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August 12, 2017 18:06

Heating the garage with his hands

garage, in addition to its direct purpose often performs other functions in the basement of stored supplies of food and all kinds of roll bending, in fact the very car room can be used as a workshop, storage for bicycles and skis, as well as a place for pleasant meetings inmale company.Special judges garage recreation often parked upper floor where equip a cozy cabin.And very often make heating the garage with his hands is the only right decision, because very little garage cooperatives have central heating.In this article we are going to consider all reasonable options that can be implemented independently.

Heating the garage with his hands

Heating garage with his hands

Why heating garage

Article Contents

  • 1 Why heating garage
  • 2 What, above all, you need to consider?
    • 2.1 Necessity insulation garage
    • 2.2 necessity of qualitative ventilation garage
    • 2.3 adequate fire fighting measures
  • 3 Types of garage heating
  • 4 Choosing the type of garage heating, depending on its location
  • 5 Selection of heating type, depending on the frequency of the appearance of people in it
  • 6 installation of garage heating system with their own hands
    • 6.1 installation of garage heating built-in or attached to his home
    • 6.2 Features garage heating system installation,located at a distance from a private home
    • 6.3 Installation of stove heating garage
      • 6.3.1 Which oven is better to choose for the garage
      • 6.3.2 Installation furnace type Buleryan
      • 6.3.3 Video: Installation ovenBuleryan and chimney
    • 6.4 Installation of electric heating garage
      • 6.4.1 Installation elektrokonvektornogo heating garage
      • 6.4.2 Mounting infrared heating garage
      • 6.4.3 Video Editing film infrared ceiling heating
  • 7 Conclusion

Unfortunately, most garages in our country are not heated, and is completely satisfied with their owners, who are not ready to decide on additional costs and make their own efforts.But the owners, once made your garage warm and never abandon it.What are the advantages of heating the garage?

  • Indoor garage with air temperature +5 ° C in the winter, having good ventilation, will not form a condensate, which eventually leads to corrosion of the car body.This is especially true hidden cavities, which in any machine abound.
Improper storage in the cavities of the vehicle falls condensate

Improper storage cavities in the vehicle drops condensation

  • At low temperatures, it is hindered to start the engine, which is due to a thick oil, falling battery capacity.In addition, with prolonged exposure to freezing temperatures decreases the elasticity of rubber and rubber parts: glands, anthers, seals, silent blocks and other.As a result, their life is greatly reduced.
  • The heated garage never freeze locks the car door, sits down in it is much more pleasant, warming up the engine is in a comfortable environment, more gently, which greatly extends the service life.
Open the frozen lock - not an easy task

Open frozen castle - not an easy task

  • If you need routine maintenance of the car, in the heated garage is made much easier, and is in the room with positive temperature in the winter cold is much more comfortable and nicer than frozenthrough a metal box.

But the world is not absolutely perfect things, so heating the garage has its drawbacks:

  • During the cold season, for the purposes of permanent heating garage takes a very large amount of heat, which, unfortunately, costs money.
  • for equipment garage heating system requires the purchase of the necessary equipment, which is also associated with costs.
  • Almost all heat sources are the objects of increased danger.Taking into account, and so a high concentration in the confined space of the garage mechanisms, flammable substances, various necessary and unnecessary materials, we can say that the garage heating system requires strict compliance with the host, though simple, but necessary safety rules.

But even with all the obvious drawbacks, heating the garage is still that "sheepskin", which is worth the candle.The main thing is to consider all factors and choose from all the options most suitable heating, and is expensive for not much hit and will cope with the task.

This garage is pleasant and comfortable stay even in the winter cold

This garage is pleasant and comfortable stay even in the winter cold

What, above all, you need to consider?

After deciding that the heating in the garage should be, should not immediately rush out and buy expensive equipment and to begin installation.First of all, you must take into account several important requirements, which makes any non-heating garage:

  • Firstly, pointless and ineffective.
  • Secondly, it is very expensive.
  • Finally, dangerous to human health and life!

Necessity insulation garage

Being in a heated, but not insulated garage is like to sit in the cold in a barrel and try to warm up the candle flame.Therefore, first of all, it is necessary or to make sure that the garage has good insulation, or make it right.This subject will be discussed in this article will not, because it is so vast that already described in detail in the publications of the portal elements of the garage must be warmed sure:

  • Firstly, should be removed all the loose fit of the garage door and window designs, as through them together with heated air flows away a lot of heat.
  • Secondly, the insulation shall be subject to the walls of the garage.Better insulation - it is outside and spent more during the construction phase, but it is often in cramped conditions garage cooperatives can not do this, so car owners have to be warmed from the inside, that the quality of waterproofing and good insulation material is quite acceptable.
Thermal insulation of the walls of the garage is not a luxury but a necessity

Insulation of walls of the garage is not a luxury but a necessity

  • Third, necessarily must be warmed roof, because the heated air passes much heat it to her, and she is already transmitting it further out.
  • Fourth, non-insulated garage doors are a kind of pump, pumping out ruthlessly valuable calories from the inside out.This topic is discussed in detail in the relevant article of the portal, the gate must necessarily be qualitatively insulated.
  • Finally, many owners of garages come in a bewildering when they learn about the need to insulate the floor.It is not always possible to implement technically already finished garage, but during the construction phase is realized very easily.One can hardly accuse of being stupid practical Germans who necessarily insulated garage floor, and even often lay in it heating pipes.
Every year the supporters of the warm water in the garage floor becoming more

Every year supporters of warm water floor in the garage becomes more

necessity of qualitative ventilation garage

At arrangement of heating the garage, some car owners believe that along with the air from exhaust air into the atmosphere shall be made a large number ofheat.And I must say that these allegations are not unfounded.The laws of physics can not be undone, really heat leaking through the vent.It would seem quite logical to close the exhaust ducts and precious calories "sealed" in the volume of the garage.It is truth too!But do not forget that in the air of the garage will also couple of different chemical compounds, some of which can be toxic, and some are explosive.

At arrangement of heating the garage, first of all, you need to pay attention to ventilation, and should be left free to all vents and openings in its insulation.Various furnace, even in the presence of high-quality chimney, part of the carbon monoxide is still given to the room.It is known that the poisoning with this product of combustion is very dangerous, it combines with hemoglobin in the lungs, and the man himself does not notice suffocation killed.Therefore ventilation task quickly withdraw combustion gases and vapors of different compounds into the atmosphere, while fresh air - to deliver a new batch of fresh air.It follows that the main function of the garage ventilation system - is to ensure the safety of people are in it!

Garage ventilation system can help channel fan

garage ventilation system can help channel fan

Another important purpose of the ventilation system is to remove excess moisture from the room.The car, coming from the winter cold, brings with him a considerable amount of atmospheric water in the form of snow, ice and condensation.Even if the heating system melt snow and ice, and the ventilation is not, excess moisture will remain in the car and to be present in high concentrations in air.In such ideal conditions for corrosion body "bloom" red spots after a couple of years.

Subject garage ventilation is required to be covered in detail in a separate article on our website.

adequate fire fighting measures

Each car for quick engine uses the energy of combustion (explosion) of the fuel-air mixture, so already the subject of high fire danger.The tank vehicle means may be a supply of fuel, which is enough to burn more than a dozen cars and garages.In addition to the car in the garage may be more and various oils, paints, gasoline or diesel fuel supply, which, of course, does not add to safety.When the heating equipment in the garage appears more one or more objects that can cause a fire.

Statistics show that most fires in garages is due to the carelessness of the unit, non-simple fire safety rules.A good host always everything will be fine, the fire in his garage would be unlikely.Fire safety regulations are set out in a variety of regulatory documents dry official language, but we do have a selection key.

    • Fire safety must be provided still at the stage of construction of the garage.The design of the foundation walls, roofs, insulation, device engineering services and interior decoration should be used only non-combustible (NG) or readily flammable (G1), flammability ( In 1) building materials with low smoke-forming ability (D1) and Harmful toxicity (T1).In brackets we have given figures that are in the supporting documentation for construction materials.When you purchase it is necessary to consider.
    • Some car owners can arrange garage strategic reserve of fuel and oil that do strictly prohibited.Allowed to store no more than 20 liters of gasoline or diesel fuel and 5 liters of oil, and they should be in special containers and in a locked metal cabinet.Empty factory packaging out of oils or paint materials must be disposed of.
    • Garage is often used as a storage of old things, which is still a pity to throw away or give away to whom they are really needed.It is not necessary to do, very often it is the large number of items does not allow to extinguish the fire quickly.
Bad example a garage converted into a dump

Bad example a garage converted into a dump

    • Do not refuel the car in the garage fuel, keep it open gas tank or leak in the fuel system.
    • prohibited in the premises of the garage to wash different parts of gasoline, kerosene, diesel fuel and other combustible (flammable liquids) and flammable (combustible) liquid.
    • used rags must be disposed of immediately, and to keep the work clothes or in a separate room or in a locked cabinet.
    • Do not use soldering and kerosene lamps, torches, as well as to make welding, blacksmithing and other hot work.
    • Smoking is strictly prohibited in the garage, as it is the most common cause of fires.
In this garage badly lit

This garage unsuccessfully smoked

    • improvised electric heaters and is not specifically designed for heating garage forbidden.
    • Every motor vehicle shall be equipped with a powder extinguisher.In the garage, you must have extinguishing media: carbon dioxide or powder extinguisher large volume , supply of water, sand box, shovel and special fire protection cloth (felt mat).The fire extinguisher is best placed directly on the inner surface of the door leaf, and all other fire-fighting equipment be placed in close proximity to the exit.
Exemplary firefighter shield

Exemplary firefighter shield

    • In the event of a fire outbreak can be quickly put out by covering the felt mat.In the event of fire should be immediately pushed the car out of the garage and start quenching.On their hand to count it is not necessary, so be sure to cause a fire.

Types of garage heating

Heating garage can be implemented very different ways.Consider them.

  • Heating solid fuel - a very popular, but also one of the most dangerous.Subject to the necessary safety measures is an acceptable option.Best of all, when the boiler or different furnace and fuel supply are located in another room.This is one of the cheapest heating types, but for permanent heating requires the presence of man, which is often simply impossible.
Modern stoves look vpolneSovremennye solid kiln look quite cute and efficiency have reached 70 % efficiency lovely and they have up to 40 %

Modern solid kiln look quite cute and efficiency have reached 70%

  • Heating electricity possible both by means of coolant and direct by : convectors, heat guns, infrared emitters and films .So heating is easy to manage, easy to install.High tse on on electricity, its stability supply and limit the power released significantly limit its application.
  • Gas heating can be realized by means of convectors and boilers.The main limitation is the high cost of design and installation work for the connection of the main gas that may not pay off for decades.Heating liquefied bottled gas is several times more expensive than the trunk and can be compared to electric.The presence of tanks in the garage with gas is dangerous, so it is recommended to clean the metal cabinets.
Garage Heating gas boiler - sufficient rarity

garage Heating gas boiler - enough rare

  • Recently gaining popularity heating garages using furnace waste oil, which is always there in abundance at service stations.Such furnaces produce large amounts of heat that can in a short time to heat the room, but they require constant human presence, maintenance and cleaning.The presence of impurities in completing adversely affects the operation of the furnace, and in some instances can be dangerous and cause an explosion.
Furnace waste oil - an efficient heater but also dangerous

furnace waste oil - an efficient heater but also a dangerous

Choosing the type of garage heating depending on the location

The choice of garage heating decisive influence points in the first place its location,and only then other factors.What could be the location options for the garage?

  • Best of all, when the garage is located on the ground floor or in the basement of a private house, or attached to it.