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August 12, 2017 18:06

The original slab fence with his hands

The original slab fence with his hands

Fence from slab - the original building, which will be a wonderful decoration of your holiday home or villa.

reason why many people want to make your fence is made of this material, is, first of all, in its low cost - in comparison with boards, this stuff will cost you almost for free.

Thus all the characteristics of a tree, there is this material: it is durable, environmentally friendly, and looks no worse than any other wood material.

In this article you will learn all the necessary information that will help make the fence slabs.

still get step by step video instructions and pictures see the decor - all this will help you to do at his dacha durable and pleasing the eye fence, which at the same time will cost you very, very cheap.


  • How to work with the material?
  • Installing fence
  • Finish fence

How to work with the material?

itself croaker - the so-called waste, without which no work of any sawmill.

As you already know, on the properties it does not yield to the boards and other wood, and his only weak spot - look.

Since it is not too attractive, it is imperative to process slabs, before using it for the fence.

Processing need each board, so the installation of the fence will take a little more time, however, and significant savings will come.

unedged board

To start pick up the required amount of material.Of course, you will not be able to collect all the boards of the same size, however, it is desirable that they fit into the height of 20-25 cm

If the amount is less, then work with the material to be uncomfortable, and will look unpresentable, and if it is more. -there is a risk that the boards cracked and crack from dryness.

boards must be cleaned of bark, to minimize the risk of rotting material.

This can be done by different tools: ax, adze, sander or just pointed shovel.

easiest to work grinder, and croaker then get better.

After the bark is removed, the material must be thoroughly dry, but first check whether there through holes or other obvious deformities.

This is followed by the main phase of processing slabs - sanding.This is the most labor-intensive process, consuming a lot of time.

After use, be sure to handle antiseptic protective material from insects and other parasites (better handled in two layers).

At this first stage can be considered as completed, and then proceed directly to the installation of the fence slabs.

Installing fence

for supporting pillars of the fence you need, the best wood.

better to buy a ready-treated material with a diameter of about 20 cm. You can take and metal poles, but in this case make a fence will be more difficult due to the heterogeneous material.

If you still want to install a support made of metal, pre-need to cover them with protective mastic corrosion.

Poles for the fence

And if the pillars are made of wood, they should be impregnated by means of mold and water-repellent solution.

before installing a fence to do the layout area to visualize where it will be held.Partitioning is done with the help of pegs and string stretched between them.

depth of pits under the poles should be about 60-70 cm, it is better to drill a special technique.Distance between supports should not be less than 2 m, was resistant to the fence.

bottom wells should be covered with sand cushion of about 20 cm tall (made from a mixture of gravel and sand).

filling between the layers should be necessarily done by pouring the material to better rammed.

When submerged poles need to wrap the roofing material - it will improve its waterproofing properties.

After installing the pits, pillars size should not be less than one and a half meters (preferably from 1.5 to 1.8 meters), they need to be adjusted to the height of the vertical level.

After dipping poles, their locations are filled with grout and leave it for 1-3 days to complete solidification.

After that, you can begin to mount a full slab and create a fence.

fastenings are very diverse: see photos and select the one that suits you best.


Dies slab can be attached horizontally or vertically.The first method is easier, becausein this case the slab is fastened directly to the supports, and hence lags that you will not be needed.

If you are installing a fence on wooden posts, then make everything will be much easier: you have to beat on both sides (left and right) bars on the length of the column and fasten them dies slabs (best suited for mounting screws).

If you decide to mount vertically croaker, you first need to install the joists on which it is mounted.

Attach slabs can also be different.Because the material is non-uniform, it is possible to install it, or leaving gaps or consolidating overlapping, creating a solid wall.

With enough patience, you can make the adjustment of the slab size, but it will take you a very long time, so it is best to use some of the following two installation methods.

Install croaker always "hump" in the yard, and dies start to attach to the inside of the lag, the gap between them should be 45 cm.

Since the structure of the slab inevitably will dry, it is better to mount the material overlaps that of the board came to each other aboutone and a half centimeters.

See photos and video to make the fence slabs with their hands, they will facilitate your work and do all the steps easier to understand.


Finish fence

barrage of slabs, despite the fact that the material has got you to nothing, does not prevent you to turn the fence into a real decoration garden by adding decorative elements.

The easiest way to improve the appearance of slab - paint it.

This fence does not have to be monotonous - you can make a beautiful pattern, or paint it in different colors, at your discretion.

In addition, the material can be covered with varnish or paint - the material not only to make it more beautiful, but also enhance the resistance to attack by parasites.

If you own curly vypilkoy you can handle a fence - so you take a clear difference of material sizes.

however, can not mask the material, but on the contrary, to emphasize its natural texture - this is best to cope glaze paint.

Many homeowners install on top of the fence gable roof - it is not only a decorative element, but also protection from rain and snow, which over time can damage the quality of the fence.

can decorate not only the slab, and the pillars - you can paint them or wrap top trim strip - it will significantly improve the appearance of the entire structure.

If metal can decorate their stone pillars - this stuff looks expensive, and will give your fence elegance and beauty.

If you are in doubt about whether to put a fence of slab given its unattractive appearance - do not worry, with the help of the decor, even this seemingly simple structure can be converted into a real masterpiece.

Use the photo to select ideas for finishing your own fence.


This type of fence is suitable not only for gardenbut also for a country house, asHe has quite tangible benefits over other types of wood.

For example, the structure of the slab will be much better protected against the wind, dust and noise becauseit will turn out much more massive than other types of wood.

If you like the old Russian style, the slab is best suited to create a fence with a similar design - it not only looks strange, but it is also the most environmentally friendly material becausemade of natural untreated wood.

As you can see, the reasons to make a fence made of this material are many, there are different variants of its installation, and the disadvantages it almost does not matter.

So if you like the look of the structure of the slab, do not deny yourself the pleasure to get the same on his site.