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August 12, 2017 18:06

Assembling a false fireplace with his hands

Assembling a false fireplace with his hands

device by the fireplace in the living room of a city apartment is not possible for a variety of reasons, but when you want to create a bit of comfort and warmth, the solution is - production of false fireplace.

In today's world the fireplace long ago ceased to be a source of heat, it is now more piece of furniture in the living room, which is for comfort, romantic pastime, relaxation and conversation with your family.

can be equipped with a seating area and electric fire, but what could be better than creating a false fireplace, all the more so for its production does not take a long time and this does not necessarily have construction skills.

Usually fireplaces installed in the living room, library, loggia, balcony, in general, where it will complement most interior design.

If you are wondering how to make a false fireplace, then all you need - our photos, your imagination and fantasy.

Options Fireplaces:

  • false fireplace can only superficially resemble the present, decorate it with candles, wood, paintings with a flame image, and so on;.
  • second type - is an electric fireplace that produces flames and the most like a true;
  • third view - Bio Fireplace - it runs on clean and safe fuel.Flames simulate a real fireplace with maximum precision.

Make a false fireplace with his hands quite easy, you only need to define the sketch and the choice of material used for the frame and finish.


Raised fireplace in the interior of the living room involve the use of different building materials: drywall, polyurethane foam, chipboard.

So, focus and shape can be completely different from the classic look to the most daring creative solutions.

Raised fireplace with his hands must have portals (protrusions) and deepening to simulate fire.

as fire can be used a variety of devices:.. Light bulbs, candles, bright fabric, E-frame, etc.

When using candles inside of the fireplace should sheathe insulating material.
This article is presented step by step instructions with photos create a false fireplace with his hands.


  • Raised fireplace plasterboard
    • Assembly chamber
  • polyurethane trim fireplace
    • process of mounting the fireplace polyurethane
  • Raised fireplace made of cardboard and foam
    • installation works

Raised fireplace plasterboard

to produce false fireplace plasterboard need tools:

  • Hand circular saw - it is small, has a dust removal system.It is much easier to cut, but is also suitable hacksaw or electric jigsaw;
  • abrasive grid - is used as sandpaper, but because of the network structure is not clogged with dust;
  • Screwdriver;
  • level.

First we need to choose a place where you will install your hearth, the most common plant in the living room.


determine the size of future construction, to make a drawing,calculate and purchase the necessary building material.

If you plan to make the standard trim a fireplace with his hands, the drawings can look at the pictures in this article, but if you want to realize their individual ideas, it is necessary to draw a sketch, in this case, well to think through all the technical aspects.

chamber assembly

First you need to mount the frame by means of building metal profile.If you have never experienced with this material, the photo guide provided on this site will help you.

Instead metal profile as a framework you can use wooden slats.

wooden frame perfectly cope with assigned duties, ie. To. The whole structure does not carry a heavy load, but using wood it is necessary to pass moisture repellent and antiseptic.

installation steps such framework:

  • support frame;
  • portal;
  • deepening under the firebox.

first stage of the support frame is attached to the wall frame mounted on it.Remember that the whole framework should be stable at the stage of the assembly must be securely fastened all profiles.

going frame by means of self-tapping screws, which are easier to twist the screwdriver.

Assembled frame is necessary to check the level.


After that, the pre-assembled structure sutured nakroennye pieces of drywall.This is a simple and quick step.

If you plan to install an electronic box that simulates the flame, it is necessary to bring the electric cable design box.

After the skin structure on the joints fit assembly banding to avoid the appearance of cracks, joints and then proshpaklevyvayutsya and sanded after drying.

final stage - the design of the box, there may be applied a huge amount of building materials:

  • decorative brick;
  • tile or tiles;
  • plaster elements;
  • painting;
  • adhesive tape and much more.

Inside the furnace is necessary to put a layer of heat insulator, suitable materials such as magnesite, asbestos, brick red.

When finishing inside the hearth can be installed mirror panels, and place candles in the furnace - it will give your fireplace a mysterious unusual appearance.

polyurethane trim fireplace

To fireplace portal looks the most natural, often used as a polyurethane material.Undoubtedly, a fireplace made with their own hands, will be proud owners.

for installation polyurethane artificial focus not require the installation of complex design.

To make a false fireplace made of polyurethane, see photos shown on our website, they can become a source of inspiration and will help you understand the installation technology.


process of mounting the fireplace polyurethane

Collect false fireplace with his hands will have no difficulty.First you need to determine the size of future construction, and manufacture stopped draw or select a drawing from our photo.

then make purchase of necessary materials and fasteners.

Do not forget that the polyurethane parts are fastened with glue for this purpose is best suited silicone sealant.Details are attached directly to the wall and to each other.

joints can pass putty and after drying gently proshkurit, and then painted in any color.

's all assembly instructions polyurethane hearth.


As the advantages of polyurethane can be distinguished:

  • impact resistance - the construction of this material is not afraid of external damage;
  • thermal resistance - brings both low and high temperatures;
  • sophistication - this material has a very nice view, in this regard, it is so widespread in the construction purposes;
  • long-term - the hearth of polyurethane will serve you for many years;
  • moisture resistance - is not afraid of wet cleaning.

Raised fireplace made of cardboard and foam

from a large selection of materials for the creation of fire, the cheapest option is a fireplace made of Styrofoam and cardboard.

advantages of this fire:

  • aesthetics;
  • originality;
  • ease of installation;
  • durability;
  • low price.

Fireplace made ​​of cardboard

to work, we need:

  • cardboard box large;
  • pair of sheets of foam;
  • finishing foam moldings and other decorative ornaments;
  • knife paint;
  • Construction scotch tape;
  • mounting adhesive.

To finish the hearth of foam required:

  • brush;
  • latex paint;
  • putty.

installation works

make the drawing and calculating the required dimensions of the future fire foam, guided by the photos, we put it on a cardboard box.

place the planned deepening of the hearth should be cut and bent to the inner side, securing with tape construction.

After the installation of the box, it must be pasted foam sheets, cutting them to the desired size of a painting knife.The upper part of the fireplace decorated with patterned molding foam.

countertop is best done out of cardboard, stacked in multiple layers on top of the foam and is covered with a sheet.Countertops can be pasted adhesive tape.

All joints need to pass a layer of putty, and sanding after drying.

After completion of all stages of fire foam can be covered with paint in several layers for better sheltering.

The deepening of the furnace can be installed an electronic picture frame with a video image of fire, electric candles (real fire use is prohibited), the material is bright colors, lights and much more, registration is limited only by your imagination.

The same method can be set and corner fireplace trim, with a difference in the context of the center of the box for laying in a corner.

That's all the advice and recommendations for installing a fireplace in the apartment trim, with this article, everyone will be able to easily make the fireplace at home.


Raised fireplace not only decorate your interior and give it a new atmosphere, but also will add comfort to the joint family gatherings.

the installation process, you can connect the whole family, and this occupation sure everyone will enjoy.As mentioned above, options for rampant imagination here very much.

On New Year is traditionally a fireplace to decorate fir twigs or wreath with bells.One small item, and how much a festive atmosphere.

create, fantasize, and your focus will be proud of your house.