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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to choose a bio-toilet for questioning

this theme somehow bypass the often delicate silence, and it is in vain.It is the toilet for every civilized human necessity, where he currently are - in his apartment, or suburban area.

usual approach - at their summer cottage, in the most remote corner of a residential house dug a cesspool, which is being built on a small wooden building, used as a toilet.However, over time, an unpleasant odor may begin to spread all around, scoring the scents of the forest and cut grass, so site owners are beginning to come up with different ways to localize it.And, you see, it is not very pleasant to run to the restroom across the entire site, especially at night or in inclement weather.Therefore, a convenient tool has been developed as a bio-toilet, many models which allow to dispense not only with no sump, but without built latrine.

How to choose a bio-toilet for questioning

How to choose a bio-toilet to give

Currently represented in the sale of range of convenient comfort for the person staying in the country of devices - is very wide.And in order to understand how to choose a bio-toilet for the cottages, you should become familiar with the characteristics and principles of operation of the various models.

possibility of using composting toilets

Article Contents

  • 1 possibility of using composting toilets
  • 2 Liquid toilets
    • 2.1 Structure and working principle
    • 2.2 Types of expenditure of funds for liquid composting toilets
      • 2.2.1 Manufacturers compositions for dry closets
  • 3 electric toilets
    • 3.1 Video: the pros and cons of electric biotoilet
  • 4 Peat biotoilet
    • 4.1 Featuresstructure and functioning
    • 4.2 filler for peat biotoilets
    • 4.3 Models peat biotoilets
  • 5 Stationary punching biotoilet
  • 6 criteria biotoilet choice to give
    • 6.1 Winter biotoilet
      • 6.1.1 Peat composting biotoilet «Termotoilet»
  • 7 Video: how to choose a bio-toilet

Toilets in the majority are compact, small in size and weight of the device, which may, nevertheless,significantly different structure, depending on the product type.But each of them has two chambers - the upper and lower.Top plays of the toilet, and the bottom is used for the collection and recycling of waste.

Dry closets always consists of at least two cameras

Dry closets always consists of at least two cameras

Dry closets easy to assemble and does not require communications.It can be installed in almost any convenient place at home, or, if desired, a small separate building erected for him.If you can not perform the laborious task of digging a cesspool, you can choose the model that will allow the use of environmentally friendly fillers, pourable after use anywhere in the suburban area.

An exemplary diagram of the basic compact dry closet

exemplary basic configuration of the compact biotoilet

modern design of most mobile biotoilets, therefore, going to the cottage or just a picnic in the country, you can take with you in downloading the trunk of a car.

Small bio-toilet is quite possible to take with you when going on nature

small composting toilet is quite possible to take with you when leaving the nature

Unfortunately, even in the city, not all homes connected to the sewage collectors, many do not have a well-furnished septic tanks, so residents have to use the toilet, located on thestreet.Especially uncomfortable becomes such use in the winter, so in this situation the ideal solution would be the same bio-toilet.

mini it difficult to build a cottage toilet?

Whatever it was, despite the emergence of new developments, still is and will be the supporters of the construction of an ordinary suburban toilet .To help them - a separate publication of our portal with an overview of simple structures and instructions on their self-construction.

Besides mobile options, there are composting toilets and stationary design.Typically, for this type of instrument is provided a separate room, the type of a conventional toilet.

main types of modern household composting toilets: liquid, peat, electric.There are also so-called single-use toilets, but they are only intended for emergencies, and deal with them makes no sense.

Liquid toilets

Structure and working principle

liquid portable toilets is a device in which waste management takes place via a special type of liquid added to the water.Their design is the most convenient, compact, may have a different height and volume of tanks.Thus, the most common sizes of mobile liquid toilets are 320 × 380 × 310 mm and 450 × 450 × 420 mm.

Liquid composting toilets can be installed in almost any convenient place for residents of the building, as it is hygienic and does not emit any odors.

The most convenient in terms of mobility and compactness are liquid composting toilets

most convenient in terms of mobility and compactness are liquid composting toilets

design requires two departments, interconnected, and water tanks.The upper office has a view of the toilet - it is equipped with the seat and lid.In addition, it is located and a pump for draining.

In most cell structures upper unit includes a water tank.

lower part of the device serves as a collection and recycling location.Thanks to special compositions, wastes lose their odor, their continuous decomposition occurs to a liquid consistency.Additionally, the lower section is equipped with a dry closet seal which retains odors from new entrants to waste their complete neutralization.Some of the models of this type of composting toilets have a special indicator that warns the user about the level of occupancy of the lower capacity.If the waste collection is empty or half full, the indicator will be green, and if necessary tank cleaning, the color will change to red.

Small liquid bio-toilet requires little space

small liquid bio-toilet does not require special facilities

The liquid biotoilets uses several types of reagents, which are used for waste disposal.They are divided into chemical and containing special bacteria (biological).

Special disinfectant and stimulate biodegradation liquid formulations filled into the lower container and begins to work immediately in contact with the waste there.The water tank is added to a flavoring composition, which also contributes to the removal of odors and facilitates flush disposal.

  • When used in composting toilets clean liquid containing specific microorganisms that recycle waste products to neutral components and water, it can be poured on the ground anywhere and will at the same time is absolutely safe for the environment, and will not bring discomfort toof people.Typically, such compositions are green - so they are easier to distinguish from chemical agents, also intended for the decomposition and removal of waste odors.
  • chemicals more aggressive than biosostavy, and starting work on waste per day are able to turn them into a slurry with a uniform consistency and odor-neutral.

When using chemicals, drain the fluid from the filled toilet should be implemented in a separate pit, as this may damage the structure of plants and animals.

operate the composting toilet is a snap.After filling the tank bottom and the emergence of the need to clean it, it is removed from the upper block of the device, and then the tank waste shall be made to the place of discharge.Better if it will be a sewage pit or special waste off-site.The lower tank is usually equipped with a convenient reset button and the spout, which ensures accurate cleaning.After emptying the tank, it must be flushed and filled with plain water with addition of one dressing formulations diluted in accordance with the instructions on his bottle.

When using liquid biotoilet not recommended to throw into it the usual toilet paper, as it does not decompose under the influence of fluids used to neutralize the waste.Therefore, it is necessary, or to provide a separate container, or use special paper designed specifically for dry closets.

When choosing liquid composting toilets, should take into account several factors:

Compact model with a receiver tank 10 liters

compact model with a receiver tank 10 liters

volume of waste containers.You should know that the tank having a volume of 10 ÷ 12 liters, suitable for approximately 20 ÷ 30 performances, and during its filling will be 3 ÷ 4 days, on the condition that they will enjoy no more than three people.If you need a longer period of use without cleaning, you must purchase a composting toilet with a capacity of 20 ÷ 25 liters, which is designed for 50 uses, which corresponds to about one week of operation for three people.

Weight dry closet with a tank of 12 ÷ 13 liters will be about 14 ÷ 15 kg and a volume of 20 ÷ 25 liters - 22 ÷ 27 kg.This factor must necessarily take into account, as it is necessary to raise the device when it's time to clean it.

biotoilet height is also important, especially in cases where they will be in an elderly person or a child, so this test should always be taken into account when buying.For example, the device 420 mm would be inconvenient for small children, and a height of 310 mm is clearly not suitable for tall people.

Types of expenditure of funds for liquid composting toilets

Having clarified the basic structure and operation of composting toilets, worth a closer look and get acquainted with the means that are used for it.

As mentioned above, these tools vary in their composition, according to the method of preparation of a working solution for packaging, etc.However, each of them should fully carry out the following functions:

  • disinfectant action.
  • Neutralization of odors.
  • Fast recycling.

main types, widely used at present are ammonium, formaldehyde and biological compounds.

Packing composition of biological action

Packing composition of biological action

Ammonium compounds

ammonium-based compositions are effective for mobile composting toilets, but they are decomposed by oxygen for 4 ÷ 7 days.Processed with this waste composition may well be used to add them to the compost material, so it provides a means of "wasteless variant" with the maximum benefit for the individual.One liter of concentrated ammonium composition will be enough for the three months of operation biotoilet volume of 20 liters.

Formaldehyde compounds

Funds on the basis of formaldehyde can be called the most effective for the decomposition of waste in a composting toilets, because they have the most potent chemical composition.The main disadvantage of this tool is that it is necessary to dispose of it through a central drain.Drain filled container into the soil at their summer cottage or even close to it - is absolutely unacceptable, since this compound is toxic.Therefore, formaldehyde compositions, for all appearances, are not suitable for use in the country conditions.

One liter of this concentrate is 3 ÷ 4 months for dry closets on the same 20 liters.

Biological agents

Biological agents are composed of the composition of living bacteria, and is environmentally friendly and safe for the environment and humans.Such compositions are capable of converting dry closet waste into fertilizer for the vegetable garden or flower beds.

Concentrate biological preparation

concentrate biological preparation

biological compounds disinfect water and eliminate odors, as well as biological waste is processed in a fertile compost.Many of them are able to prevent the development of disease-causing microbes, and even hit the viable helminth eggs, pathogens and other negative manifestations.Since biologic drugs, they do not contain chlorine, formaldehyde and phosphate additives, so are ideal for use in biotoilets the country.The most important disadvantage is their higher price than other products manufactured on a chemical basis.

Also formulations causing waste management, use special structures for the top of the tank - for water for flushing.They eliminate foreign odors, facilitates erosion and significantly reduce water consumption.

Concentrate for filling the toilet tank dry closet

concentrate to fill the cistern biotoilet

desirable to acquire the compositions made by the same manufacturer, and on the same basis as they would go well with each other.

Manufacturers compositions for dry closets

in stores or in online directories is a fairly wide range of tools for dry closets, domestic and foreign manufacturers.The formulations differ, and the basic components, and prices.

quite popular and effective are compositions produced by «AquaRinse» and companies «Campa Green» (Golladniya), «Septicsol» (Canada) and "Biola" (Russia).The most affordable is the production of "Rodas" Russian company that produces a variety of means, including for dry closets under the brand "Biola".

It is widely used means of «Aqua Rinse»

widely applied tool «AquaRinse»

purchasing a composting toilet, it must be remembered that the suit is not any remedy for it.Invalid selected composition can not only cope with the task, but also harm the system.It is necessary to purchase only specifically designed for this purpose compositions.The packaging and in the instructions for use must be clearly identified purpose and composition of the concentrate and its preparation of the rules for filling the tank.Just read these instructions carefully, it will be possible to decide on the acquisition of a particular composition.

Electric toilets

closets, running on electricity, usually consist of a plastic housing toilet and two receiving containers, separated from each other - the first is intended for processing of solid waste, and the other is responsible for the disposal of liquids.

Expensive , but very comfortable to use - electric toilets

Expensive, but very comfortable to use - electric toilets

On sale you can find models that are designed for the output of liquid waste into the sewer or drainage system, as well as their complete evaporation.Solid waste is usually dried to a powder completely using the built-in compressor body dry closet.

An exemplary diagram of the structure of the electric dry closet

exemplary design of the electric circuit biotoilet

Scents of electric models are removed using mechanical ventilation.

The positive qualities of this type can include dry closet:

  • For efficient operation of the electric device does not need to acquire chemical or biological consumable assets.After processing, the output turns out environmentally friendly waste composting material that is perfect for fertilizing the soil at their summer cottage.
  • Since the waste is dried to a powder state, they do not take up much space in the vessel, so the entire chamber cleaning can be carried out 2 ÷ 3 times a year.
  • for electric toilets do not require liquid to flush waste.
  • Due to the fact that the forced extractor completely absent odors embedded in the structure.

The disadvantages of electric biotoilet include the following points:

  • In the absence of electricity the device can not be used.