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August 12, 2017 18:06

Creating an artificial pond in the country with their own hands

Creating an artificial pond in the country with their own hands

Creating an artificial pond in the country with their own hands - a great way to make your site a totally unique, unlike any other.

Our advice, we will be able to master the technology of creating this pond and put it into practice.

device is a small oasis of water at his dacha - a fascinating creative process which allows us to derive landscaping on the site to the next level.

The shape and design of the small lake can be arbitrary.


  • Types of artificial reservoirs
  • pond creating technology
    • Site Selection
    • choice of technology
    • Waters of plastic mold
    • Waters of concrete
    • Waters of PVC film
  • Decorating Pond: stonesand plants
    • oxygenators
    • Floating plants
    • Deep plants
    • Naberezhnye plants
  • Pond for fish farming

types of artificial reservoirs

There are several types of artificial reservoirs on the site, do that you will be able to:

  • Falls;
  • fountain;
  • stream;
  • pond;
  • swamp.

Making each of them has its own characteristics, the design of ponds, you can see in the photo below.


Swamp, oddly enough, this is oneof the most beautiful elements of landscape design.

Put in dense vegetation, it will look very natural, as if there was a person there is no effort, but under the influence of natural factors.

main thing - do not forget that the swamp on your site - it is an artificial reservoir, which also needs to be cleaned, as well as a swimming pool.

Landscape design allows for a number of several large and significant elements.

example, you can mix several types of artificial reservoirs in the same complex, if space permits.

pond can become a natural extension of the alpine coaster or a waterfall.

waterfall device only at first glance looks complicated, but in fact - it is very easy, especially if you are in the country not smooth terrain.

Here there are photos of beautiful waterfalls and streams that you can do yourself in your garden.


Separately be said about the pond for the fish,you too can do on the site.

device and its operation is somewhat more complicated, but in addition it is even decorative and practical function.

pond creating technology

Construction of an artificial body of water - a process which is very important to observe the technology.

Get to work in the summer, when the ground water level is reduced (if you plan to deep pond).

Site Selection

First and foremost, choose a suitable place in the garden, where you can make the next pond.Future pond in any case should not be all the time in the sun.

This applies to all water reservoirs in the area - swimming pools, ponds, fountains - the more sun, the faster the water blooms.Therefore, for your future reservoir, choose a place in the semi-shade.

The same applies to the pond for the fish.His cold-blooded inhabitants just do not like the high water temperature.

Another important point - it is better not to have a pond under the fruit trees.Fruits fall in the water will make you clean containers several times more often.

Chose place?The next step - to decide what form the future will be in the pond, thoughtful design and decor.

choice of technology

decorative device pool of different materials is slightly different.As

tank specialists use special container or film.

We'll tell you about the basic technologies that are used in such cases, but if you want as much as possible reduce the cost of production, instead of the forms, you can use any available capacity, the old bath, for example, it will help to significantly reduce the budget invested in the creation of a pond on ingarden cottage.

Photo reservoirs of improvised means you can see below.

So, this is usually made of water bodies in the garden on the plot:

  1. as a material for the base and walls using concrete;
  2. ready krakasy of plastic;
  3. pond PVC film.

Each of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages.Consider each device in detail.

Waters of plastic mold

sturdy plastic container with several tiers, which can be purchased in a specialty store, is placed in a pre-dug hole in the ground.Buried in the ground, so the tank is kept firmly enough.

Then you can decorate the capacity of stone.The edges of the stones have a little hang over the water, so as to completely hide the plastic.

This pond will look quite natural in your garden, and if it is sufficiently deep, it can live ornamental fish.

Design of water bodies, which can make your own, you can see in the photo below.


advantages of this technology is that it is easy to implement in the country on their own.Plastic capacity is not very capricious in operation and does not require special care.

Waters of concrete

This technology is considered to be traditional for our country.

In order to make such a container in his garden, first dug pit depth and width desired, and then take one of the 400 concrete brand, two parts coarse sand and three parts gravel and prepare a mixture.

first mixture is poured the bottom, and then build walls 12-14 cm thick.For concrete walls using wooden formwork.

device concrete bowl - enough time-consuming process, however, and it has a number of advantages.Firstly, the resistance to thermal shock, and secondly, to the mechanical impact resistance.

2 weeks after concrete pouring container frame filled with water for the first time.If everything is in order, you can make the ground, plant the plants, and so on. D. This pond is also suitable for fish farming.See photo below.


Waters of PVC film

PVC film - is the most effective, durable, and versatile way to make a pond ingarden.The creation of artificial water bodies in such a way - a great way to decorate your garden without the high cost.

Despite the apparent fragility of this material is sufficiently durable and 100% waterproof.

Cope with such a task even a novice will be able to on your site, as work with the film is easy enough, and this is its great advantage.This can be seen in the photo below.


In addition, thanks to the soft form of the film of the pond on your property can be any, do not limit your imagination.You can make a pond that is not like anything.

decorating the pond: the stones and plants

artificial pond with his hands - it's not only the construction but also the design - the next stage, to which we pass, when all construction work performed.

None of the pond will not look complete without dense vegetation along its shores and directly in the water.

Design - the most pleasant phase of its small lake, because here you can use your imagination to the full.Below is a photo of a broad array of oases created by their own hands in the country.

plants that decorate the artificial ponds in the country can be divided into two types: embankments, plant-oxygenators, deep and floating.


The main types of plant-oxygenators, which are commonly used in suburban reservoirs:

  • water asterisk;
  • Myriophyllum spicatum;
  • hottonia palustris;
  • hornwort dark green.

use of such plants is very important to create a healthy balanced microcosm in the pond.They increase the level of oxygen in the water, which is especially important for breeding fish.

In addition, they look very harmonious in the swamps.

Plants oxygenators ,

Floating plants

Making nuzhnj floating plants to decorate the surface of the water itself.They are blooming and flowering, frost and tropical.

Flower growers usually prefer:

  • duckweed;
  • azolla;
  • vodokras.

All they are very adaptable and can quickly in a short time to cover the entire surface of your small lake.To avoid this, they need time to time to thin out.

Floating plants

Deep plants

Deep-sea plants like clean water.It is best to plant them in combination with flying.

plant in your pond is one of those incredibly beautiful plants, and the admiration of those around you securely:

  • apongeton;
  • Potbelly;
  • Nymphaea.

Deep-water plants

Naberezhnye plants

Naberezhnye plants - is unlimited space for imagination of the gardener.You can use any shrubs, flowers and even trees that love the water.

addition to decorative functions they perform another - close the water from the sun on hot days and protect the container from excessive waterlogging.

as the center of the composition can be planted low spruce, juniper, weeping willow, barberry.And the rest of the coast close ferns and other small shrubs and flowers.

landing engage better in the period from late spring to autumn.

Another way to decorate a beautiful lake in your country - beautiful lanterns, clay figures.

There are no special rules no - act as you like.Variants beautiful decor look at the photo below.


Pond for fish farming

An artificial pond with his hands for fish is also possible to do in his country house, but it is somewhat different from the decorative.

There are a number of requirements that must comply with in order to the inhabitants to feel comfortable in your backyard.

optimal size for the fish pond - 25-50 sq.m.The depth of the pond should not be the same.

The maximum depth should be approximately 1.5 m, minimum 0.3 m. The deep space should alternate with small, it will create a suitable microclimate.

Maintaining the level of oxygen in the water and the purity of the water in the lake is especially important for the fish because if oxygen becomes insufficient, it may stop growing or even die.

autumn advisable to drain the water from the pond, to release him from the fish, cleaned and washed, and in the spring to run the entire breeding process again.