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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to drill tile drill bits for drilling holes that are not cracked tiles

How to drill tile
  • Tools
  • How to drill a small hole
  • What you need to consider?
  • As the drill so that the tiles do not split
  • Browse drills
  • Tips for Choosing a drill
  • How to drill a large hole under the wall socket or pipe

After repairs in the bathroom or in the kitchen, you may need to supplementroom shelves, cupboards, painting, mirror and other items and decorations.Or, as is often the case, you need to additionally supply outlet and make an opening for the pipe or cable.If the tile you need to drill a hole, then there can not do without special tools.


For drilling holes we need:

  • drill;
  • specialized spear-shaped tip;
  • level (if holes is two or more);
  • conductor, performs the function of a stencil;
  • felt-tip pen to mark the holes;
  • sticky masking tape, duct tape or adhesive tape.

Tracks adhesive tape on the tile to keep drilling at drill at the very beginning.

drill must be set to the minimum speed and put in unstressed mode.

spear drill is only suitable for the tiles, and then work with the tiles must be replaced by another, more suitable for the walls.If you do not, it will come into disrepair during the passage of the plaster layer.

spear drill

How to drill a small hole

In order to obtain a small hole in the ceramic tile can do:

  1. usual hand drill, because drilling is possible to control the full speed of rotation and the amount of pressing.
  2. electric drill with continuously adjust the speed of rotation.
  3. screwdriver with low speed.Because when you use it there is no strong vibration and rough shots, in a tile will be able to drill a hole without cracking or damage.

Apply punch can only after the passage of the ceramic tiles to continue the work on the wall.

Puncher to make a hole

What you need to consider?

With tiles should be treated very carefully, because it easily cracks and chipped and rough handling.

As the drill so that the tiles do not split

first step is to define the quality of tiles.To this should be necessary to knock on its surface.

Ringing sound means that a void behind the plate, and this tile to break very easily.Select another location.

If the sound dull and dense, the probability of failure is much lower.

Please note that it is not recommended to drill the tile at the corner.

spear drills are used when you need to get a small hole.

When choosing a drill you must remember that it has to be the cutting edge stronger tiles.

Drilling tile drill bit tip with pobeditovym

dowel holes

In this case, you can use pobeditovoe or diamond drill.Drilling must be at slow speeds.

How to make the hole in the tile

drilling stages:

  1. note marker drilling locations.If several places, the level of use.
  2. Glue tape, but we make sure to mark translucent.If the mark faintly visible mark them again.You can do without the tape, but in this case it is necessary to remove a small layer of enamel in the markup of future openings.
  3. Please include low speed in drill mode (without punches).
  4. can gradually gaining momentum, but do not forget about cooling and undermining drill.
  5. Upon reaching the wall of the drill should be replaced with a more suitable, to prevent damage to it.At this stage it is possible to include impact mode, if necessary.
  6. Upon reaching the desired depth take out the drill, remove the tape and insert dowels so that they went into the hole completely.

Browse drills

right choice will drill with diamond coating .This is a fairly expensive drill, but it will be compensated for large volumes of work, but it will not be profitable for a "couple of holes."

Drill Diamond Products

For a small operation such spending at home are not necessary, and can be used to drill pobeditovym tip , which is sharpened on a diamond wheel.This tip is ideal for the home environment and has an affordable price.

Drill tip with pobeditovym

Tips for Choosing a drill

order to make correct choice of the drill, it is necessary to know what the size of the hole in the in the tile you want.

In most cases, in the bathroom or in the kitchen needs to be done fairly large hole.Then perfect drill with a tubular tip is called the "crown" of the people.The high price is justified by a minimum of expended time and effort, as well as an excellent result.

Crown - Drill with a tubular tip diamond-coated

more wrong tile, you can drill a specialized low-drill - «Ballerina» .This circular drill, which is similar to a compass.Its transparent advantage is that it is possible to make the holes of the desired size.

Ballerina - drill for tile

Working with tungsten drill bits with a centering drill can be done over laid with ceramic tiles.

Tungsten bit with centering drill

How to drill a large hole for the outlet pipe or

For this work you can apply different types of drills.

first way - is to apply punch delivered with a crown diamond-coated. Before getting started, tiles should be laid on a smooth plane wooden surface is best suited for this.Mark point for drilling and hammer finish.This option is considered to be economical in time and harmless.

The hole in the pipe under the slab - punch with a crown set with a diamond-coated

The second method - use it drill with a diamond crown. should also be noted point for opening and start of drilling from the front, without pressing down firmly on the tool.All work should take no more than five minutes.

also applicable in this case a circular drill «Ballerina», especially if you need a custom size hole.Required to set the desired value for the hole, then mark a point for drilling and drill.

To drill is better to use a tripod to prevent rocking.

If you can not buy a crown, you can use a drill with a diamond tip.

How to drill tile and granite, you can see in the following video.