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August 12, 2017 18:06

Methods of working out of the furnace device at their own hands

Methods of working out of the furnace device at their own hands

To build an oven at working out his own hands - an economical and a very real way of heating barns, greenhouses, garages.

This oven - a real miracle, the ideal way of heating, since it is not expended resources and used useless waste in the form of waste oil.

device is quite simple, so it can be done even without being a professional.

However, before you start construction, you need to decide on the type of construction, which will depend on the heated space.


  • How does the stove?
  • furnace technology of manufacture of the cylinder
  • furnace technology of manufacture of sheet metal

How does the stove?

furnace at working out is arranged similarly to the pyrolysis furnace with wood.

Burning oil is as follows:

  1. burning vapors with the release of flammable gases;
  2. At high temperature combustion gases formed by burning down.

full oil combustion provides the allocation of low-toxic smoke and high efficiency design.

to ensure complete combustion, the stove must have the following equipment:

  • lower combustion chamber, connected to the tank, a low-temperature and should have a hole (choke) for air circulation and the supply of oil in the ash pit for ignition;
  • average combustion chamber for gas is a perforated pipe, the holes which are designed for air circulation;
  • upper chamber for combustion of residual gas and the smoke is connected to the chimney, bred in the chimney.

drawing furnace device is provided below, and you can see more clearly in the video.

The principle of operation of the furnace

You can also make a drip-type oven, which saves fuel.

For this furnace type device in the combustion chamber to install the impeller, which will stop the burning mixture in the lower chamber, thereby ensuring dropping off the fuel supply.

flue must be a minimum length of 4 m, and the location is strictly vertical.The upper part of the chimney must be protected by the head.

furnace runs as follows: the spent fuel is poured into the lower chamber, where the fuel is heated, and the formed oil vapor entering the pipe-combustible burner and under the influence of oxygen.

Thereafter the gases pass into the upper chamber where they burn out, and the waste products leave the smoke through the chimney.How does the stove, will demonstrate video.


Also, the oven can be equipped with a supercharged or pressure jet.Homemade Oven Supercharged has a higher combustion temperature, but then the furnace body deteriorating rapidly.

Supercharging is provided by automobile or household fan, which is mounted so that the upper furnace chamber was blown.

Blowing miracle furnace by means of an artificial increase in thrust, this is the chimney with a change in position from the middle chamber of the neck is mounted horizontally a long tube, and then - vertical chimney.

This increases the efficiency of heating at the lowest cost.

furnace technology of manufacture of the cylinder

furnace at working out can be made of a gas cylinder, as it has a suitable shape and thickness of the metal guarantees a long service life.

standardized balloon size is suitable for heating up to 90 sq.m.And when you make some changes can be made on working out the oven with a water circuit.

for supplying air into the furnace from the cylinder is not required turbo burner, as fuel is delivered by gravity.Below is a drawing of the structure of the container.

detailed drawings will make high-quality furnace.

Gas bottle for the stove

To work required:

  • gas cylinder 50 liter metal no more than 15 mm thick;
  • sheet material of the fuel tank will be made;
  • chimney with a wall thickness of 2.3 mm;
  • metal pipe;
  • steel corners.

also be required to work:

  • angle grinder;
  • drill;
  • building level, and others.

drawing furnace

First you need to prepare a bottle, eliminating gas residues.Then, from the tank to drain accumulated condensate and rinse well with water several times.Preparing the container should be carried out on the street.

The cylinder is installed in a vertical position and completely filled with water to prevent ignition during welding.

Now you need to make a layout for the cut-off tops.The upper part of the need to make an incision in the Bulgarian, wait for the water to flow to the cut, and then cut off the tip completely.

will cut off the top lid of the fuel tank.Water from the tank should be completely drained.

to the bottom of the cylinder are welded corners 25 cm in height, acting as legs.After that you need at a distance of 10 cm from the top to cut a circular hole for the chimney.

the diameter of the hole should match the size of the nozzle.Pipe is inserted into the hole and joined by welding.

Next to a horizontal pipe should be welded pipe segment vertically 4 m high. After that, the chimney can be displayed on the street.

At the bottom of the container to do the ash pit.For this it is necessary to cut a square hole and install the door.

You can then move on to the lower chamber construction, which is installed on the bottom of the container.

need to manufacture tube 10 cm high and 14 cm in diameter, which bottom is welded.It is imperative to make a tight seal.

cover is made of steel and should have two holes, one in the middle of a diameter of 11 cm, which is welded to the pipe, and the second - at the edge, 7 cm in diameter, which is attached to the air damper.

damper is needed to supply fuel to the camera and to adjust the air supply.In more detail the manufacture of the lower chamber can be viewed on video.


Now you need to pipe the height of which is equal to the height of a cylinder with a diameter of 11 cm is necessary to make one end, and the other - welded to the fuel tank..

Now the entire circumference of the tube bore holes with a diameter of 1 cm for the air intake.The resulting construct inserted into the tank and weld the top cover.

This will serve as the middle of the furnace chamber.By the end of the pipe is welded brewed circular steel plate with a hole, forming an upper chamber.

furnace at working out ready, her work is represented in the video.


If you want to water heating, in addition to all these works, still need to boil the water tank, which must be placed at the top of the cylinder.

And through the tank to let the heated tube, gives off heat the water, which is supplied to the heating system.Manufacturing technology Heating water circuit can be viewed on video.


furnace technology of manufacture of sheet metal

oven on working out of the sheet metal is an increasingly popular option, as it is more compact, lightweight (30 kg) and has a cooking stove on which to warmwater and cook food.

Produce can be several types of stoves, but the working principle is the same.

required to operate the same materials as for the cylinder of the furnace, and others such as:

  • metal sheets 6.4 mm thick;
  • lengths of metal pipe 4 mm thick, 35.2 cm diameter, 10.6 cm in length;
  • tube thickness of 5 mm, a diameter of 34.4 cm, a height of 50 cm;
  • metal corners 3x3 cm and 80x90 cm.

Please prepare a design drawing.The drawing can be done by yourself or find a ready, technology development can be seen in the video.


drawing must show all sizes, according to which the parts are manufactured.The bottom of the combustion chamber is connected to the fuel tank and the tank is round with a cover.

On the cover should be two holes: one - for pouring oil, the other - for a perforated pipe, which is the middle of the furnace chamber.

lower chamber is made of pipes with a diameter of 34.4 cm and a height of 11.5 cm. The bottom of the camera is cut from a sheet of metal, the legs must be done from the corners.

now necessary to make the cover of a pipe diameter of 35.2 cm and a height of 6 cm. One end of this pipe is closed with a piece of metal of the same diameter to be welded.

The middle cut hole cover 10 cm. Near the edge of the second opening is done with a diameter of 6 cm.

Now pipe diameter of 10 cm and a height of 36 cm diameter holes drilled 1 cm uniformly over the entire circumference.The tube is welded at right angles to the lower chamber cover.

On the cover you need to do the choke, which can be bolted.The diameter of the holes for the flap -. 6 cm flap required for oil filling and ignition.

oven on all sides can impose a brick masonry.Masonry of brick provides long heat retention.An example is shown in the photo.

Taxation brick stove

The next step is the production of the top container, which is manufactured similarly to the lower chamber.

This requires a tube diameter of 35.2 cm and a length of 10 cm and two circular metal plate of the same diameter.Close to the edge of the plate intended for the bottom, it is necessary to make a hole with a diameter of 10 cm.

bottom hole need to weld a pipe diameter of 11 cm, which is installed on the perforated chamber.

cover is now for the upper chamber of the metal, 6 mm thick.It is done for the chimney opening opposite the opening in the bottom of the container.

A between the holes welded internal partition to hold the heat.It is necessary to weld the lid stack.Drawing the sheet of metal is provided below the furnace.

general schematic

Homemade Oven made by any means and in the qualitative performance of works will last for years to come and will be a great substitute for wood-fired ovens.