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August 12, 2017 18:06

Christmas toys with their own hands .Master classes with step by step photos

In search of original accessories for Christmas trees optional stores or visit online boutiques.It is much easier to make Christmas ornaments with their hands, using inexpensive and easy to use materials, clear diagrams and color photos of Christmas decorations.

even from the felt can create a bright accessory for your tree that will please you more than a year!

How to sew a felt toy for the new year with their own hands.Master class

Felt toys on the new year with their own hands

Felt toys on the new year his hands.Photo

addition to fabric, you will need the templates in the form of a wreath, tree and bell, sewing needle and thread floss (red), a synthetic filler, classic and zigzag scissors, washable crayon, wipes for removing traces of paint and a brushfor drawing.As additional accessories handy miniature bell, bright and green thread, as well as a small piece of colored felt Christmas tree needles.

Let us first manufacturer herringbone fabric .Cutting out her pattern, measure a piece of felt, twice the size of the workpiece.Fold the patch in half, put it on the template and mark the points of its path.

Secure the cloth with needles and cut Christmas trees out of it by using a zigzag scissors.Sew both fragments red thread, leaving the nodules on the outside toys, and in its upper part a loop.The bottom edge first, not completely sewn up, so you have an opportunity to go to the volume of filler.

Master class on making toys out of felt for the new year .A photo

Master class on making toys out of felt for the new year.Photo

Manufacturing toys in the shape of a bell begins the same way: we impose the stencil on the fabric folded in half and cut out the shape of it.You can embroider a red star on the front side (of the floss).

Sew the two halves of the toy, do not forget to leave a hole for the filler, and at the end of attach to the bottom of your jewelry small bell.

Toy in the shape of a bell made ​​of felt for the new year .A photo

toy in the shape of a bell made of felt for the new year.Photo

algorithm manufacture Christmas decorations with their own hands - toys «Wreath» - a little bit different.Preparations need to be folded in half, and hold the circle that cut the bureaucratic knife inside them.Halved the figures need to sew on their inside, using a light thread.After half of the work is done, enter into a wreath filler.Then, from the green felt necessary to cut out tiny leaves and sew them into the hole left to fill.Later in the same place make a loop so you can hang a wreath on the Christmas tree or the door.

Garland made ​​of felt with their hands on the new year .Photography workshop

Garland made of felt with their hands on the new year.Photography workshop

5 toy monkey for new year of felt

igrushki_na_novyy_god_foto5 igrushki_na_novyy_god_foto6 igrushki_na_novyy_god_foto7

Toys made of felt on the Christmas tree.Photo

Japanese balls for the new year with their own hands.Master class

Many traditions of the rising sun caused tens of centuries ago, are adopted in other parts of the world.So, Temari, decorative ball, painted by hand, used to be the favorite type of needlework in Japanese women, but today such accessories are widely used to decorate Christmas trees.

Balls on the Christmas tree with his hands.A photo

Balls on the Christmas tree with his hands.Photo

you want to and your festive photos were those Christmas decorations?For their manufacture does not require expensive materials, enough to have on hand the usual sewing supplies:

  1. pins with colored needles;
  2. thread on spools and sewing needle;
  3. thread or floss type "Iris";
  4. scissors and colored rags of knitted fabrics;
  5. narrow (about 1 cm) strip of paper 20 cm.

length basis will serve to decorate the small trim jersey, coiled into a tight ball.Then it is covered with coil thread, arranging them evenly over the entire surface of the ball.For one commonly used Temari entire reel.When it ends, it is necessary to leave the long end of the thread with a needle to make a few stitches.This will secure it and support the shape of a ball.

igrushki_na_novyy_god_foto9 igrushki_na_novyy_god_foto11

next stage of creative work - marking Temari.To do this, you need to pin to the ball slip of paper using colored pin.Wrapping paper around the base, should make the folds in places where she meets up with a pin and cut out triangles on them.Then divide the strip into four parts and wrap it around the ball using another second end of the pin.In the middle of each paper item to stick the needles, indicating the "equator".

Production of balls on the Christmas tree with his own hands from the thread .A photo

Production of balls on the Christmas tree with his own hands from the thread.Photography workshop

can now proceed to the main stage - the embroidery pattern using needle and thread.The needle should be displayed as close to the pins, stronger pulling thread.We are wrapping it around the world, going back to the starting point and start a new stitch, deviating from the original pin 90 degrees.

How to make a ball on the Christmas tree with his own hands from the thread .Master Class

How to make a ball on the Christmas tree with his own hands from the thread.Master class

Where needle and thread Temari come to the surface, you need to make a few reinforcement stitches (crosses).After these actions will be carried around all the pins, you can pull out of the ball, "tags" feature they have already completed.

igrushki_na_novyy_god_foto24 igrushki_na_novyy_god_foto25

now using a different color thread start doing spiral stitches around our crosses as long until a square.Do the same with the other control points, changing the desired color of thread.When the squares are started from different crosses, adjoin their extremes, Temari and ready, then you deal with the manufacture of toys for the new year with their own hands!

Magic lantern with their hands on the new 2016

Balls of garlands with their own hands .A photo

balls of garlands with their own hands.Photo

Using conventional garland and a few accessories, you can make a unique luminous decoration, which will help create a festive Christmas atmosphere.Additionally, this will require two semi-circular hanging flowerpot for flowers, thin wire and compliance with the rules of the master class for decorations for the New Year.

igrushki_na_novyy_god_foto27 igrushki_na_novyy_god_foto28

Hanging flower pots should be freed from the decorative elements and connect them with each other using wire.The resulting round frame should uniformly wrap the garland, attaching it to the elements of the flowerpot with the help of sink marks.The end of the wire is left free, bringing it to the top of the resulting decoration.Hang it can be with the help of accessories, which are sold complete with hanging flowerpots.

igrushki_na_novyy_god_foto29 igrushki_na_novyy_god_foto30 igrushki_na_novyy_god_foto31

Make holiday decorations for the New Year with children

's Eve New Year's holidays - a good time to get along with your child to create a festive family traditions.One of them may well be the joint production of Christmas toys with their own hands for the Christmas tree and house from scrap materials.

Игрушка на елку "леденец" своими руками. Фото

toy on the Christmas tree "lollipop" with your own hands.Photo

first proposed option a simple Christmas decoration - suspension in the form of candy .For it will require a minimum set of materials and objects: pieces of colored felt, candy sticks, thin satin ribbon and a gun with hot glue.

Master-class on making toys on the Christmas tree

To make a Christmas decoration with his own hands, cut the fabric on the long, narrow strip (width 1 cm, length - 15 cm) and stack them on top of each other in 7 pieces.From each of these piles turn roll, the ends of which are fixed glue gun them.To get a "candy left only glue pen-wand and ribbon, with the help of which you can hang the ornament on the Christmas tree.Hide glue residue and place fastening tape will help round tissue flap.


For the following crafts, we will need colored or white paper (preferably - to scrap the booking), glue, thread and golden brown curly punch.

cloth or a piece of paper cut into two rectangular pieces and fold each of them "accordion" (the optimal width of the fold - about 1 cm).With the help of figure composter make perforations in the blanks, but rather entrust the job to the kid, because all the children are happy to participate in the creation of New Year's decorations!

Fold accordion and trim the ends of it, to give the workpiece a rounded shape.Now fold each strip in half and connect them to each other by gold color of thread (not need to cut the tails of these loops will be made later).Now your child can spread paper accordion, and you will only have to glue the edges together using double-sided tape or glue stick.

Tie a loop of thread ends that children can independently hang decoration on the Christmas tree!

Garland made ​​of paper with your hands .A photo

garland of paper with your hands.Photo

even less material and time required in the manufacture of the following decorations for the New Year 2016 with his own hands.For garlands you need only colored paper, glue, scissors and ordinary.

colored leaves, cut lengthwise into two equal parts.Take one half of the paper, turn it horizontally on the table and make several vertical cuts, short of 1.5 - 2 cm before the end of the sheet.Now turn your workpiece and perform the same steps on the other hand, sharing the existing "tails" in two parts.

Having prepared so all the sheets of colored paper, ask for a little stretch in their child's hand, and he will see how they turn me bright decorative garland.Glue several pieces together to get the garland to the desired length, and your Christmas decoration is ready!This accessory is absolutely safe, so it can be hung throughout the apartment, including the ceiling, walls and windows, not limited to the Christmas tree decorations.

Give beautiful!How beautifully wrapped gifts for the new year

Gift wrapping for the new year with their own hands .A photo

Gift wrapping for the new year with their own hands.Photo

Originally packaged gift you can not only in specialized departments of stores.With normal kraft paper and Christmas decorations with your hands you will create a beautiful and colorful wrapper for souvenirs, books and other items that you have prepared for their relatives, friends, colleagues.


No matter which way you decide to use, the first step should always be present in the packaging paper, the edges which can bind with adhesive tape or glue.For convenience, we imagine that the object inside is rectangular in shape (eg, book, photo album, frame).


Of the remaining pieces of paper make a stencil, cut out holes in it in the form of hearts, flowers or Christmas trees.Attach the workpiece to the package drawings and paint with acrylic paints, pencils or marker.


Then you can tie a gift twine, under which to put a feather or a small decorative cone.Instead, they will look great and lace ribbon.



With thick yarn and wire can make the package even more original and personal.Wrap metal woolen threads, after brushing it with glue.From wire decorated so you can stack any figure, the initials of the person to whom a gift is a meaningful symbol.Last step: wrap a present kraft paper over tighten the thread and fasten it on her finished accessory.


Another decorating idea for the new year involves the use of conventional sticks or twigs (not too thick).Broke it into pieces 4-5 cm Dina and fold one Christmas tree and attach it with glue for wood elements.After construction drying, wrap it with colorful threads in a random order, using PVA, which will not sag or threads awry.Our herringbone ready, they need only to be glued to the packaging of kraft paper.



If you have to draw a lot of gifts, you can use a quick and easy way to decorate them.Take colored paper, stationery scissors and white thread, print or paint stencil snowflake.

With a blank to multi-colored leaves, cut them out of unusual snowflakes and attach them to the Kraft paper, which presents packed.Each Present rewind the rope or harness, and the work on the decoration of the package is now complete!Choosing a color snowflakes and thread, you can use a combination of contrasting colors or with whom astrologers associated the coming new year.


gifts for relatives and friends can be identified using their common decoration photos.Attach printed cards to kraft paper with glue or decorative thread (satin ribbon), and your personal necessarily a present surprise person close to you!