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August 12, 2017 18:06

High-quality sheathing under siding with their own hands

High-quality sheathing under siding with their own hands

To finishing work was completed on schedule, it is very important that the quality has been performed under the crate siding with their own hands.

Decorating the house siding is performed at the final stage of construction.

As a support for fixing the panels of siding, sheathing must have a strong and strict geometrical parameters.

Regardless of the starting material, metal lathing siding under exactly the same as wood, mounted on one and the same rules.

saydingovyh When attaching the panels with their own hands, special attention should be paid to the surface finish around the windows and the doorway.


  • Appointment crates
  • Install furring
    • Preparing walls for mounting battens
    • Installation of metal crates
    • Installation of wooden crates
  • Conclusion

Appointment crates

builders with extensive experience are well aware of how to make a crate under the siding.The fact that the cladding siding home includes not only decorative works, but also insulation.

special significance of this fact has for frame-type homes.Even for buildings constructed of lumber, lath under saydingovuyu roof mounted simultaneously with the laying of insulation.


It follows that the crate has the following functions:

  • smoothes the surface of the walls;
  • serves as the basis for the cladding panels of siding;
  • secures insulation.

Vinyl siding with equal strength and attached to a wooden and a metal crate.

Metal sheathing under siding is considered more durable and long lasting.To trim a private house more often used U-shaped galvanized steel profiles.

wooden crate under the siding more convenient to install.The cost of components is considerably lower compared with metal products.

To prolong the life of wooden elements of a mandatory process antifungal and fire staff.

Mounting battens under the siding should be performed in compliance with the sequence of actions and execute the regulations prescribed in the SNIP.

properly installed crate will serve as the allotted time without standards of repair and maintenance.

Before starting work on the installation batten should carefully review the experiences and recommendations of professionals.Crate - a multi-purpose design.

On the one hand it is necessary as a support for attaching the finishing material.groundworks Appliance allows you to hide surface defects that might impede quality finishing.

By design crate design provides ventilation hinged on the angles and the foundation to the roof.

unobstructed air circulation ensures protection against occurrence of dampness and mold, thereby prolonging the service life of wooden elements.

Install furring

Practice shows that the construction of individual homes is often carried out without elaborate project, which is called by eye.

This approach can afford to experienced specialists who thoroughly familiar with the process of construction and final finishing of the building.

windows, doors and siding sheathing under the metal sheets in such a case have already been bought and are waiting for their turn to be installed.

The video shows how, step by step mounted crate under the ground siding.


As in any important matter, wall finishing is performed using well-fitting tools and high-quality fasteners.

Preparing walls for mounting battens

first step that you need to perform mandatory - to prepare the wall.If the sheathing is carried out at the new facility, special efforts will not have to make.Windows and doors have just inserted.

They still missing frames.The wall around the window has no fragments or parts that would interfere with the performance of work.

If this frame house, setting crates with your hands can be performed at any time.

When sheathed walls of the house, built of red brick, it is necessary to remove the protrusions formed from the solution when the masonry walls.

walls of round log homes sometimes need to align, giving them the required plane.

Another thing, when executed exterior design house, which has long been in use.Around each window frames and are often shutters.All of these elements and devices to be deleted.

If necessary, trim with all patterns can be established on former places.

next step, which is very important, involves the examination and evaluation of the surface of the walls in order to detect traces of rot and destruction of timber pests.

Another step that is needed is a surface treatment with an antiseptic walls.With special care to do it around each window.

The picture shows a house wall with crate.

Metal carcass

Installation of metal crates

prepared for the installation of wall surface should be marked.Fastening metal profiles to the wall is done by means of brackets.

Typically, these brackets are sold together with profiles.In the horizontal orientation siding profiles are mounted vertically.Step markup should be 60 cm.

markings made in succession, without taking into account the distance from window to window.In this step a markup mount bracket downwards should be, on average, 50 cm.

Upon completion markup brackets attached to the wall.As a self-tapping fasteners are used with anodized coating.If

provided wall insulation, the next step is executed styling and fixing insulation.In this case, do not need special skill.Of heaters can be a different material.

The sheet foam or basalt wool are cut holes for the brackets.And the list simply worn on the arm.Above the insulation is applied vapor permeable membrane.


And the next step is already fastened metal profile.Installation starts with fastening two profiles at the edges of the walls.

They need to align with a laser level.And on a given line to mount all the other profiles.Particular attention is drawn to the corners of the building unit.

Installation of wooden crates

external finish at home with their own hands requires the consideration of many subtleties.

first condition to be performed before starting work, choose a quality bar section 40x40 mm and dried properly.Bruce must have strict geometric form.

sectional dimensions may be different.This is determined by the thickness of insulation and siding view.

Vinyl siding has a minimum weight than wood, aluminum or steel.

facade cladding device vinyl panels does not require large financial and material costs.If you look around, a significant portion of individual homes is vinyl clad.

Short bars are selected for edging around the windows.If the surface is flat, as is the case with frame houses, the beam can be fixed directly to the wall.

The video shows how it's done.The main thing is to survive in the installation process of mounting dimensions.


On uneven surfaces the required size wooden beam secured with the same arm that is used during installation of the metal crates.

The photo shows a schematic diagram of attachment.It is important that the crate along the corners has been secured.When aligning the bars in the same plane, you can use wooden wedges.

fixing scheme


carrying out work on the installation batten, it is necessary to regularly monitor the quality of each operation.

Consolidating wooden beams around the window or door opening, it is necessary to carefully check the accuracy of the mounting.Position horizontal bar must be strictly verified.

Similarly, the need to monitor the vertical position of elements crates.The fact is that when a deviation in one direction or another, the whole structure is perceived by the eye as a little rickety.

While the crate is designed to hide the defects made during construction.

The picture presented house, which fully established crate of wooden beams.

wood construction

Under current rules, and many years of experience, after the installation of lathing should immediately proceed to the casing wall siding.

structure must take your completed form as soon as possible.It is known that any delay or interruption in the construction of a long negative effect on the strength of all the components and elements of the house.

To avoid these changes, you need to clearly withstand norms prescribed rules.