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August 12, 2017 18:06

Floor air conditioners for apartments and office all the " pros and cons"

Most cottages owners prefer outdoor air conditioners in the selection of HVAC equipment.This tendency is explained, first of all, that permit the settings to periodically change the room climate parameters.Choosing Floor air conditioners should be mandatory to study the reviews of the models.

principle deysvtiya outdoor air conditioner

Once working - conditioner - Napoli -foot - 5 - type

operating principle of a floor air conditioner does not differ from the usual wall model.Nonetheless, it is viewed conditioning system often installed in offices.Thus, the floor system is located indoor unit, and the outer as well as on conventional split systems - on the outside.Such conditioners can be purchased online, just go to an online store VeterSPB, choose the appropriate model, pay and wait for delivery.

With the help of a remote control system, you can adjust the direction of the flow of cold air, the intensity, temperature and much more.Often, the performance of devices an average of about four to nine kilowatts by the number of absorbed or emitted heat.


Another feature of the outdoor air conditioner is that its depth is quite small and is 20-25 centimeters.The air flow, thus, is directed along the wall up, which reduces the risk of colds, because the air mass is not directed at the person.This technique also allows the depth to forget about the need to create an additional connection between the outdoor and indoor units.Pipes for connection does not violate any external or internal finishing and laid directly.

conditioner dimensions allow to install it on the ceiling.


Floor air conditioners differ more weight, but this equipment is considered to be more convenient to use.In case of any problems, the user will not be forced to change the interior of the premises.Moreover, there is no need to make holes in the wall and thus spoil the design of the room.Air conditioners, wall type can be placed in any convenient for you the room.


can also distinguish two main, but not always significant drawbacks of this technique - high pricing and a high level of noise.

Additional equipment floor conditioners

should also be noted that the climatic equipment floor type can be equipped with a remote unit, but there are models without it.In the first case, the model is a tube of small size, which can be easily moved, because of its low weight.

outdoor air conditioner in the apartment

As for the technique to block it, one part mounted outside on special belts.The greatest advantage of HVAC equipment under consideration is the lack of installation required.Such a device, you can immediately start to operate, for this you just need to bring the corrugated hose in the form of a duct to the open window.

Features Floor air conditioners

should also mention about the features of the acquisition of this type of HVAC equipment, for outdoor air conditioning is the only type of the climate system, which can be purchased via the Internet.This is explained by the fact that the acquisition of the air conditioner does not imply implementation of detailed calculation of the parameters of the room.

Buying floor split-system involves a single moment - you have to remember about the high level of noise that comes from the device.His presence in the bedroom or children's room is hardly appropriate.

operating principle of a floor air conditioner is that cold air is directed up first, and then gradually moves down from the ceiling.The distribution is carried out evenly and the availability of a draft is simply not possible.There are also models of air conditioners, which are capable of directing the air flow not only vertically but also horizontally.

As the name suggests, floor conditioners placed it on the floor or at a distance of half a meter from the floor.In such air conditioners pay attention when installing ceiling or wall unit can not be due to the design features and design of the room.

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