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August 12, 2017 18:06

Leveling the floor with their hands plywood

Leveling the floor with their hands plywood

Quality floor - it's not just the installation of beautiful and durable finish.

necessary to prepare for it properly base, which can be done in two ways: plywood floor alignment or "wet screed".

Each of them has its own advantages, but the most popular method was the first amateur to do everything with their own hands.

screed plywood comes in two types:

  • Bound - is a single with the base unit;
  • floating - not connected to the base.

In the first case, plywood attached to the base using fixing screws or nails.

second sheets often placed on the joists and connect with them.


Now everything in detail.


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Basic cooking

start leveling the floor with the help of plywood you need a collection of material.

markets offer a lot of its varieties, which differ in their properties and characteristics, price range, purpose, etc.

main selection criterion -.. Water resistance, which is one of the four classes.

The most expensive of them, FOF, widely used in industry, three other (FB, FC and FSF) - the choice of private builders.All of them are ideal for flooring.

most rain - WBP plywood, but it can begin to release toxic substances when a sudden change in ambient operating conditions.

less toxic and acceptable for the price - Class FC, is most prevalent when the alignment is performed plywood floor with his hands.

also divided into four different grades of plywood, which are marked with numbers 1-4.

As the finishing flooring is often used plywood first grade, as it has no surface defects.Its enough sanded and varnished.

For subfloor perfect plywood grades 2 or 3.

was widely alignment plywood floor without lag, does not require much effort and time-consuming preparatory work.

This installation technique saves time, but it requires that the base has been pre-aligned.

There are two ways of fastening sheets:

  • glue;
  • Regulated by.

In the first case, a sheet of plywood fastened to the adhesive solution.It is good, when the base has no significant height differences on the floor already applied screed.However

start work only when you need a little moisture ties.


To determine a small part of the floor lay a sheet of film and pressed bars.

If a polyethylene did not appear condensate - you can start installation.The second method is more laborious, complicated and rarely used.

most common variant - the alignment of a wood floor with plywood on the adjustment bar.

It is performed by the installation of wooden blocks underneath and involves stacking the sheets in two layers.A first layer about 2 mm thick, and the second may be a little thinner.

technology of this type to withstand high loads.

particularly popular leveling floor under the laminate veneer.

It does not interfere with the natural ventilated and vapor resistance, significantly reducing the negative effects of moisture on expensive coating.

Tips in

Before the alignment of the old floor with plywood, you must buy all the necessary building material and prepare tools (jigsaw, level, drawing equipment and so on. N.).

Consider two types of base:

  1. boardwalk;
  2. Concrete.

Alignment plywood plank floor possible in several ways:

  • without lag installation;With the arrangement
  • belt supports;
  • on joists.

first method described above.Plywood is attached to a surface using the adhesive composition.


second method - a more time-consuming.It involves the installation of plywood on the self-regulating tape support.

For their manufacturing pins, one hand, they are screwed to the floor.Then, over the wound a few nuts and washers - they will serve as stops for the sheet.

set the desired number of pins on the entire area, plywood laid over and wrench set desired level.

third method - one of the most common and is used in those where rough surface has various irregularities.

First floor joists are installed and fastened on top of the plywood.

If necessary alignment of the concrete floor with plywood, the base must be well prepared.

Any irregularities will be the cause of creaking, will reduce the service life of the finish.

The two most common methods for laying sheets of plywood on concrete base:

  • glue;
  • on logs.

answer to the question what should be the thickness of plywood for floor leveling definitely not be given.

It depends largely on the grounds of quality and loads to be provided on the floor.

Best option - to use a sheet with a thickness of 16 to 20 mm.


If the layer is more than 20 mm - veneer stack of two layers (the bottom should be thicker than the surface).


services for those who do not want to mess yourself and wasting time, it is suggested to hire a construction crew.

proposed market price of plywood floor leveling - at about 5.e. per square.

Preparing a plywood base under the laminate will cost a bit more expensive - from 10 at.e.