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August 12, 2017 18:06

Dig out a cellar under the house with his own hands

Dig out a cellar under the house with his own hands

Many people wonder how you can make a cellar under the house with his own hands, because to have such a room is very convenient: you can not worry about that the preparations for the winter deteriorate, and winter does not have to leave them on the street, and if necessary, they will always be at your fingertips.

Construction cellar depends on the type of your home.

If it is heated throughout the year, the unit will warm the walls and ceilings are not needed, becausethe temperature in the cellar and it will be greater than zero, which means that the construction will be for you much easier.

Dig a cellar in the house can be both at the stage of building a house, when the foundation is laid, and the already finished construction, but in this case, will make it more difficult.

In this article you will receive detailed instructions, videos, photos, as well as drawing and construction of the project, which will help you to properly build a cellar under the house, without the aid of expensive specialists.


  • Creating a foundation and the necessary tools
  • Create cellar
  • Construction ventilation
  • Winery

Creating a foundation and the necessary tools

Based on what youcellar and choose a project type of material from which you will do it, the tools will vary.

If you will do to the cellar wall from a tree, you will need:

  • ax;
  • Saw;
  • chisel or drill.
Drawing at home with basement

1 - foundation;2 - basement floor;3 - waterproofing;4 - basement walls;5 - blind area;6 - the exterior walls;7 - internal walls;8 - intercommunication overlap;9 - septum;10 - stairs;11 - the rafters;12 - roofing;13 - attic floor

to make concrete and wooden walls, you will need:

  • trowel or spade;
  • furnace hammer;
  • -hammer sledgehammer;
  • shovel to stir the solution.

to compact the soil and concrete solution, you will need to tamper (it can be done independently, has attached to the bar or a log handle, or buy ready-made tool).

to create concrete walls you will need a tool that is used for the carcass cords.

premises project involves the creation of a cellar under the house of penetration depth of 1.5-1.8 m.

If the depth is less than that, the room temperature will not exceed 8 degrees, which adversely affect the storage pieces.

Before creating a deepening need to determine the level of groundwater.This can make the hole is about 2.5 meters deep.

After creating a need for it the next few days to see whether the water will start to stay.Another option - to find out the height of her standing in the wells in other areas.

If the water table is closer than at a distance of 1 m from the floor, then build a cellar in not turn the building, if the distance of 1 m or less, it is possible to build, it will be enough just to reduce this level by means of arrangement of drainage system around the house.

the cellar device

cellar Construction begins with the creation of the pit.Its size should be greater than the size of the planned construction of 60 cm on all sides.

It is necessary to be able to waterproofing and concreting works premises.

necessary to comply with these dimensions, as if to make a pit more than you need, then you have to make too much of the soil as well as the complicated filling of cavities.

On the borders is better to dig a pit by hand and carefully align the wall.At work, try the least possible damage to the soil.

At work it is very important to protect the future cellar from water, this is done waterproofing cushion.

Its structure is as follows: it is necessary to fill in the bottom of the pit gravel 10 cm thick and tamp it.

If groundwater deposits are close to the bottom of the pit, then on top of the rubble can put an extra layer of clay.

layers applied on top of the hot bitumen at a ratio of 5 kg per 1 m2.Thus, the capillary permeability of the waterproofing layer is minimized.

next stage - the construction of the foundation.It must be concrete.

To make the formwork, use the whiteboard, and then pour the concrete base covered with roofing material in several layers, which is applied to bitumen mastic.

must be at least 10 cm on the mixture of extra wall.If the device takes place in the cellar rather dry region, the wall thickness of half a brick, would be enough to cellar was resistant to the ingress of moisture.

If the humidity in the region is very high, do wall thickness of at least one brick.

On the inside of the cellar walls should be covered with cement, on top of which the bitumen mastic put 2-4 layers of roofing material.


Do not forget to leave allowances where the wall and floor and ceiling converge with each other.

required additional construction of walls made of bricks (better to use a red brick), which should be followed to put the clay.

If you are building a cellar on the ground with a high content of clay, the sinus, dividing walls and the pit, you need to further seal in any material.

But it is better not to choose this sand, asHe is very good pass water - use denser materials that have a high resistance to water.

Create cellar

First of all, you need to make the project and drawing the cellar, where you need to provide a ladder to the room it was convenient to go down, shelves and other necessary elements.

ladder into the cellar you need to organize, following the slope of 45 degrees, and the stage must have a minimum width of 20 cm

Driving cellar installation

In general, this premise device depends on your preferences, most importantly -. To comply with the standards of construction to the cellarGet durable and do not absorb moisture.

shelves must also be strong enough to do so that they can withstand the weight of cans and products that you plan to place there.

between cellar compartments are best to make the partition where you can equip a room for storage of root crops.

Partitions are usually built with the help of boards or metal mesh width depending on the number of root crops that you plan to place there.

floors in cellars often leave the earthy, so as not to waste time and money on his finishing.But the wall will sheathe properly.This can be done with boards, plaited or croaker.

If you wish, you can cover, and the floor, but you have to make a screed of concrete, which is laid on top of bricks, tiles or boards, according to your wishes.

Construction ventilation

It is important to equip a good ventilation in the cellar to the room to maintain an optimal temperature, and at the same time there was excessive moisture, which can ruin your piece.

can make ventilation device as a very simple and more complex: to use two pipes, where the first is to ensure the inflow of air from the street, and the second - to work as an extractor.

For more quality of air, the pipe is better to mount on different levels at opposite ends of the cellar.

Hood is usually near the ceiling and the plenum - at the ground, at a distance of about 60 cm above the floor of the room.


sure to build a cover on top of the room - it is not only needed as an input, and to ventilate the room and temperature control.This is especially true in the summer.

If it is not done, in the cellar is too wet, the shelves may start to appear mold that spread to the workpiece and roots.

And if poorly equipped with hood and ventilation system as a whole, it will soon begin to accumulate inside the condensation and mold to appear after.

cellar Cover does double: the first is located on top of the hatch cover and serves to close the entrance.

also call it the summer - this cover needs to be more qualitative and reliable, and most of the time in the closed position.

It can be made of metal, but you can of thick boards - then its weight will be easier, and it will be easier to open.And such change or repair the cover will be much easier.

bottom cover is located at the bottom of the overlap.In the cold season warmed her to the cellar did not penetrate the cold air.

Such cover is equipped in the cellars, which make in separate premises, ashomes are usually heated, cellar and does not require additional insulation.


cellar under the house is better to equip a beautiful cover, becauseit will affect the look of the entire room.

Sometimes a simple cap cover decorative trim or sheathe any material which will give it a more aesthetic appearance.

common way - to sheathe cover floor boards.Then the entrance to the cellar will merge with the floor at home, and will not be evident to visitors and neighbors.


device cellar almost like normal.This project do better just under the house, as far as possible from the potato storage, sump, etc.

in cellars insulated usually do, becausein the room temperature should be stable and not fall below a certain point.

for plating use of the cellar resistant to moisture materials, and for the final finishing is better to use a natural treatment: can be oblitsevat brick, plaster, stone, putty, etc.

Wine cellar

If you want the cellar walls were made of wood, it is best to use oak.

to the wine cellar is important to ensure ingestion of sunlight.But it is also necessary to set the indoor electric lighting.

doors to the premises should be closed tightly and does not miss the cold air.It is best to install termodveri fitted gasket.Hood in this room is also necessary.

Use the photo and video - they will help you build a cellar of any type that you need.