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August 12, 2017 18:06

Logs for the floor with their hands

device is solid and flat floor - one of the most important issues when building a house or making repairs in the apartment.The choice of opportunities for home owners in our time - a considerable one.The sale represented a very wide range of very different construction mixtures mineral or synthetic base, allowing to quickly and accurately enough to fill a flat surface, or which serve as the basis for the flooring of any finishing coat, or she will act as a floor.However, many owners prefer to do all the floors for centuries proven technology - with mounting plank or other coatings on the joists.

Logs for the floor with their hands

Laghi floor with their hands

Of course, modern technology has also affected this type of flooring, however, basic principles of the device remain unchanged, probably for centuries.That simplicity and reliability make a similar design and is extremely popular in our time.And very importantly - joists for the floor with his hands to do and put probably any handyman, if show the accuracy and care to follow the instructions to mobilize their skills and will have a high-quality material and the necessary work and test

tool .

What is the lag, and the benefits of their use

Article Contents

  • 1 What is the lag, and the benefits of their use
  • 2 Material for lag-section, step and direction of laying
  • 3 Installation lag on the first floor of a private house "on the ground»
    • 3.1 Video: insulated floor on joists in a frame house
  • 4 Installation lag on a concrete foundation
    • 4.1 lag systeminsulated floor on the U-shaped brackets
    • 4.2 Installation log on threaded stud stand-
    • 4.3 Video: installation of controlled lag system

First of all, what is the lag?This - transverse beams that serve as the basis for attaching them to the boards or other floor covering sheet material.The traditional material for the lag has always been wood, but construction techniques and allow the use of metal, concrete or plastic parts.However, it is rather an exception to the rule, and within this article lag is not made of wood will not be considered.

Traditional material for lag - wooden beam

traditional material for lag - wooden beams

design wooden lag, too, is different.Preferred to use, of course, "expelled" to the desired size of a flat wooden beam - with him, and the assembly, and exhibiting the required level much easier.You can also use boards, putting them on edge and, if needed, by typing the desired thickness of the lag of several connected together details. in some cases, the builders used to make more profitable balo to a ruglyak, however, it will require obtёsyvaniya its minimum one hand - for a snug fit of the boards or slats kontrobreshetki .

Make the logs from logs, but need good carpentry skills

Make logs from logs, but need good carpentry skills

Wood may have lost in something of a cement coating, but, nevertheless , floor construction on joists gives many significant advantages:

  • First of all, at the same height lifting floor construction with concrete joists is incomparably easier, even if applied lightweight compositions with insulating fillers.
  • With proper assembly floor on joists obtained ventilated, which is very important for the preservation of the flooring.
  • between the joists are very easy to place the hidden communication - pipes or wiring.In case of need to access them for the prevention or elimination of the accident - much easier.
Cables laid between the joists

cables laid between joists

  • Presence of communications did not prevent to conduct an effective insulation of the floor - a niche between logs "they ask themselves" to ensure that they put in a thermal insulation material.
Sex on joists can be easily warming

floor on joists can be easily warming

  • With lag is a snap to align a perfect horizontal floors even quite significant differences of level.In this case (in contrast to the concrete floor) material consumption hardly increases.
Paul easily leveled even with very strong differences of the level of

Gender easily leveled even with very strong differences of the level

  • addition to insulating qualities on floor joists have a much more effective shumopogloshcheniem .
  • Laghi very evenly distribute and transmit static and dynamic loads on the base.The apparent simplicity of the design does not reduce the strength properties created sex.
  • floor on joists easier to repair - rather, after dismantling the cover, if necessary, simply replace the damaged details.
  • design with lags, by and large account , can be used for practically all types of flooring - it can be not only a tree or any web material, or, subject to appropriate technology, even ceramic tile.
Electric and water heated floors on joists

electric and water floor heating on joists

  • floors on joists often criticized the fact that they do not "fit together" with water or resistive heating systems.However, currently developed technologies to organize such a coating any of systems warm floor - resistive, infrared or hot water heating circuit.

myadefault How to create a mini-storage in a flat?

At high altitudes above the base of the wooden floor, for example, on the balcony, this space can be useful and economic purposes.

Read about it in an article, devoted to issues such as making cellar on the balcony .

Material for lag , cross section, step and direction laying

As already mentioned, the best timber for the manufacture of a timber log, sliced ​​on the special equipment to exact size - width and height.Usually used for this purpose are not too expensive wood - pine, spruce, fir .Very good performance and durability of larch shows, but it details will already cost considerably more expensive.

For lag does not necessarily choose the highest timber or first grade - will be quite enough of the second.For third-beams, with a lot of knots, should be treated with a very high degree of caution: still lags - a carrier member, and even if not appearance, but the quality of the strength they need to be on top.Not allowed cracks, rotten, bruised places - such lags will last a long time.

Particular attention geometric accuracy of workpieces - warped, twisted, curved beams will be very difficult to put on the same level.

best option - if the timber has passed the drying on specialized lines, and their residual humidity does not exceed 12%.However, such material and the house will need to create the appropriate storage conditions prior to installation.Bars with a moisture content of more than 15 ÷ 18% mount is not necessary - they can warp in the final drying, often leads to the total deformation of the structure, the appearance on the floor of unstable areas, scratches and the like .

timber sizes are important

timber sizes are important

usually lag board for pick out of proportion, that the height is equal to one and a half parts ÷ two its thickness.

h = 1.5 ÷ 2 × a

Yet, « from which to begin to dance?"What concrete beam cross-section is required in a given situation?There are several criteria required to evaluate.

  • If you intend to mount the lag boardwalk finish flooring, then start be likely, with beams layout planning.The fact that the wooden floor according to the rules laid down so that the seams between the planks are parallel to the direction of natural lighting.Thus, the location of the lag in the neighboring rooms may vary:
The position lag and the floorboards relative to the source of natural lighting

Position lag and the floorboards relative to the source of natural lighting

Scheme symbols shown:

1 - wall building.

2 - entrance doors to the premises.

3 - windows and the direction of the flow of natural light (broad arrows pink )

4 - lags.As can be seen, their direction can vary.

5 - floorboard finish coating, always stacked perpendicular to the joists.

if the planned installation on logs of sheet material, as a basis for the subsequent topcoat, the key importance of the location of the orientation of the lag will not have.

  • next question - you need to decide how much lag is required for each room.In other words, you must decide on the steps to install them (the distance between two adjacent parallel joists).

This parameter depends on the thickness of the board, which will be used for mounting the finishing flooring.There certain standards, which are shown with a downstream table:

planned thickness of the floorboards 20mm 24mm 30mm 35mm 40mm 45 mm 50mm
distance between joists 300 mm 400 mm 500 mm 600 mm 700 mm 800 mm 1000 mm

Knowing what material will be used for floors, composed on the basis of easy installation schemes will calculate the amount needed lag and the exact distance between them.Step definitely, most likely, will be expressed not round number, but to round it will be possible only in the smaller side.If necessary, the walls of the joists is acceptable and put in smaller increments - structural strength only benefit from this.

  • now possible to identify and cross-section beam.The main criterion for evaluation when installing the floor in a private home, without a concrete base - the distance between the points of support - that is, the length of the span lags.

span length 2000 mm 3000 mm 4000 mm 5000 mm 6000 mm
beam cross section to Fight lags 110 ×60 mm 150 × 80 mm 180 × 100 mm 200 × 150 mm 220 × 180 mm

As can be seen, the beam cross-section is directly proportional to the length of flight, and sometimes reaches very significant values.For large size of the room may require a very powerful beam, and this weighting structure, and a significant increase in timber costs.

Logs with intermediate supports - columns

Laghi with intermediate supports - columns

Therefore, for large spans often practice the installation of additional supports, for example, brick columns.This helps a lot to reduce the required cross-section of a log:

distance between the centers of the support columns 2000 mm 1500 mm 1200 mm 1000 mm
cross-section timber forlags 110 × 60 mm 100 × 50 mm 90 × 50 mm 80 × 50 mm

shown in tables cross sections are minimal, and may vary, but in a big way.For example, it happens that the need to increase the height of the most lags .This happens when you need to make high-quality thermal insulation of the floor, and then , planned to blow a thick layer of insulation.The height of the lugs for construction, collected on the basis of rough and finish floor (scheme such sex shows and painted somewhat below the text), in this case be summarized from the thickness of the cranial bar, rolling (planks rough floor ),insulation material and the ventilation gap.But at the same time the width of the logs remains table.

For lag , which are installed on a concrete base, directly at him or at the desk (the pad) with a pitch between about 500 mm, such cross-section is required.There is enough timber of 50 mm, and height thickness is determined depending on the desired height lifting surface (there is a limit - not less than 40 mm).The main thing - to choose the right step for than mentioned above.

To end the issue with the selection and preparation of the material, it should be mentioned about another one important point.The fact that the timber as a natural organic material susceptible to degradation with time - it could start to dry, rot truhlyavet.In addition, wood is a favorite breeding ground for a number of «representatives» microflora (mold, fungi, bacteria), insects, and even rodents.Thus, to ensure the longevity of the floor structure and its components must undergo special treatment.

Antiseptic impregnation of the combined action

Antiseptic impregnation combined action

To do this, there are many ready-made formulations.Many of them, for example, is very popular among builders « Pirilaks », combine the dual function.In addition to giving wood antiseptic qualities and treatment of existing biological lesions, they dramatically increase its fire, because they contain in their composition retardants .

treatment is carried out after preparation of the composition to the desired consistency (often - it is realized already ready for use).Apply the impregnation can be brush, aerosol spray, and small details - a dip in container with solution.The approximate minimum SUPPLIES qq To only antiseptic treatment to hold forth - about 100 ml / m² square billet surface.It is recommended to double the processing - the first layer to dry and allow to soak (at positive air temperatures is takes about an hour), and then repeat the process.

Timber after treatment

timber after

processing wood to make fire-resistant qualities expressed, in the processing flow is increased to about 180 ÷ 280 ml / m², and the required flow is provided with several layers of coating.An increase in flow rate to 400 ml / m² ( also , layers) makes wood retardant - G1 fire resistance class, flame propagation - RP 1 , smoke - D2.

Before processing boards to lag they must be cleaned of dirt and dust, lime, paint, etc .It makes no sense to handle unseasoned wood - firstly, the structure itself is very poorly absorbed, and secondly, which interrupts the normal process of natural drying of the material.Maximum allowable humidity prior to treatment - 25%, although this extreme level of processing quality will not be so.

Setting Private lag on the first floor of the house "for ground »

term "ground" is not uncommon, but it should be understood that, of course, the overwhelming number of cases the lag in any way with the ground surfaceare not in contact.They can be attached to the beam of the lower rim, by means of connecting metal pieces or cuttings.

Fixing lag to the beams tying the corners

Fixing lag to the beams tying the corners

Another option - logs stacked on the ends of the foundation tape or raft foundation.This certainly laid a layer of waterproofing.Usually used for this purpose roofing.If it is less than 3 mm thick, it should be put in two layers.