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August 12, 2017 18:06

Competent design corner kitchen in the Khrushchev

Competent design corner kitchen in the Khrushchev

Corner kitchen Khrushchev seems uncomfortable and unattractive, but if you choose a competent design, you can make it completely functional, and thus converted into a decoration throughout the apartment, where with great pleasure will meet the hosts and guests.

The main problem in the Khrushchev cuisine is not inconvenient location, and a small space where physically difficult to place all the necessary furniture and equipment, as well as to accommodate all family members.

Occasionally problems added another and equipping the gas column, you need to somehow hide.

All these problems and to decide the design, whose mission - to share, at least visually, in the kitchen area where there is a place for a quiet dinner, and for making it.

From the article, you'll learn how to best use the space of the kitchen equipped with a gas stove, as well as how to choose the design that will be able to visually enlarge the room and make the kitchen even more spacious appearance.

Kitchen furniture

One of the most suitable options for the installation of kitchen units to the kitchen in hreschevke - corner version, ie,Corner building, which occupies the entire non-functional at first glance, the wall (see photo as it looks).


Plus this arrangement is that youyou can be placed on the two walls with all the necessary household appliances, as well as cutting tables and cabinets for dishes.

Thus, the central kitchen area is not cluttered, and it will be convenient to move around on it.

The main emphasis in the working kitchen area to do a triangle, where the joints of the walls occur.On the one hand you can place the sink, on the other - a cutting table, and set on top of cupboards.

With this layout on the sides you still have room, where it will be possible to install the necessary equipment - stove and refrigerator (and some even manage to squeeze a small space kitchen washing machine).

It is important that one of the working area was near the wall with window - this is where you can place all the most important thing - the work surface, sink, ie,those things that are used in the kitchen all the time.

countertops desired size you can make to order, make it in the end to give you enough space to work.

Look at the photo options before you start to choose furniture for your kitchen.


Since the wall length can vary, youIt may not be easy to pick up a room the size of a ready-made cuisine - in this case it is better to do it in order.

Custom furniture fit in the case, if you want to draw their own sketch of the future design - then the wizard will do everything in your size and in accordance with your wishes.

The small kitchen is important every centimeter of space, so do not make the countertop crockery and other kitchen utensils - it will create confusion and make the room a little, and untidy.

Instead, use a sufficient number of lockers hinged with comfortable shelves, drawer, drawers, etc., so that you can hide all unnecessary.

Kitchen sets to make the most of Khrushchev to order to, firstly, take into account all the needs of owners of apartments, and, secondly, to make furniture the most functional and inconspicuous.

When ordering, choose the best style of minimalism or hi-tech, and avoid too pompous and big furniture that clutter up the whole room.

By the way, you will be able to close and kitchen equipment gas column on the wall.

Another possibility to visually enlarge the space - to use a coating with a glossy or smooth surface - these can be a dining table or work surface kitchen units.

Also avoid contrasts - it is better that the furniture was the same color as the wallpaper and floor, but slightly different shade.

Driving corner Headset

As a dining area in a small kitchen in the Khrushchev is not easy, it is better to use instead of the bar, which is an organic extension of the kitchen units.

This is not only convenient, but also stylish - you can see this by looking photo.The design of the bar depends on you, because it also can be made to order.

example, you can select it with color or with metal elements, which, incidentally, perfectly fit into the design of the high-tech kitchen.

decor and placement techniques

Pile of technology in a small kitchen should be avoided, because any mess will "eat" space, which and so is not a lot.

The slab is best to pick up the tone of the kitchen, so it was, at first, more discreet, and secondly, not distracting from the overall style.

is best for the kitchen in the Khrushchev approach built-in appliances, which can be hidden in the lower cabinets - to do so would have to order, but the result will be much better, and the room will look more attractive at times.

you can see how successfully place the furniture in the kitchen in the photo, and then transfer the ideas in your own room.


Standard refrigerator for a kitchen is not the best idea -it is very cumbersome and takes a lot of space.

There are several alternative options for its placement: if the apartment has a room, you can put it in there, adding in the room and a few shelves, so you can keep it entire stock of home caterer.

You can place it in the hallway, but there is a minus - it is in the Khrushchev also small, so with a fridge looks likely, completely crammed.

best option - to make a kitchen with built-in mini-fridge (as this looks, you can see in the photo), which can be hidden under the table.


This refrigerator can be of any color design, depending on your preferences and food and, in addition to size, it does not yield to the traditional model.

cuisine often Khrushchev equip the gas column - it is an important technique, but not very attractive and often find a place not just for her.

But in fact, to solve this problem is not so difficult - the easiest way to make a hanging locker with false gas column, which is hidden within it.

If you do set to order, just ask to make one of the cupboards empty inside, explaining that there is need to make a niche with a gas column.

With small appliances this is the case the same as the gas column - it is better to hide from the eyes to the room looked neat and free.

Tu technique that you use often, you can and do remove the pantry, so that it did not occupy the space.

not less than the furniture and appliances, the overall look of your kitchen design effect floor and walls.

where the main rule - to avoid too bright, loud colors and color contrasts - they do not just little space and tiny.

is best suited for a small kitchen tranquil pastel colors.

If you want to visually enlarge the space, you can use glossy stretch ceiling - it reflects light and can give the appearance of larger rooms (looks like this design, you can see in the photo).

Glossy ceiling in the kitchen

kitchen floor can be covered with tile or laminate.You can select and design other coatings on the photo.For the floor, you can pick up and dark colors, but try to avoid complex geometric patterns.

But if you still want to patterns were at least somewhere, let them be better on the floor than on the walls.

decorative elements in a small kitchen, too, should not get carried away - try to keep a minimalist style.

Can hang on the wall strict watch, or a small picture on a dining table (if you vse-taki decided to choose it instead of the bar), but avoid placing the walls of shelves with statues and pictures, wall posters and pr. - all this will make the kitchentoo overwrought.

The same can be said about the lighting - it is much less than the better.Best of all would look like false ceilings with built-in lights in order.

Thus, you will be able to illuminate the kitchen, plus change the type of lighting - make it more or less severe depending on the need.

As you can see, a competent design can hide any, seemingly incorrigible kitchen cons Khrushchev, such as the inconvenient layout, equipment room gas heater, small size, etc.


Use photos of design options - so you get original ideas for decorating the kitchen.

is also possible to order the professionals, then your kitchen and all will like the picture in a fashion magazine.