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August 12, 2017 18:06

Sticking windows in winter

Sticking windows in winter

Winter, as is well known - the inevitable phenomenon, and therefore many people, at some point in its approach, overcomes the question - how to seal the windows for the winter.

Needless to say, insulation of windows - a very important point of preparation for the cold, because every owner of any type of property tends to due its coziness and comfort, regardless of the weather, which is raging outside.

It should insulate the window in the first place, because it is through them and leaves just the lion's share of heat.

Naturally, the funds for the installation of new windows fitted with double-glazed windows, are not for everyone, but because insulation of old frames - is the only best solution in this case.

As is known, wood is highly susceptible to moisture, and therefore it is exposed over time warping and fissuring, which in turn promotes the formation of gaps, in which frames are not necessary absolutely.

In addition, not only the timber is subject to change, but the glass and start to move, which invariably leads to the formation of cracks.

often question how to seal the windows, leads to the fact that our fellow citizens are, so to speak, the path of least resistance, gluing listed flaws using paper.

Meanwhile, the decision was not too justified, because the paper is very soon begins to miss the hated cold.

What to do to insulate the window?

For insulation of windows you need to open the two flaps, then inspect their condition carefully.

So, if the sash loosely adjacent to the binding, then the gap on both sides must be to cover, using a soft dough-like lubricant.

As for the glasses, they strengthen, gently hammered cap nails with a hammer.


To ensure maximum thermal insulation, glass is best to pull out of the frame, and then install them again or double putty or oil paint.

Thus, produce welts covering paint (thick layer), and then, without letting it dry out, re-insert the glass in place, and beadings scoring, top inking glasses during recess.

She, in turn, will eliminate all the gaps are.

Often, you can face the fact that the most ideal solution for winter insulation of windows is to use for this purpose extrusions, ieseals, differing by sizes and shapes.

Offers Today you can find a lot, but the best is the choice of polyethylene foam or rubber seals.

The seal windows for the winter?

in how to seal the windows for the winter, many rely on antiquated methods in which, for example, are used for pasting paper windows.

Another way is to use for this purpose, hemp, cloth, foam and cotton wool to plug gaps, after which the joints are sealed using a white cloth with pre-wetting in a soap solution, serving as an adhesive.

used cloth hardly noticeable on the windows, and neither cold nor wind, it does not pass, but with the advent of heat can be removed easily pulled off, pre-moistened with water.

This strip can be used more than once, so after washing and drying, it is possible to remove them before the arrival of the hour.

The main disadvantage of this method is its labor intensity and possible peeling due to temperature changes.


Asked than seal the windows, you can also select an ordinary adhesive tape, often used among hosts.

Meanwhile, it is not very wise too, because, otkleivaya his spring, pull out and you risk a sizable chunk of paint.

use solution for thermal insulation of masking tape is also not too rational, because a month maximum it dries, then the gap will be re-miss in your home wind and cold.

colds celebrated the advent of commercially available self-adhesive foam tape that is inserted between the frames.

This is a small issue that provides the best overlap between the window frame and the frames of slots.

truth here is to guess the value of issue just will not work, and if the foam is not enough, prevent cold it will not, and if it will be a lot, then the frame will not be closed.

That is why this type of insulation is best to use exactly between frames, allowing excellent access to block cold air.

way, the use of this and the previous version with a cloth on the soapy water, allow to protect themselves from the cold with no need to replace old windows with new for many winters.

In addition, moving away from the topic a bit pasting of windows, a good solution is the purchase of a vacuum glass, which does not replace the entire window, but makes it possible to replace the inner glass, thereby itself, allowing to achieve the desired tightness.

can also be set between the heat-reflecting glass polymer film.