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August 12, 2017 18:06

Laying the tiles in the bathroom

Laying the tiles in the bathroom

tiles for toilet and bathroom and a method of placing the interests of each, who began repairs in their apartment.

Choose and put the tiles correctly is not always easy, because the bathrooms have their own nuances in "Khrushchev" small toilet in the other apartments they can have an angular shape or other features.

However, to perform this work with your hands is quite possible, and in this article you will learn all about the choice of the tile and how to stacking.

Photography at each stage of the work will help you to make repairs in the room is no worse than if he had been executed by professionals.


  • We select the cover
  • Choosing tile colors
  • Stages of
    • floor tiles Laying
    • Laying tiles on the wall

We select the cover

Beautiful design and suitable color - notall that should be targeted, ready to select the tiles for decoration.

tile design in the bathroom, of course, important, but if it will crack or otherwise deformed and lose their properties, beautiful design will not save.

First of all, we should distinguish between the floor and wall tiles.The first - a heavy and not suitable for walls.Even if you can put it, it would not last long and quickly move away from the walls.

Just as is the case with wall tiles - it should be used for its intended purpose only, asit is too fragile and delicate to withstand a lot of weight.

When buying tiles, remember that the right to take it more than you need for the size of the bathrooms - about 10-15% sincepossible when laying some of them will come into disrepair, split off the edges or other deformations occur.

tile bathrooms have to be flat.This is, firstly, make it easier laying and, secondly, to provide a better grip.

To test how flat material, you need to lean one tile to another face.In normal plane of the gap between the material should be not more than 1.5 mm.

Diagonal - another important indicator of the material.It is measured with a tape measure, and normally the difference may be about 0.5 mm, but it is better to choose tile, where the difference is not at all.

quality glazing tiles can be checked by placing the material against the light - so you can see whether there is a crack on it - they are very small, resemble cobwebs, and in a different position would be imperceptible.

tile design is no less important - it determines the overall atmosphere of the room.Finishes tiles you can see in the photo.


best to choose light tile - it will maketoilet visually more, which is especially true for small spaces, for example, in "Khrushchev".

In addition, well-chosen design will make less noticeable flaws in the work, which are possible when you make repairs on their hands and do not have the skills.

Choosing tile colors

dark or black tiles can look pretty stylish, but only if the floor space is large enough, and the ceiling - high.

If your toilet is combined with a bath, you can use dark colors, but then you need to take care of high-quality lighting.

As a compromise, you can put dark tiles only one wall - so you add originality and save space at the same time.

Another option of laying the tile dark - on the floor, leaving a wall light.This is - a classic option that can be used even for a small bathroom or toilet.

Look at the photo as laid tile dark, so it does not "eat" space of the room.


If you want to choose tiles with geometric patternit is better to lay it on the wall, and not on the floor.In that case, if the floor is uneven in your bathroom - such a figure would make it even more noticeable.

If the ceiling in your apartment low, you can visually enlarge it, putting the material vertically.If you plan to decorative trim, it is better to do it at eye level.You can also use the tiles with vertical stripes - it will make the walls visually higher.

Use the examples in the image in order to better understand what a tile to select and present how you place it in your bathroom.


If the toilet is narrow, then widen it visuallylayout also helps.

Firstly, it can be done with the help of color: it is best to cope with this task and blue shades from gray to turquoise.But the warm colors should be avoided in the narrow spaces of small apartments, for example, in "Khrushchev".

Other suitable for small toilets colors are cold light colors - lemon, white, purple, etc.It is allowed to combine several colors, but without an explicit contrast.

You can choose small patterns - they also help to expand the space.Good will look cross or abstract designs, but they should not be too bright and catchy - it will lead to the opposite effect.

on the floor in the bathroom or the toilet is best to put the tiles with a diagonal layout, and on walls - with the horizontal.

presented at the photo of decoration options "difficult" rooms (small toilet in "Khrushchev") to help you choose the tiles with a suitable pattern and color, and make the bathroom or toilet rooms quite professional repairs carried out by their own hands.

Stages of

Laying tiles in the toilet begins with an assessment of areas and calculating the appropriate amount of material.As a rule, for the bathrooms it is required not so much.

may also want to prepare in advance, and the tools that will be needed to put the tiles on the floor and on the walls.

Most likely, they already have at home, but if something is not - to purchase will not be a problem, becauseno specific expensive items for repair will be required.

So, you will need:

  • level for measuring flatness of laying;
  • rack to determine the surface roughness;
  • bucket dilution and glue;
  • several cords;
  • Tile or glass cutter;
  • roulette;
  • spatula;
  • building level;
  • attachment on a drill to mix the solution;
  • hammer or hatchet;
  • crosses;
  • unnecessary tissue for the treatment of the finished surface.

hardest tiles for toilet or bath is placed on the floor, so you do need to prepare more thoroughly.Before you put the tiles, sanitary ware and have to remove the old flooring.

If the toilet is laid tile, then it will help to remove the chisel and hammer.It is necessary to remove not only the coverage but also the old glue, the remains of which you will see on the floor.

Then you need to level the surface - this depends directly on how nice would look like in the end cover, and if the floor is uneven, there is no design will not save.

concrete floor leveled, filling special mixes (or can be made with their own hands the solution to the sand and cement).

Better, of course, pour the mixture asit will give a better and smooth coating.How to cultivate and apply it, you can read on the packaging.Also, you will be photos with the stages of gender balancing in the bathroom or toilet.


If the floor has a small crack, it is better to spend waterproofing.Also be sure to prime the surface to grip the floor and the material was better.

Once the floor is ready, you need to make the level of the future surface and mark it on the walls, connecting the mark straight lines.How to do it correctly, see the photo.

Next, draw a level around the room with a special water level.Doing it better together.After the application of marks on the walls, they are connected by straight lines.

laying floor tiles

layout of the tiles in the bathroom or the toilet - the next step.To it you can begin only after the floor is completely dry.

best start from the middle or other open places, becauseSome tiles have to cut, and better positioned to trim on the sides.

layout of the first tile - the most important stage, sincein the future you will be guided towards it, and it is necessary to do it properly, so that it lies flat.

floor tile bathrooms fit with pressure, and the glue that appears around the edges, you need to immediately clean up, so he did not have time to dry.In this way it fits all floor tiles for the bathroom or toilet.

all stages of work, you can trace the photo, and then repeat with your own hands.

Laying floor tiles

Laying tiles on the wall

Repair walls bathrooms also begins with alignment.It is necessary to remove the old paint, glue and accumulated at the bottom of the dirt and dust.

After that walls covered with primer - it is better to choose a large particulate material asit will provide better adhesion with tiles.During the repair of the walls, use the video to make things right.

Once the wall is dry, you can start laying open tiles.The most important thing here is the first number - on it you will dub all the others, so you need to put it exactly and accurately.

Lay the tiles do not close, and a short distance from each other - they attain to the level the thickness of the seam between the tiles.


If you do not plan to repair the floor in the bathroom or toilet, and only want to change the wall tiles, the laying of the series will have to start with 2 or 3 rows and the floor laid and fitted cut to size material.

If the bottom of the walls are any communication, it also need to start laying with 2 or third row.

In this case, you have to be more careful, becausethese series are much closer to eye level, and inaccurate, you can assume to cover their hands, will be much more noticeable.

Just as flooring, tiles on the walls layout is done with the help of pressure.That is, you must first apply the adhesive with a spatula, and then firmly press the tiles to the wall and remove the edges of the adhesive residue that will appear.

better start packing from the bottom, aseven if something goes wrong, at this level the flaws will be noticeable least.

Check the level of not only finished the series, but several tiles laid in time to correct their position, if it is incorrect (this often happens when you are new and have not done repair their own hands).

between each tile to insert crosses - then the distance between the material becomes smooth.

But do not forget to remove them after the end of stage works, otherwise they get to grips with glue and remove them without removing the cover will not be.

Most likely, you will not be able to complete all the work, even a small toilet in one day, but before the finish, make sure that you have laid out a number of completely cleaned glue and crosses.

The next day you can continue the repair work.

last stage of laying tile - trimming seams.This is done using a solution which is rubbed into the space between the seams.After the mixture was distributed and a little dried out, you need to wipe all cover with a dry cloth.

That's all.Now you know how to lay tile in the bathroom.If you did everything correctly, the cover will look smooth and stylish, and decorate the space, even a small bathroom.

Do not be lazy to contact patterns and photo milestones before you start working, it is far easier just to do it right than to redo the entire coating, spending their money, time and effort.