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August 12, 2017 18:06

The grease the squeaky door, and how to do it ?

The grease the squeaky door, and how to do it ?

any creaking door will affect the nerves, so you want to get rid of the rattle and find something to grease the door, so as not to creak.

also consider what to do if the lock will not open and will give advice on the care of the keyhole.


  • What doors can be opened with a creak?
  • Why there squeaking?
  • operations to eliminate squeaks door
  • actions to get rid of squeaks metal structure
  • What to do if creaking plastic door on the balcony?
  • What means to eliminate squeaking?
  • Care Tips for keyhole

What doors can be opened with a creak?

First look at types of doors.They are divided into types depending on the location, the matter of which they are made and the opening mechanism.

On the basis of the first door design are subdivided into:

  • balcony;
  • kitchen
  • corridor;
  • living.

Other leads to stairs or in the attic of the house.

Depending on which of the doors were made, they can be of wood, plastic, laminate and glass.

And even on this list does not end types of doors.

If we talk about the process of opening, the doors are sliding and folding.

Why there is creaking?

unpleasant rattle during plowing and other interior doors of the house can occur for the following reasons:

  • During the retreat from the production rules.If producing door designs, we make a mistake, for example, incorrectly welded hinges, in the course of operation will necessarily squeaks.And to get rid of the uncomfortable sounds, it requires the dismantling of entrance;
  • Unless greased design.Hinges, not greased special composition, moving with the characteristic squeak.The situation will improve a simple lubricant composition;
  • mistake to selected composition to lubricate the hinge.Not the component may be grease, which becomes dense and is converted into an abrasive.It needs to be clean and to use other means;
  • The hinges are no balls.Then lift the door leaf from its place, insert loop and hoist balls back door;
  • Calling creaking may sheathing material in contact with the door when it is opened.To eliminate unpleasant sounds that can only be abated by using centimeters skin scissors.If even after all of these actions remained the same, then it is better to completely replace;
  • If the blade rubs against the box.This may be a consequence of a wrong position and its door swelling due to moisture.If you want to eliminate the first cause, the door only need to reinstall.But to get rid of the second reason would have to dry the room;
  • ends of the fabric touch casing.Then the grooves where the fasteners should be increased;
  • loosened and damaged the loop time.The most reasonable solution in this case - to put other details;
  • Poor fixing hinges of the door structure.To understand whether there is a problem, you can put something underneath, for example, an ax with which to slightly raise the door leaf.Weak screws must be replaced.

operations to eliminate squeaks door

Wanting to continue the doors do not creak, looking for the cause of this.If the leaf structure was in an apartment long term, the unwanted sounds can occur due to sudden changes in temperature.

This is particularly evident in the fall and winter.In these seasons to get rid of the causes of scratches will not work, but by themselves can be the consequences.Enough to take the powder of graphite or just an ordinary pencil.


But this problem can be faced and the owners of the house, just recently installed a new door.Very often there are scratches due to the fact that the hinges are hidden in the screws are not directly adjacent to the jamb.

to unpleasant sounds are no longer bothered needed matches and screwdriver.And still need an ordinary PVA glue or carpenter's glue.

need a screwdriver to tighten the screws by force, this is no big deal.

However, it is possible that the screws will rotate.In order not to suffer from this, it is necessary to pick up the glue and matches.

matches will play the role of fastener that is to be produced by gluing them together.

Another reason for the appearance of scratches - rust.It is formed on its hinges, if the house is damp.Therefore, the first thing you need to do to remove the rust.

actions to get rid of squeaks metal structure

root cause of the fact that the door structure of the iron began to publish squeaks may be that the canvas sagged.

Metal is heavy, so its severity may lead to the appearance of scratches.

longer hear creaking sounds will help a special lubricating oil.The reason for their appearance can be improper installation of canopies.

In this case it is necessary to invite the master installation.He is obliged to remedy the problem, otherwise the door leaf can be deformed.


If creaking except felt that the door closes tightly, then it suggests that the canopy hit the slots metal shavings sludge other debris.

will require the dismantling of the web and to purge, and then paste it back.

What to do if creaking plastic door on the balcony?

rattle can produce rust or worn hinges, which they covered.

Get rid of rust just need to open the balcony door and spread the fixing elements of the engine oil from the balcony.

Lubricate hinges should be as follows:

  • Maximize plastic balcony door design and put under her wedge;
  • With the help of the web need to raise the lever up slightly;
  • The opened bars and other elements of the plastic door structure must be lubricated with the oil composition.No need to pour him a lot, you have just a few drops, so it's easier to use a syringe;
  • After that it's time to lower the blade into place;
  • oil Residues are cleaned with a cloth.

If no attempts have failed to eliminate squeaks plastic construction, which means that the hardware end of life.

What means to eliminate squeaking?

Operation eliminate the squeak is a snap, thanks to the engine oil can get rid of grinding.This is the most popular tool, it can be purchased at an auto parts store.

But there are also other oils that can eliminate noise.You can simply use sunflower or olive oil.

True result is not a long time since such a remedy is not particularly clean surfaces and promotes clogging.Perhaps after a couple of days already bored creaking appears again.

Means for lubricating

Therefore, the master is not advised to use oil, they can reduce the shelf life of the fasteners.

There are options to do without oil.You can use grease.It should not be poured, it is better - to apply.

This helps wooden stick.If you have to smear a finger loop, be careful not to pinch your hand.

get rid of problems of graphite pencil marks soft.Remove the graphite is easy if to burn wood.

rod must be crumbled and empty grains in the hinge slot formed as a result of lifting the door design.

When the canvas will set up in its place, graphite crush turned into a grease fight against friction.

Slate chippings completely squashed, when you open and close the door several times.This tool is perfectly protected against rust.

The shop sells special sprays are suitable for the lubrication of various parts and mechanisms.

most common - spray WD-40.They need to sprinkle areas that cause squeaking.It is also useful when you need to lubricate the door lock.

means should be applied locally and precisely, leaving no trace on the surface.


Eliminate creaking sounds capable of wax or paraffin candles with drops.Acting at the same time you need care.

Additionally, you can handle the special tool and the door lock, because it can also cause problems.

Care Tips for keyhole

not fear that one day the door lock will not let you in the house, special care will help him and the periodic removal of dust from the lock mechanism.Actions

care the well of the castle:

  • splash into the well of the castle cleaning spray, which will emerge from the inside;
  • lock cylinder wet cloth to hoist and remove the key once.Since the mechanism is not jammed inside the dust does not spread;
  • After the stick his key striker again rubbed;
  • scheme is repeated as long as to remove the key stops sticking dirt;
  • After the cleaning is necessary to the well to splash a few drops of oil and turn the key.

Regarding the choice of lubricant, then the castle also cause the engine oil.But it is important to consider the type of lock.

lever or safe locks smeared graphite dust.Standard grease is better not to use, otherwise the key can get stuck, do not open the lock.