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August 12, 2017 18:06

From what and how to make BBQ with your hands ?

From what and how to make BBQ with your hands ?

question of how, from what, and how to make your own BBQ: brick or gas cylinder, is very relevant, because with the onset of summer or simply weekend, people are always coming up with a variety of interesting activities.

And one of these studies, is the preparation of a shish kebab or barbecue outdoors.

stores today offer us a wide variety of barbecues, there are also disposable and reusable, they are not always long, because the quality of most of the poor, since they are made of mild steel as well as aluminum.

And in this article you will learn how to collect the grill, for example, made of brick, which will last a long time.

Summer People often ask about the construction of a brick barbecue, the process seems complicated and time-consuming, especially if you do-it-yourselfers.

Yes, perhaps it will require you some effort, however, is much better and more pleasant to cook barbecue on the device, made with his own hands.

we paid little attention to every type of barbecue, but carefully considered the question of the construction of the brick barbecue.

Watch the video and photos that will help determine what kind of grill you would like.


  • Select the type of barbecue
    • Collapsible
    • Stationary
    • of stone
    • Gas
  • System definition zone
  • Making barbecue
    • Preparation
    • materials that will be needed during the construction
    • Laying the foundation
    • Prepare brick
    • Produce foundation barbecue
  • Setting up

work area Choosing a type of barbecue

There are several main types of construction.


This type is easy to assemble and disassemble, it is convenient to take on the nature or a trip by car.However, collapsible grill has some serious shortcomings.

These include: small functional fragility and lack of heat resistance.Yes, you can do it on a barbecue a few times, but you will see how fast it is deformed under the influence of heat.


As a permanent option for the cottages, collapsible grill certainly not suitable.Collapsible brazier is right for you, but if you decide to leave the city for a short time and have a barbecue on the nature.

It can be purchased at almost any store, besides a collapsible grill is very cheap, as it is made of poor quality metal.


This solid structures made of metal, stone or brick.

It so happens that these materials are combined.They are durable.It should be installed on a solid foundation.

Serve exquisite decoration in the country or in the open air restaurant.

of stone

If you want to really decorate your luxurious suburban area, you will grill out of stone.For its construction requires considerable costs, since the cost of the stone is quite high.

better BBQ made from natural stone with sand and clay, without the use of metal.
of brick.


Sometimes it's very primitive structure consisting of four walls, which is quite enough for a barbecue.

But often such barbecues are monumental buildings, and installed in the cottages to delight the eyes hosts.


most simple gas BBQ can be made of a gas cylinder and a metal pipe.To do this, cut it along the gas cylinder, welded to it feet, and make cuts for skewers.

use of barbecues from a gas cylinder is now gaining in popularity, but it is worth noting that the kebabs in this turn out not very tasty.

This is due to the fact that due to the round-bottom embers quickly settle in the middle and at the edges do not have time to burn to ashes.Only flat bottom is able to provide the necessary air flow.

Photo barbecue gas bottle you can see below.

Barbecue from a cylinder
Not so long ago came up with a way to improve the BBQ gas bottle.To manufacture

grill of an improved gas cylinder, it is necessary to cut in half the balloon preform as described above, or by a quarter or a third.

upper cylinder opening must be approximately 220-250mm wide.This grill from the gas cylinder embers settle evenly, and it turns out excellent barbecue.

System definition zone

When we are going to do BBQ with your hands, we need to choose the right place in the country within which it will be located.

There are a number of simple requirements:

  • place is better to choose a smooth, with no visible curves and bumps;
  • note the direction of the wind, so that the smell is not worried adjacent to your cottage home and
  • just not bothered to cook;
  • short distance from the house is also an important aspect, because it will be easier to provide a platform
  • communications, such as lighting and water.

Making barbecue

Brick, will be the most efficient and durable material for the manufacture of a brazier in the country with their own hands.

If you choose iron, over time BBQ will start to rust, and the use of stone requires a certain cost.

advantage of bricks is the ability to retain heat, and get it very easily.


Before manufacturing barbecue, we recommend that you examine the figures - it will help better to see the whole range of operation.

Often BBQ is a whole complex: bar, countertop, roaster, equipped grill for barbecue and slits for skewers, chimney pipe, and even a sink.

not necessarily make the drawing very, very many options presented on the Internet.See photos of our drawings, it is possible that something you will like.


materials that will be needed whenconstruction

in general, elementary grills made of brick, the drawing is not necessary, perhaps only for a correct calculation in the amount of material that will be needed.

sketch with the dimensions stated on it, will help you decide.

So, we need:

  • cement;
  • wire (help strengthen brickwork);
  • sand;
  • slaked lime;
  • reinforcing bars or reinforcing mesh;
  • corners of metal;
  • resistant bricks (in areas where brick is not very hot, to save costs, it is possible to replace the usual);
  • metal pan or grill (this will be the broiler);
  • as well as tile, which will serve as a worktop.

lays the foundation

To grill brick served for many years, it is very important for him to do a quality foundation, otherwise you're just wasting your time and money.

foundation size depends on the parameters of most buildings.If you want, you can explore the photos and video instructions on our portal.To start tearing pit.


Then he set the edge formwork to pour concrete and armiruem plate.This structure must stand up for a while, until harden, usually, it takes about two weeks.

After this period, start to make barbecue with his own hands.

Prepare brick

In the manufacture of refractory bricks used barbecues, as well as the kiln red.

One day before the start of the work with a brick, it is recommended to pour water, it will allow him to absorb the necessary moisture, so you do not absorb it from the solution.

Produce foundation barbecue

clay-sand mixture is best suited for this purpose.Clay must be soaked for two days in advance.

If you do not want to waste time, you can buy already prepared clay-fireclay mix.The building department is sold in packaging from 24 to 40 kilograms.

Her only be diluted with water according to the instructions, which is indicated on the packaging.

To make BBQ with their hands as quickly and accurately, you should figure out how you do it.For this purpose, an already dried out decompose brick foundation dry.


If grille and tray are provided in advance, it should take into account their size.The line, which will be carried out on masonry, encircled, it will serve as a stencil for further work.

Each number must be placed with a shift in the size of a half-brick, as well as to make sure that the solution completely filled the space between them.

Masonry mortar made at the rate of 1 part cement to 3 parts sand, plus a quarter of the slaked lime.According to the density it should be like a fat sour cream.

Do not forget to lay reinforcing mesh every three rows of bricks.Grid will add strength throughout the construction, as well as warn the early destruction of the building.

check the quality of the work done with the help of a plumb and level.

Where will firebox and brazier, was inserted into the masonry special corners of metal, they are later to help put the baking barbecue, which will be collapsible.

between the bricks in the furnace leave gaps, which will provide an additional stream of air for proper combustion chamber.The next step are building flue and chimney.

primarily put on the bricks, which are located on the edge, the corner of metal the size of 50 to 50. Making the brickwork around.

To make the smoke channel, move the bricks into the ranks, but no more than one-third of the width.Thereafter produce pipe, the width of which is equal to four bricks.The height of this pipe must be exactly the same as in the current drawing barbecue.

If you want your grill located next to the gazebo, it is necessary to provide a hood.


You can choose the hood, umbrella, which is made of sheet steel, or hood, made of copper, but it is quite expensive.Installation drawing with their hands should not be difficult.

Now you know how to do BBQ, this knowledge useful to you in the villa life.In order to have a visual representation of how to make their own barbecue, you can see the video in the article.

Setting up a work area

If you want all looked beautiful and harmonious decoration and performing with his own hands, it is important to find the right countertop.

Suitable strong paving or floor tiles, so you can make a countertop made of stone.The work area should be shock-proof and well resist washing.

It has become popular to do a roof over a brazier of iron or metal, think, maybe, you want this?Just gardeners often make decorations for barbecue with his hands in refractory stone.


If you are planning a water supply and drainage tothe grill, be sure to provide them in advance, because the pipe is best for them to display across the bottom.

Thus, they remain almost invisible and do not spoil the overall look of your barbecue.It will be the way lighting the barbecue area, because the rest better on a summer evening, when the heat was already asleep.

So, we have discussed how to build a brick barbecue, it will delight your family fragrant barbecue than a year.