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August 12, 2017 18:07

Wooden shutters on windows

In modern conditions are popular blinds - they effectively protect from the sun and prying eyes, fit into a variety of interior styles.Wooden blinds are not only functional, but also decorate the room in combination with the curtains - or become an independent element of the design window.


  • Features wooden blinds
  • Species wooden blinds
  • device wooden blinds
  • Features selection and operation
  • Wooden shutters with his hands
  • Care wooden shutters
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Features wooden blinds

very first prototype of the shutters were wooden plate, gradually with the development of technology people replaced them with metal and plastic.With the return of trends in the use of natural eco-friendly materials on the rise in popularity of wooden blinds in the interior of various premises, including offices (meeting rooms and offices).


They are made of solid wood - a traditional natural material, characterized by high decorative.Wooden Blinds environmentally friendly, durable, different variety of natural shades - and harmoniously blend into the surrounding space, a beneficial effect on the indoor climate.

blinds made of wood, combine the advantages of natural materials and design functionality with a convenient control mechanism.

Species wooden blinds

This type of blinds is both horizontal (lamellae are arranged parallel to the floor), and in the vertical version.


Depending on the method of fixing the blinds are horizontal, wooden:

  • mezhramnye - fixing occurs between the window sash;
  • internal - mounted on a special ledge on the inside of the window.


Traditionally shutters are attached to the wall or ceiling.For tilt and turn windows fixing is carried out directly on the window sash with additional fixation string bottom - which will open a window to ventilate freely.In any case, wood blinds give a standard window opening solidity and respectability.

horizontal slats are manufactured in widths from 25 to 50 mm.Wide wooden blinds serve a far more reliable sun protection than standard aluminum.

Vertical wood blinds are different respectively vertical arrangement of the slats, fastened on top of the ledge holders and connected from the bottom with the chain.The width of the vertical slats can be from 89 to 127 mm.

device wooden blinds

Structurally, wooden blinds are solar device consisting of slats of wood, fixtures, control and connecting elements.


Producing wooden shutters of solid wood, with lamellae thickness of 2-4 mm, in various natural and tinted colors.They are made of cedar wood, beech, basswood, cork.To protect from fading and deformation, extend the slats can be coated with a special non-toxic paint with water- and dust-repellent properties.The choice of colors and textures of wood shutters allows them to combine harmoniously with the furniture made from natural materials and other elements of the interior.

Shutters from wood can be equipped with:

  • automatic control in the form of a switch or remote control a range of about 20 meters;
  • cord decorative braid, covering the technological holes;
  • variety of weights for a cord management - both wood and other materials - metal, glass, acrylic, leather, etc.Basv testa_1 25 ( 1 )

Features selection and operation

Wooden blinds can be bought in companies and online stores that sell ready-made window designs and also manufacture to order.As an alternative, you can purchase to make their own hands.On sale in the presence of a wide range of similar products in large stores that sell goods for the repair and construction of interior - for example, you can buy wooden blinds brand Ikea.Ready to install window shutters and doors (suitable for vertical slats).They can be used for registration in the country style of Provence and different rooms (kitchen, children's room, porch, etc.), as well as wardrobes and bedside tables.


The following features wooden shutters:

  • holes in the locations in lamellae possible slight deformation due to violation of the structure of solid wood and moisture, Cord holes wooden slats usually not toned;
  • accessories blinds - wooden stick and a small weight may vary in shade from the slats because of the different structure of wood;
  • lamella products may have varying degrees of haze, which is normal for this material;
  • wood structure in the form of annual rings, knots cut inherent in natural solid wood, and not a defect of the slats;
  • due to the nature of the material is not recommended to use this type of blinds in rooms with high humidity and significant temperature changes (due to possible deformation of the slat surface);
  • wooden shutters on the windows can be subject to slight fading slats shade on the sunny side.

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Wooden shutters with his hands

If you want to get a unique thing that fits perfectly into the concrete interior blinds can be made independently of the wooden plates.Simply collect the horizontal blinds rising up.


To work required:

  • wooden plank thickness of 3-4 mm and a width of 40-120 mm;
  • thin cord or strong thread;
  • screws, and electric drill with a diameter of 2 mm;
  • stain and varnish for wood.

To make wooden shutters with his hands, pre-need to make precise measurements of the window openings to calculate the required number of wooden plates.

be recalled that the blinds can be fastened directly or over a window in the window opening.In the first case, the need to drill holes in walls and carry out fairly complex installation fasteners - also should be noted that this method of placing shutters visually conceals the volume of the room.

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Approximately expanded form lamellae overlap by 1 cm. Thus, for calculating the number of plates to divide the planned length of the blinds on the distance equal to the width of one lamella minus 1 cm.

length slat expect otminusovyvaya fromokonnnogo opening width of 4 cm (2 cm on both sides).

For manufacturing wooden blinds we propose the following sequence of actions:

  1. If the plates are manufactured by hand at home, they need to be sanded and stained and varnished handle if desired.Stain wood accentuate the drawing and toning it down to the desired shade, varnish creates a protective layer on the surface of the wood.
  2. waited until the surface is completely dry slats, drill three holes for fastening thread in each plate (two sides of each plank in the middle - at a distance of a few centimeters from the edge and the hole in the central part of the strap closer to the edge of the slats).
  3. The side straps threaded hole strong thread (thin line) 20-30 cm longer than the planned height of the blinds.
  4. through the central hole strap is threaded thread length, twice the height of the window.
  5. Securely fasten the lower bar on the yarn ends.
  6. At a distance of about 4 cm to tie knots on strings (larger than the diameter of the holes in the lamellae).Then we hang the next bar, again to tie knots and fasten lamellae sequentially from top to bottom.
  7. finished fabric blinds fixed at the top of the window frame by means of lateral filaments.
  8. upper end of the central thread we move through the mounting structure down and tying a loop (or attach a decorative sinker).With this cord will be governed by the degree of opening the blinds.

Care wooden shutters

To care for wooden shutters detail quite wipe the dust dry or lightly moistened cloth (or brush) is allowed to process the surface of slat cleaner.


For most products is not recommended to wet cleaning, use of detergents, cleaners, solvents, aerosols - they are the substance can damage the outer layer of wood, provoking the emergence of cracks and surface defects.

Wooden blinds will protect from the sun, do not hinder the passage of the flow of fresh air, as well as make you feel comfortable and cool in the room.

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