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August 12, 2017 18:06

Clean the carpet at home

Clean the carpet at home

Periodic cleaning of carpet - required condition of its operation.The careful use and need regular cleaning all interior items.A carpet - especially.

from prudent landlord relationship depends on how long it will last.

This material maloprityazatelen.But over time, typing in a pile of dust and appeared spilled coffee or juice stains, spoil the view of the carpet floor.

If floors are covered with carpet of your home, it is helpful to know a couple of important recommendations for the removal from its surface various contaminants.

Carpet Cleaning is possible without specialized care.There are many options as to purge their own.

For this purpose, easy to use baking soda or vinegar solution to rotary and dry cleaning, and you can take an ordinary powder.


  • Simple methods to clean the carpet material
  • Folk detergent carpet
  • home Specific cleaning carpet in the office

Simple methods to clean the carpet material

first method - wet cleaning of carpeting in the homeconditions.They enjoyed the majority of hostesses because to do wet cleaning is faster and safer.

In fact, with this method of arming a special powder or shampoo, a soft brush and water.
Getting such an option of cleaning, it is necessary to remove the dirt from the carpet and vacuumed debris.

Only then the detergent is applied, which is gently rubbed into the surface of the brush, and then clean water.When the carpet is dry, it is vacuumed again.

Wet cleaning

If carpet with pile of natural raw materials, by the wet cleaning approach with caution.The pile may appear free of wet mold, which is fraught with the emergence of unpleasant putrid odor.

Deciding to apply a simple way to wet cleaning, pre-read the instruction detergent.There is a possibility that it is not intended for cleaning your carpet.

Clean artificial turf conducted only once a month, frequent use of chemicals can cause irreparable material defect - damaged shielding, resulting in rapid wear of the flooring.

second way - cleaning carpet dry method.This option is the most effective cleaning.Powder removes dirt from the carpet by 85 percent.

Cleaning powder

The main advantage of the method - no dampness, because here come from the dry cleaners carpet.This method uses no less demand than wet.

is most commonly used powder on the carpet if only a few spots.

first step when applied dry cleaning carpet at home - carefully vacuum the carpet of debris.Next, pour in the powder contaminated sites, brush rubbing it into the carpet fluff.

particles to the cleaning composition is completely absorbed the accumulated dirt, it is necessary to pour them even layer and leave the dry powder on the carpet for a few hours.

If stubborn stains, then dry composition should act even 3:00.After waiting this time, vacuumed again.

cleaning carpet vacuuming - this is the third way to get rid of dirt.If the hostess uses only familiar to her vacuum cleaner, then a cleaning should be carried out more frequently - every three to four days.


If carpet vacuum cleaner less, it will be harder to clean it, because dirt tends to be absorbed into the material.As a result of carpet will last less time than it could.

A carpet lift from the floor to shake off his rubbish on the street - a laborious process.

to pass a vacuum cleaner on carpet with clipped eyelets need nozzle with a stiff brush.Hard bristles penetrate deep into the pile and remove dust from it precipitated.

order on the surface of the band did not appear again in the direction of the nap vacuumed.

When the carpet pile high and soft, consists of tabs, use the standard nozzle, which will not damage the fiber.

fourth method - carpet cleaning foam at home.It is something between dry and wet.Cleaning carpet is ideal for data by eliminating small spots.

special agent sprayed aerosol, which has the name "dry foam".

first by the vacuum cleaner from the surface of the visible dust is removed, and then a portion of the carpet flyblown applied foam.Timeout desired effect - for half an hour.

When the foam penetrates into the fiber structure, pushing out the dirt, you need to additionally vacuumed carpet.


Folk detergent carpet

home should be borne in mind that the easier to remove from a carpet stain when it is still fresh, not withered.

If the house finished intended for washing of carpets powders, it is possible to get rid of dark drops on the mat traditional methods.But first you need to blot the stain manifested paper.

spots appearing on sweets - berries, jam or juice, completely remove the powdered citric acid.She sprinkled onto a lightly dampened stain and is valid for 5 minutes.Then acid residues are cleaned with a damp cloth.

Perform cleaning floor with vinegar - also simply and effectively.Diluted acetic acid water perfectly deduces stains from coffee and wine.

to this mess the place is wiped solution.You do not need much to wet the surface of the carpet - can cause unpleasant smell of dampness.

From tea can get rid of traces of the use of ammonia.A good soak up the grease catches salt.

After she cleaned section is wiped with soapy water, then dry cloth to clean the carpet with excessive moisture.

easy to clean soiled carpet places can soda.Normal food to cope with this task easy.

Soda is able not only to eliminate a variety of stains, but also to return the carpet a new kind of like when you buy.

Since the degree of contamination may be different, the two options are soda carpet cleaning.

can make a solution of baking soda and water, or dispense only soda powder.

Wet cleaning requires a preliminary cleaning lint cleaner.When visible contamination are eliminated, prepare a special solution.In 5 liters of water takes half a glass of soda.

Soda Carpet

resulting consistency is poured into a spray bottle.Then the solution is sprayed onto the carpet.Half an hour later made vacuum cleaning.The method is unique because it eliminates musty odors in addition to stains.

And when soda is not diluted with water, well removed the dirt from malozagryaznennyh areas.Soda scatter in the dirt ground and gently rubbed into the villi.

The fact that soda is absorbed dust, will testify to the change of its light color on a dark color.

Cleaning carpet this means there is approximately one hour, and then the ash is removed from the pile with a vacuum cleaner.

specific carpet cleaning office

Office carpet and eventually loses Appearance: track treads remain spots and stains.Cleaning of carpet in the office on their own - not the right solution.

conduct regular cleaning of carpets in the workplace can not be.A spot for which will have to take at least a year after the use of carpet, much vedu in the pile.

best option - a special professional cleaning machine.To do this, at the offices of used rotary machines, whose work is based on the rotation of the disk - holder nozzles.

These machines are equipped with brushes for cleaning hard and soft pile, paroderzhatelyami that cover the carpet protective structure, and the tank containing the detergent.

Cleaning of carpet in the office is done with the help of low-speed rotating machinery.High technology is already clean floor coverings and stone floors.

Professional cleaning does not last more than an hour.

process can be represented in the following stages:

  • Determination of the material from which made the carpet and the floor underneath to correctly choose the cleaning composition and the concentration of its components;
  • long and thorough cleaning of the carpet dry method, ie carpet vacuumed powerful machine;
  • on conspicuous dirt deposited specialized cleanser that will not damage the quality of the material and perfectly displays the available spots.This professional treatment pile kills microorganisms settled inside the villi;
  • particularly stubborn stains remove extractor machine;
  • then use rotary technology, the armed multitude of brushes and nozzles.These tools machine clean out lint from dust and dirt, and dust mites are evicted from there;
  • carpet that you just cleaned, dried while a special device.

As a result, office carpet passes the maximum cleaning and disinfection.On top of the purified material is coated with a protective layer, which does not allow the dust to settle inside the pile.

This ensures that long carpet will lie on the floor in perfect condition until the next professional cleaning.