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August 12, 2017 18:06

The furnace for the bath with his hands

Probably every owner of an individual if the suburban housing in the area and does not yet own bath, then, most likely, has plans for its construction and equipment. Bannaya tradition in Russia - a very old and stable, and no modern devices and accessories in the form of baths, a Jacuzzi, "clever" showers, electric heaters or steam generators can not replace this heat from the heater and heated birch broom.

The furnace for the bath with his hands

furnace for a bath with his hands

Stove - it is one of the most important attributes of Russian bath or sauna present.From its efficient operation depends the necessary atmosphere and the desired temperature in the steam room and washroom. Currently on sale presented many models specifically designed for these conditions.However, many domestic masters prefer to make the furnace for a bath with his hands. thing is though quite complex and requires good skills building, or welding, but it is quite feasible.

Types sauna stoves

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  • 1 Types sauna stoves
    • 1.1 Video: Tips for choosing the stove for baths
  • 2 How to make a metal stove for a bath yourself
    • 2.1 stove periodic heating for a small family steam
    • 2.2 metal stove periodic heating with additional brick walls
    • 2.3 stoves constant heating with an open stove
    • 2.4 Video: interesting simple design of a metal stove for baths
  • 3 Preparing the space for the stove
  • 4 laying
    • 4.1 Video: how to stack stones bannuyu oven

First of all, you must understand the basic existing varieties of sauna stovesso you can opt for one of them.

1. By Material manufacturing

  • From ancient times, the main material for the sauna stoves was Burnt bricks.Not a thing of the past, this tradition today - many prefer it over the brick oven others, although, of course, it building is much more difficult than installing a ready-made.But the heat in it persists much longer, and the atmosphere in the bath, it creates very special.
Masonry stoves create in the steam room is especially favorable atmosphere

brick stoves create in the steam room is especially favorable atmosphere

With its structure may be defined complexity.So, for the construction of a brick necessarily require a foundation that is not associated with the very foundation of the bath.In addition, the size of the building itself is not always possible to place it in such oven , although, of course, there are projects and very small in size clutches.

Yet another difficulty - the construction of such a furnace requires a certain experience that it does not become a source of potential threat to life and health.Often, it is the desire to have a stone oven makes hosts baths refer to the masters.However, you can try it folded independently.

  • very popular metal stoves.Suppose they are some of the waste reflux raditsii, but have a number of advantages:

- Her installation does not take a long time and will not require much space.

- For sale is a mass of ready-made models, so you can choose the most optimal option for specific bath .

- This oven is easier to make your own, if you have experience working with electric welding.

- For the manufacture of metal furnaces are often used even seemingly recycled materials - cutting pipes, old wheels of trucks, disused gas cylinders, old barrels and etc .

Metal furnace is much easier to install

Metal furnace is much easier to install

The bath is usually set only steel stove - cast iron under these conditions is not acceptable.Yes, he has a greater heat capacity and longer retains the right temperature, but its fragility and instability to sudden thermal differences do not allow, for example, on a hot stove to splash cold water - can cause cracks.

heating Stoves

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main disadvantage of steel stoves is their rather rapid cooling after the furnace, especially if used for the manufacture of sheet metal is not thick enough.However, heat can long enough to hold a massive heater.

  • reconcile supporters of brick and steel bath furnace can technology lining metal housing with a brick.

massive base in this case is not required, sealing masonry joints also , ie the process of construction of the wall quite simple.

Combined option - a metal oven, lined with brick

Combined option - a metal oven, lined with brick

Also good heat storage, brick veneer protect from direct exposure to the hard infrared radiation from hot metal surfaces.And yet - it can be a good complement of indoor baths, often hiding the not too lovely views steel stove.

2. As used energy carrier

vast majority of sauna stoves designed for heating their firewood.There are, of course, model and using a gas, electricity.Some craftsmen adapted for this purpose liquid fuel assemblies (eg, diesel fuel), bringing the combustion of the diesel fuel supply system to the street.

For optimal fuel baths were and remain firewood

for baths optimal fuel were and remain

firewood, however, can be still re-emphasize this, no other energy other than natural well-dried wood will not create in the steam room of the health microclimate, for which, in principle, a bath more oftenand just being built.

3. According to the location of the furnace

and brick, and metal bath stoves can have different layouts:

Furnace with a combustion chamber located completely pair

Furnace with a furnace is completely located in the steam room

In one embodiment, in the steam room is all oven whole, ie make it furnace accounts directly from here.Such an arrangement, of course, cheaper and easier to manufacture and install, but there are several serious drawbacks.For example, the supply of wood in the sauna will not create - they just soggy.Thus, if necessary, to maintain the fire have to run out for them in another room or on the street.In addition, the steam room - it is usually not as three-dimensional space, and therefore a high risk to get a random burns on contact with a hot furnace door.

The door of the furnace can be brought into the next room

door of the furnace can be brought into the next room

In terms of convenience and safety of use benefit stove in which the door of the combustion chamber is moved to a waiting room, and in the steam room is the stove and possibly a tank for heating water.In such a furnace can be maintained light, without disturbing anyone, and in the steam room raises the overall level of safety.

4. By way of heating stove

Finally, the stoves are distinguished by the method of heating the stones.

  • Currently, the most commonly used heating stoves permanent.In their design stones do not have direct contact with the escaping flue gases - or they are placed in a metal container welded to the oven body or a special grid bodies arranged on the walls or even flue pipe.This arrangement is characterized by greater furnace Finnish sauna. temperature heating stones reaches 300 - 400 degrees.stones are small fractions are commonly used, the type of coarse gravel.They are not covered with soot, as isolated from the products of combustion.
DC furnace heating from the outside of the heater

Stove constant heating with an external heater

convenience of such stoves is that the furnace process and directly, taking bath procedures are not separated in time - it is possible to maintain the fire and, accordingly, the temperature in the steam room so much, as necessary.

  • somewhat differently arranged stoves periodic heating.Their design includes removal hot gases directly through the heater, and their subsequent access to the chimney.Stones in this heated to extremely high temperatures - up to 1,000 degrees.However, after waiting protaplivaniya furnace necessarily complete burning of fuel and release of carbon monoxide - only then can you move on to washing.To heater is not cooled quickly and did not give heavy wet steam, it usually cover or lid or flap door.

This scheme usually folded classic Russian stoves - protoplennoy baths were enough for all family members.Water in contact with so much heated stones immediately turns into steam.The main condition - must be massive, carefully selected, rounded expressed dark gray color, and their total weight shall not be less than 50 kg.From time to time the heater dismantled to clear the stones from the accumulated soot and replace destroyed.

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schemes such simple stoves batch will be discussed below.

  • It should be noted that there are models of stoves that combine dignity of both devices.They heater section on on two areas - unventilated, placed in a special channel through which the products of combustion, and the open.
In what furnace two heaters - outer and inner vented , heat is obtained from the combustion products

In such an oven two stove - external ventilated and inner receiving heat from the combustion products

Such stoves are quite complicated on the device, but they are perfectly accumulates heat, and allow a dry vapor, and toss, if necessary, the wood can be directly into the washing process.

Video: Tips for choosing the stove for baths

How to make a metal furnace bath yourself

options metal bath stoves - an infinite number, and, by and large account , anyone canand come up with their own, relying on some basic model. in any special knowledge and skills can result in some very easy-to-performance stoves, are not required for the manufacture of which by way of example.

periodic heating stove for a small family steam

One of the simplest options to produce periodic heating furnace

One of the easiest to manufacture the stove options periodic heating

This is probably the one and s the simplest options.To make such a furnace will require metal fox reflux Thickness of about 5 mm (steel Ct 3 ).From a thin sheet in this case do oven does not make sense - it burned very quickly, and the heat will keep inefficient.

  • stove dimensions are small - only 900 mm length 800 - height with the feet and the width at the front - 600 mm. It can be placed even in a very small steam room.
  • for flue pipe will need a scrap pipe diameter of 115 mm.Its length can vary - some prefer a short tube with a flange for connection of the chimney, and other welded rather long section on which you can put on the hot water tank.
  • to all the seams had durability, better than they do in the area with a metal shelf 30 × 30 × 3 mm.This same profile and the need for a polo to ronshteynov for internal lattice partitions.
  • In height oven space is divided into three unequal compartments.Lower, very narrow - it is the ash pan (1) with a blower door.The size of this small door is usually in 2 - 2,5 times less flue openings.
  • between the firebox and ash pan (3) on the brackets of the bracket installed iron grate.
Ideally, make better use of cast-iron grate

Ideally, better use of cast-iron grate

  • If you can not find them, you have to cook lattice of parallel rods with a diameter of at least 10 - 12 mm.The distance between the rods is maintained the same - about 10 mm.
  • upper bay - a heater through which the combustion gases during protaplivaniya furnace (5).The gases pass freely through lattice (4) is heated stones and discharged into chimney pipe (6).
  • doors of the combustion chamber and the ash-ash are broadcast on the loop and welded necessarily equipped with latches, latch.
  • rear of the stove for one third of the sealed metal sheet (300 × 600 mm) at the center of which cut the hole where the pipe is welded chimney, which descends 100 - 120 mm.
  • The diagram does not show the cover, which cover heater during firing of bath furnace.Its easy made of thin metal (0,8 - 1,0 mm) with calculation , so that it completely covers the stove and gently at the bottom of the shell wall.This cover does not give stones to cool quickly, and process pre-bath furnace will prevent direct access to the products of combustion into the room, guiding them in the chimney pipe.Of course, good traction should be provided for this purpose.

Just before the start of bath treatment, the cover is removed and the sauna heater remains in the open position.Sometimes, however, provide for and hinged flap , which opens when you want to succumb to a couple, and the cover is always in place, the longer the heat retaining stones.

  • When the oven is fully welded, producing reflux Carefully sweep and check the seams, deburring and metal irregularities.It is recommended to cover the design of the outside heat-resistant varnish, specially designed for fireplaces and stoves.

Stacking stones intended for them compartment made later, after the installation of the furnace at the place in the bath and connect it to the chimney.On this it will later.

heat from a stove when it protaplivaniya should be sufficient to complete the procedure for bannuyu 2 - 3 people.

metal stove periodic heating with additional brick walls

More one option the stove open type , which, however, is somewhat more complicated to manufacture, but the ability to accumulate heat at her - significantlyhigher.

Metal furnace with internal brickwork

Metal furnace interior brickwork

There has already been applied "double" technology - the metal case and the internal brickwork.Steel in this case does not need too thick - enough sheets 1,5 - 2,0 mm.For masonry applied refractory fireclay bricks, and as a solution is best to buy ready-made dry mortar specially designed for furnaces and fireplaces, and knead it according to the instructions on the preparation.