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August 12, 2017 18:06

The configuration of the stairs to give his own hands

The configuration of the stairs to give his own hands

location and configuration of the stairs to give to think through the initial phase of construction with their own hands.

Advance design ensures correct calculations, the correct location of the landing and maximum protection against weather conditions.

ladder outdoor street is virtually identical to the one that connects the floors inside the house.But its construction suitable way, because it will have to withstand all the vicissitudes of the weather.

Therefore, there are special requirements to the outside stairs leading to the second floor - strength and durability.

thoroughly considered and strong concrete products.However, very popular during the construction of the house is the construction of structures made of wood and metal.


  • stairs leading to the house from the street
  • steps of outdoor stairs
  • Functions street stairs
  • Types of stairs, on the basis of the material used
  • How to make reinforced concrete stairs
  • wooden structuresstairs

stairs leading to the house from the street

Go to the second floor of the house as possible and through the house and out.This is especially convenient when the house is full of guests, and I want to be alone and quietly leave.

And is it possible to reduce the distance to the rooms located on the second floor.

Plus additional external staircase can be a quick exit to the street in case of fire or other emergency.

stair landings outside on the second floor often made of metal.

They can withstand any weather whim and do not feel any stress.

Also, they do not need training grounds and not putting pressure on him.It is important to make it safe for the descent.

A good choice is a spiral staircase made of metal, whose steps are not smooth, but with a relief or perforation.

In order to avoid the risk of slipping, constructing a steel structure with rubber or polyurethane.

logical to build outdoor stairs to the second floor on the side of the house.So ladder complex will not be in full view of passers-by.the second floor is better to close doors with a key.

Outdoor stairs

steps of outdoor stairs

Staircase - is the front part of the building, so it should attract the attention of its beauty.

matters and material and lining.Stairs can be built out of wood, metal or brick.Indispensable in this case is called concrete.

Concrete steps, guides on the street on the second floor of the house, look monumental and do not raise doubts about the reliability.

Their surface is lined with tiles, decorated with natural stone or wood.

sleek appearance will give a large stage with a wrought-iron fences.

However, concrete steps are different time-consuming manufacturing process.

After pouring concrete into the prepared mold, have to wait for the hardening mixture, and a certain time not to use already made staircase rising to the first floor.

decoration decorative element also takes a lot of time.But all these challenges overlap one advantage - concrete material is durable.

only hold a look at these photos, which shows the beautiful architecture.The trick of these structures - a great addition outdoor stairs at home.


Functions street stairs

direct connection to the street the house is very useful on the farm.

There are several types of stairs, depending on their purpose:

  • porch or entrance level - the most common option.When the area is at an angle, it is possible to build a flight of stairs;
  • Merge upper ladder platform with a veranda at home;
  • ladder at home with a high plinth;
  • rise from the street to the second floor for an additional exit from inside the house;
  • Stairs in a house with two floors, not communicating with each other;
  • Staircase construction of the second floor for fire evacuation;
  • ladder from the street to the attic, the passage through which takes less time than the passage through the House.

types of street stairs in the form:

  1. Average vertical position for an instant pass upward;
  2. spiral spiral staircase that can save space and to embellish the interior;
  3. marching straight or curved design, rising at an angle from the wall, perpendicular or synchronously;
  4. Garden stage on the side (where the rough hilly land) - rammed into the side, resting on the ground and compressed speakers that stick to the side-walls.


Of these types of growing demand is a spiral staircase.The shape of its steps is changed from rectangular to trapezoidal.However

screw design requires a lot of effort during installation only when following all the rules of construction it will comfortable and immaculate.

much easier and faster than wooden spiral staircase, steel set screw.

Types of stairs, on the basis of the material used

simple concrete staircase design as can be clearly seen in the photo, stable and solid, characterized by insensitivity to the negative influences of weather.

Durable reinforcement cage increases the reliability of the stairs many times.

ladder made of reinforced concrete can be constructed with their own hands, pouring the prepared solution in the formwork with a fixed armature.

In compacted soil is allowed to pour concrete without reinforcement.

Building a ladder also involves the use of ready-made blocks.

ladder made of ceramic bricks - the best option.It is installed on a concrete foundation or sand and gravel bottom.

For facing steps with their own hands take the ordinary or clinker bricks, since this material is intended to cover the tracks.

happens that when laying brick blocks appear difficulties - namely hard to close have brick blocks, without going beyond the desired size.

Stairs made ​​of bricks

therefore recommend to arm brick custom size that just distinguishes clinker.

metal model pose on the street as often as concrete.Metal absolutely does not limit you in any kind whatsoever design ideas.

Building staircases made of metal and is actively conducted for premium-class homes, and for a modest suburban buildings.

the most part, the metal becomes the raw material for the construction of commercial, emergency and additional ladders.

They are welded and installed via valves and parts, tubes and profiles.By working with welding, check the quality of welds.

To appear rust, metal stage are advised to paint.Railing a staircase made of wood or plastic.

forged metal model very persistent, so it lasts a long time.They are distinguished by their exceptional and attractive form, though expensive and look more massive.

example of such a ladder on the photo.

Metal stairs

Wooden outdoor stairs also liked most of the owners of summer cottages.Mainly they parked in a log home.To preserve the original appearance and protection from degradation, wooden steps, when completed construction covered with antiseptic and paint.During ladder devices the wood is treated with flame retardant agent.

How to make reinforced concrete stairs

Because reinforced concrete structures are more in demand, will consider how to make a ladder in the country of reinforced concrete.

This process of building your own hands can be described in six stages:

  1. first create the formwork by preparing bars and planks, nails and plywood.The latter material must be moistureproof, a thickness of 2 to 2.5 cm. Boards and plywood boards are nailed to the bars.When the device casing must be controlled, if the voids and cracks appear.It can be done in two ways.The first - at once the concrete is poured solid frame.Second - filled each stage separately;
  2. Down formwork poured drainage, ie brick chips and gravel in the proportions of one to one.Then formwork slightly moistened with water;
  3. Creating reinforced support.The steel frame is put into the mold before pouring the concrete.The rods 1 cm in diameter is drawn along the length of the flight of stairs, and bonded together by welding or wire.To strengthen the ladder is suitable reinforced mesh with a mesh size of 15 to 15 cm is recommended to protect the edges of the steps from the destruction of the transverse reinforcement.;Concrete
  4. solution is prepared in a concrete mixer, mixing of cement, sand and gravel in a ratio of 1: 3: 3.The resulting consistency should be thick.Then proceed to the most pouring concrete;
  5. After concreting one stage, wait out 5-10 minutes to the pressure of the final stage was held better.Steps smooth suitable tool;
  6. Formwork was removed after 2 days.And only then should start decorating.Reinforced concrete staircase will look beautiful if it oblitsevat natural stone, ceramic tiles or wood.


wooden stairs construction

sometimes build on the second floor over the years, and the construction of outdoor stairs will take quite a while.

In such a situation it is better to do the easiest climb to the second floor.On the string, in a few steps, wooden stairs will be a great way out.

When will construction will require two long boards and boards for the string of stages.Tread connected to withs using timbers, fastened inside.

more reliability, this ladder will not please, expose it to severe stress is not worth it.

However, the wooden staircase - a favorite solution to most gardeners.

began building the stairs with his hands, it is necessary to determine its height.

This figure is divided by the height of the stage (16-22sm) to get the total number of stages.

And in order to determine the length of the staircase, you must average depth of the tread (25 cm) multiplied by the number of steps.

To make street wooden steps, we need board 30-60 mm thick.For substep selected board 2.5 cm.

to create stringers needed timber, its thickness is 6 cm. After cooking, all the elements are assembled ladder.

To make it easier and better navigate the construction of the stairs with his hands, check the following circuit in the image.


They give a complete picture of how to start and finish the construction of outdoor stairs with his hands without unnecessary hassle and nerves.