it is less susceptible to rotting due to good ventilation.Right on the foundation set lag from the beam, and the dim floor, leaving a small gap, so that the water can drain off without any problems.Under this floor, it is desirable to leave clearance of about 50 cm for better ventilation.At the bottom forming surface of clay or cement screed with slope, providing discharge of water in the pit and down the drain pipe in the pit.The obvious advantage of this method is its simplicity.The downside is that this floor will be cold.It can be used if the room does not need all year round and seasonally, for example, only in the summer;
  • not flowing floor is done on the basis of the concrete screed, the installation of which is explained above.The downside of such a coating is poor drying of the boards, which can then rotted, and the floor will have perestilat.

The main conclusion that can be made after consideration of the issue, the following: to make the floor in the bath with his hands as possible.


Whether it's a warm floor of the bottles or using additional insulation, concrete or plain wooden, not a lot of options, but they are.

For this only need to make some effort.