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August 12, 2017 18:06

Mortise and rim locks on the gate of corrugated board

Mortise and rim locks on the gate of corrugated board

In recent years, increasingly found the fences of metal profile, and in this case it will be a legitimate need to set the lock on the gate of corrugated board, which can reliably protect the inner area and is unpretentious in use.

Today there is a wide selection of different castles, which are suitable for installation on the fence of corrugated board.

Each of them has both its advantages and disadvantages, in addition, all the locks with each other differ not only on the device, but also in their characteristics.

Choice castle - rather responsible business, to which must be approached carefully, taking into account the various subtleties and nuances.

Which one to pick the lock, it depends primarily on the capabilities, since they all have very different costs.As a rule, for fences of corrugated board is selected or mortise lock, or invoice.

In any case, after the acquisition of the castle will be a question about how to install it locally.By itself, this work is simple enough and with the right approach, you can make it without problems with their hands.


  • Forms and types of locks
  • Installation lock Surface type
  • Installation lock mortise type
  • Tips and tricks

Forms and types of locks

For installation on the gate, made of corrugated board,It fits several kinds of very different locking mechanisms.The easiest way to close the access from outside to the yard - it hang padlock.

It is sold in almost every shop and all that is required - it is by welding to make it appropriate for a loop.

significant disadvantage of this type of mechanism is the relative ease of hacking, and if an attacker decides to open the gate, it is easy to make.

Another kind of cheap locks on the gates of corrugated board is rack.It is made in the form of a bolt, easy enough to be mounted in a place, but an attacker to bypass his professional does not take much.

quite popular in recent years is the type of mortise lock, but it can be installed not at all the gates of corrugated board.

This lock is easy to handle and easy to install by hand.

By sufficiently reliable mechanisms, which is not so easy to crack, the invoice relates Castle.

This mechanism is optimally suited for gates made of corrugated board, it is quite reliable in operation and can be easily mounted at the place of their own hands.

One of the latest types of locks that can be set, including at the gate of corrugated board are electromechanical.The common people of another called code.

Comprising a mechanism of automatic gate and dashboard.

Its disadvantages are that there is a continuing need in the power supply, and even if it has a battery at a certain point can be difficult.

also can be put on the gate of corrugated electromagnetic or radio wave mechanism.However, with all the advantages they have one major drawback, namely, the cost is quite high.

Some types of locks that can be placed at the gate of corrugated board, you can see in the photo posted below.


Installation lock Surface type

Quite often, owners of corrugated fences, if necessary, to set the lock on the gate, preferred surface-type mechanisms.

This type of lock is different enough high reliability, ease of installation and low cost.

in specialized stores today is a wide range of surface-type mechanisms, so the problems with its acquisition should arise.

principle and technology of its installation on the gate of corrugated board are simple enough and can be easily implemented with their own hands.

After you have purchased the consignment mechanism, the first step is to properly carry out the layout at the place of installation.

necessary with maximum precision to mark the position of the mechanism, as well as the entrance holes directly on the box lock.

Consignment castle

After counting will be done on site, using a drill performed all necessary drilling technology openings.

Further installation is carried out of the castle, which is fastened with screws to the bottom of the gate.Thereafter, the side of the strap and is fastened to the input ports of the mechanism if such is included.

At the final step to install the handle, and other items that come with a lock.

Some locks mean fixing straps response to the gate by welding.In this case it will be necessary to use the welding machine.

Installation lock mortise type

In case the gate, made of corrugated board, has two separate webs of sufficiently large cross-section, then it is possible to set the mortise lock.

Such locks are reasonably high reliability and durability but do not require any special maintenance during operation.

Install a lock on the gate with his hands in the presence of desire and an appropriate tool, not be easy.

At the first stage of the castle layout at the place of its future installation.Then drilled holes all the required specifications in strict accordance with the pre-marking behavior.In

if one frame has a small diameter, it is necessary to additionally weld box with the required dimensions.

This is followed by the end of the door drill holes directly beneath the screws themselves.It is better if they are outside of the box, otherwise it will be impossible to put the nut on the screw.

is followed to mount the strip on the side of the pipe, which will include the tongues of the lock.After that, you can begin to mount in place of the mortise lock.

It should be set to a pre-prepared place and firmly fasten the door with the screws.

At the final stage of the castle puts on the handle and all the other additional elements, which are included.

For more information on how to set the lock on the gate, made of corrugated board, shown in the photo posted below.


Tips and tricks

Moreat the stage of selecting a gate of the castle, which is covered with sheets of corrugated board, should adhere to certain rules and regulations.

The first thing you should pay attention - this is a mechanism that should be adequately protected from external atmospheric exposure.

fact that the lock is installed outdoors and, therefore, will be continuously exposed to not only the moisture, but also dust.

is best for the gate, covered with sheets of corrugated board, suitable for lever-type locking, that is the one that has the key internal biasing plate with shaped configuration.


In addition, it is recommended to use such a lock, which can be as open and closed from the inside without a key.

This is due to the fact that in the winter time when the water gets inside, it just freezes and then the only option will only open the lock handle.

should also pay attention to the construction of the castle.It should be as compact as to hang a massive mechanism at the door in the gate of corrugated board is problematic.

In addition, attention should be paid and on the installation of the locking mechanism.All parts must fit tightly to the substrate and to each other.

not allowed the formation of various slits and the slits, as this may facilitate access to its inner space of moisture and dust.

Even in the store should be checked in each bundled key because once the mechanism is set in place, we can no longer require its replacement.

There are many different kinds of locks, and some of them choose to be mounted on the gate solves the owner of the house.

Each mechanism has both its advantages and disadvantages, so it is recommended to purchase all carefully analyzed.

In any case, the installation of this device is fast enough, and in the presence of a particular instrument is performed independently.

Also worth noting is the fact that if the mechanism began to fail and malfunction, it is best to replace it entirely new, rather than trying to restore their own.