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August 12, 2017 18:06

From what and how to do a septic tank for the garden without pumping

From what and how to do a septic tank for the garden without pumping

Many owners of country houses are thinking about how to build a septic tank for the garden without pumping his arms.

As you know, any house, without the equipped and properly functioning sewage system, will not be suitable for life, especially if it is intended for year-round use.

Not long ago, the main element of the sewage system garden was a cesspool, but it requires periodic pumping, and in addition, became a source of odor.

Currently sewage problem can be solved, if you make your own hands to give a septic tank.

It is worth noting that many septic tanks require periodic cleaning and regular maintenance, but in recent years have increasingly collect septic tanks with their own hands to give without pumping.

This structure not only does not need to conduct periodic cleaning, but not the source of odor.

Due to its design features, it provides a type of biological purification and effectively cope with sewage waste, both at home and baths.

Septic without pumping to testify collected by all the rules with his own hands, is able to provide comfortable accommodation in a private home for many years.


  • basic principle of
  • Options arrangement septic
  • preparatory stage of work
  • device septic tank on
  • giving hints and tips

basic principle of

Any septic tank for the garden is designed as aspecific structure which is placed under the layer of soil.

It consists of several containers, which specifically interconnected pipe.

In addition, each container is mandatory should have vents, as well as the most tightly closed by hermetic covers.

Due to sewage pipes that goes from home or baths, in a first container, which has a strong tight bottom tutte waste.

Scheme of the septic tank

Then all these sewer components for some time advocated, resulting cake was gradually going down.

heavy rainfall, being at the bottom, under the influence of certain processes begin to be processed and decompose, thus releasing the gas which is derived through a pre-requisite infrastructure ventilation.

process of decomposition and recycling of sewage waste lasts gradually.

for a certain amount of time the first tank is filled with water and creamed at the time when it reaches the connecting pipe, the liquid begins to flow into the second container.

In the case where the septic tank without pumping only consists of two tanks, then there should be no concrete bottom.Otherwise, the process of decomposition and recycling of sewage waste is repeated again.

fluid, hitting the last container in which instead of the concrete floor is equipped ground over time gradually beginning to seep into the ground.

Thus, after a full cycle of processing of natural sewage waste containers are not filled to the limit and are always ready to accept new liquid waste.

Make your own hands without pumping septic tank can be made of concrete rings, but the most preferred embodiment, the use of cubic look.

Options arrangement septic

To date, there are several different options to make their own hands a quality holiday without septic tank pumping, which will be able to function for a long period of time.

In any case, a septic tank should be constructed only of strong and durable material, the service life of not less than ten years.

Such materials must necessarily withstand high pressure and to effectively counter the effects of water and soil, especially in sub-zero temperatures.

So, one way to do a septic tank without pumping - is to build it out of reinforced concrete.

septic tank pumping device without

In this case, necessarily performed formwork, the perimeter of which is carried out and grouting.

You can also use a more simple way, and to make septic tank pumping without using special concrete rings, which are used for the construction of wells.

design of septic tank may consist of brick, which is placed on the mortar.It should be noted that in recent years is gaining popularity construction of septic tanks of the so-called of cubic.

This method is considered the most optimal and allows in the shortest time frame to arrange practical and effective septic tank without pumping.

use of cubic allows you to win and in economic terms, as the value of this versatile material containers well below various types of concrete structures.

In any case, to build a septic tank with the right approach and can be subject to the standard rules of their own hands.

material for septic tank should be selected based on the characteristics of the soil, as well as the estimated amount of impurities, which will come into it in the course of further operation.

preparatory stage of work

Regardless of the construction of a septic tank and the material used, initially you need to select a place on the territory of the garden.

It should be borne in mind that the sewer device during its operation will strongly affect the site and, consequently, the fact that there is growing.

sewer can not be given a device placed in the vicinity of the aquifer, as in this case, the water in the well will be unfit for human consumption.

also a septic tank can not equip and near the various structures, as it can have a serious impact on the ground, and accordingly, will be eroded and deformed foundation of the house.

should also be properly calculate the estimated volume of the septic tank.It has long been developed certain standards, based on which, you can calculate the volume of the device.


optimal place under septic tank will plot of land, which is located at a distance of not less than one meter from the extensions for household purposes and not less than five meters directly from the house.

Primer within five meters should be busier than ever, and in addition, next to it should not take place underground water.

defined the location and volume of the septic tank, care should be taken to acquire all the necessary materials.

should also prepare all the tools that may be needed for work with their hands.

Experts recommend to make a phased action plan and on the basis of it to carry out all the necessary work.

better if a septic tank at their summer cottage will be equipped out of cubic, but it all depends on the capabilities and preferences of the owners villa.

device septic tank on

testify at the preliminary stage of the project should start preparing their own hands pit.If the use of cubic assumed that a pit dug per each individual container.

When using concrete rings pit is prepared based on the wall thickness of the concrete dimensions of each product.

and using of cubic, and when using the rings, the pit must completely close them and it should be taken into consideration.

Then make a trench to be a sewer pipe that will go from the house to themselves out of cubic containers or concrete rings.


a depth of the trench should be at least one meter and be sure to include a pillow that you can arrange with sand and gravel.

also advisable to equip a waterproofing layer, which prevented emergency cases from entering sewage into the soil.

continue producing the excavation for the installation of cubic or concrete rings.

for cubic have concrete bottom of the pit, and leave space for the subsequent filling of the solution on the sides of each container.Last

capacity should be without a bottom and installed only on a bed of gravel and sand.Similar work should be used and the regeneration of the septic tank of any other materials.

If the planned construction of a septic tank made of bricks, the bottom of the pit to prepare in the same way as for a septic tank or from rings of cubic.

Further around the perimeter of masonry is done in the form of a square, and should take care of the construction of separating walls between each container.

Fill the septic tank cement mortar is made and to the exposed timbering, while at the end of all the work you need to allow time to ensure that the solution is well got up and picked up the fortress.

Tips and tricks

When constructing a septic tank at their summer cottage with his hands, be sure to take care of ventilation windows.

They should ensure the normal discharge of gases that are formed naturally.

addition you must take care about the integrity of the sewer pipe itself, which will go directly from the holiday home to the containers.

Also, each container of a septic tank in the country should build a hatch.It is necessary in the event of an emergency.


In any case, a septic tank must have a solid and reliable design, which will ensure its operation for a long period of time.

To equip a septic tank without pumping in the country in compliance with all requirements and regulations could each.

In this case, the important thing is not to save on building materials and accurately adhere to the works of technology.

Properly Equipped septic ensure the normal functioning of the whole sewer system at their summer cottage.

This device is now a necessity, and makes it possible to create a private home the most comfortable conditions for living large and happy family.