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August 12, 2017 18:06

Expanding the storage space the porch extension to the house with his own hands

Expanding the storage space the porch extension to the house with his own hands

Enclosed veranda to the homes with their hands most often performed when the capital is already habitable space.

Construction veranda allows you to expand the usable space of the living space.

Moreover, for its construction can be used a variety of materials, often preferred the wooden beam.

This is explained by the fact that the construction of timber frame porch, in contrast to the brick structure, do not need a lot of time and effort.

Since the foundation of the house and the foundation for future veranda will differ between a non-uniform shrinkage, extension veranda is recommended without ligation with the main house walls.

Rigid fixation may eventually skew novovozvedennuyu construction.

If veranda extension will be carried out to a brick house is worth between two basics pave moisture resistant layer that will help protect the skeleton of the object erected on the strain.

regard to the future support structure for the porch extension, it may look like a strip foundation or erected on screw piles.

Please note the photo, that might look like an attached porch to the house from a bar.



  • Features erectionextensions
  • What materials can be used for the construction of terraces?
    • Veranda of timber
    • Annex brick
    • Veranda Polycarbonate
  • Options foundation for extension
  • Features floor structures and walls of outbuildings
  • Options arrangement of the roof

Features of the construction of extensions

determine withwhich side of the house will get a job porch, make construction project.

ideal location may be regarded as part of the facade or the end of a residential building.

not necessary to build an extension near the front door of the house, because the opening can be done from the bedroom.

The length veranda terrace should reflect actual capital walls of the house, outbuildings and width can be in the range 2.50-3.00 m.

drafted a future built with his own hands, think through not only what material will be used for constructionveranda, but also the quantity.

way, building material for the construction of the walls and the roof is better to use the same as for the house, in order to unite all in a single architectural style.

Usually pristraivaya own hands porch to the house, already aware of its purpose.

If this is a summer terrace, as in the photo, the material consumption is small, usually these terraces are half-open view and furnished in rustic style.

Summer terrace

the winter summer veranda closed with glass or polycarbonate sheets.

project planning winter veranda, you need to take care of its full insulation, including floors, walls and roof.

Typically, such an extension is heated, whereby it becomes a good place for the winter garden.

What materials can be used for the construction of terraces?

Foes comfortable and bright veranda to the house with your own hands can be of any construction material.

main thing to create a project and select the direction of the light so that summer is not too flooded veranda sun, and in the winter most of the day covered terrace space with natural light.

This is especially true for the premises, which later will serve as a winter garden, as shown in the photo.


Veranda of timber

usually an extension of the timber is connected to a wooden house, as any other material will be looked atbackground of natural wood tasteless.

Is that in the future is planned to carry out the finish outbuildings house a natural or artificial stone.

furring erected with his own hands for a few days, after giving wooden products resistance to decay, by treating the material special antiseptic.

of timber can be constructed as a summer and winter home extension, but subject to certain requirements.

openings for windows, as well, and the roof itself, can arrange polycarbonate.


Annex brick

Unlike wooden frame house annexe, which is most often used for summer holidays, brick building preference, when it is desired to receive a warm and durable bathroom.

This brick wall of the porch can be a window for all its width and height of polycarbonate, as in the photo, it will not notice in the design of the structure of gravity.

Although because of this need for its construction quality strip foundation.

Veranda Polycarbonate

using polycarbonate sheets for poluarochnoy or arched frame structure of the profile, you can create your own hands outwardly attractive transparent extension.

Moreover, its purpose does not depend on the time of year.

winter as in summer, extension of polycarbonate will please tenants a comfortable climate.

If we look at a photo, you can see the unusual combination of capital structure with this weightless-looking building.


Despite the fact that the productionpolycarbonate is relatively recent, transparent and lightweight products already occupy a niche in many areas of construction.

Thanks to thermal insulation properties of polycarbonate and shock resistant, the material will still remain long out of competition.

Options foundation for extension

Options foundation for an addition to the house veranda selected based on the weight of the structure.For example, wood or polycarbonate construction is perfect foundation on screw piles.

But for brick facility will be just the tape support base capable of withstanding heavy loads.

Strip foundation equips on a bed of sand or gravel, it can be monolithic, stone and brick.

If the soil at the site is not stable, to dress it with the foundation of the capital structure is not recommended.

Novovozvedennaya basis for a long time will "walk", until finally sits down.Therefore, it is necessary to lay his hands for a separate building.

more information about the foundation for the extension to the house to tell the photo and video materials.


With regard to the foundation on screw piles under the porch, there is its own peculiarities device.

Driving screw-pile foundation involves the location of the screw elements with a distance from each other in the 1.5-3 meters.

exact distance is determined by calculating the load that would come from an extension, the information is required to contribute to the project.

foundation on screw piles can be laid in any soil, even with unstable characteristics.

Under light wooden outhouse instead of foundation on screw piles you can build a support base of the timber, as shown in the photo.

wooden foundation

you need to immediately note the difference the duration of operation of wooden construction and the foundation on screw piles.Accordingly, the most frequently selected piles.

Features constructions floor and wall extensions

Wooden porch flooring equip edged boards on joists mounted on the bottom plate.

For winter version built between the sub-floor and finishing flooring paving layer of hydro and thermal insulation.

The floors summer terrace between the boards left small gaps to drain rainwater and ventilation underground.

Before laying all wooden structural elements, including outdoor decking, are treated with special anti-corrosion compounds.

then subjected to priming and painting.The floors on pile foundations raised off the ground by 20-30 cm.

scheme of construction of the wall extension depends on the material used in construction.

If this wooden beams, some of his erect frame structure, which was subsequently partially or completely sheathe finishing product.

All rack frame is pre-treated with antiseptic preservative.

Outbuildings polycarbonate is performed on the same plan - mounted on a wooden frame or structure of plastic profiles.

Lanai brick, attached to a brick house, can have indoor and outdoor views.

operate the clutch in a half-brick, for her winter option for a summer porch - made thick walls with openings for windows and doors.

Both cases provide waterproofing between the walls and foundation.

Since rigidly tied to the walls of the verandah capital structure due to the shrinkage of the future new build is not recommended, the gap between them with foam blown.

After a complete shrinkage of the object, they sealed thoroughly.

To get acquainted with the construction of the walls of the extension will allow the next video.


Options arrangement of the roof

roof veranda, adjoined to the house, may have gable and lean-design, insulated and not insulated type.

type roofing material chosen is the same as was used for the roof of the house.

procedure for construction works generally as follows:

  • perform stropilovku roof of metal profiles or wooden bars;
  • using edged boards, cased frame;
  • lay a layer of waterproofing;
  • carry out installation of roofing products.

Attached to the house dacha verandas winter type below a roofing insulation equip, assemble sheet products on top of it.

The roof made of polycarbonate for the summer terrace is mounted on a carcass basis from metal profile.

At the end of the article suggest taking advice from the following video material.