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August 12, 2017 18:06

Woodlice in the bathroom : how to get rid

wood louse
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  • whether woodlice in the bathroom Dangerous?
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  • What if nothing works?

«My house - my castle" - we have long been accustomed to think so, and therefore do everything possible to protect their homes from the invasion of uninvited guests.Iron doors and intercoms are practically in every apartment, but many owners and do not stop, equipping home alarm system and surveillance cameras.However, against some uninvited guests, these precautions are powerless.They penetrate into our homes through tiny cracks in the walls, water pipes and air vents.They do not encroach on our property or health, but, meanwhile, we are able to poison the existence by their presence.

So, today we will focus on woodlice.You may already have met with those "charming" beings.Who are they and how to make the meeting a memory remained with them, you will learn from this article.


Woodlice - it arthropods, which belong to a class of higher cancers.Their natural habitat is the same as that of fellow - crawfish and crabs: they prefer to settle on the waterfront.Woodlice find moist and shady place, for example, under a rock or driftwood, and wait out there day and at sunset recover in search of food.

With the development of the coastal cities of woodlice thickets gradually moved into our apartment.There was no place for them that meets their requirements: the darkness and humidity.Indeed, most of woodlice can find it in the bathroom.

Woodlouse bathroom

Often this is the only place in the house where no one penetrates sunlight.That's why, being in a city apartment, woodlice alter their natural way of life - start to show active life, not only at night but during the day.

second condition comfortable life for these arthropods - water, because they breathe using gills.Here, everything is clear, the water in the bathroom is always, and rarely possible to completely protect the floor and walls from splashes.

searches for woodlice food does not necessarily leave the bathroom, because there is all that it needs.The food lice are not choosy: feed on organic remains.In your bathroom make up their daily diet skin particles, coating on the tile, pieces of toilet paper and stuff.

Bathroom - the most fertile environment for habitat woodlice. On the other rooms in the house, they do not apply.To woodlice occupied the apartment, it is necessary to bring it to a truly sorry state: for many days did not take out the garbage, do not aerate and fill with water all around.Therefore, to get rid of bad neighborhood, bring enough to order only one room in the house.

Cleaning the bathroom

So, if you are in the bathroom one day find a creature the size of a cockroach with long whitish little body, antennae and seven pairs of legs, you should not panic.Just be sure to read and article and try to follow the advice given in it.

whether woodlice in the bathroom Dangerous?

Despite the intimidating appearance, woodlice - completely safe substance.

most unpleasant consequence of meeting them - it screams and squeals, caused by the effect of surprise rather than aggressive behavior of this harmless arthropods.

Woodlice do not bite, do not sting and generally try to avoid contact with people.If you try to touch woodlice or turn it back on, then most likely, it will curdle up and will not file any sign of life until, until the danger has passed.

Woodlice not transmit any diseases, harmful bacteria or germs, so a sanitary point of view, they are also completely harmless. In addition, they will not ruin your furniture, walls and finishes (only when they are no longer affected rot).Your food is also safe, as it crawl into the kitchen out of the dark, cozy en suite rooms woodlice hardly dare.

Poor lighting in the bathroom

Yet, translucent legged creature crawling on your clean tile floor, which you used to walk barefoot - not a pleasant sight, so after the first meeting with woodlice best to do everything to make these meetings more thannot repeated.


As mentioned above, the humidity - it is a necessary condition for the existence of woodlice.Consequently, in order to survive arthropods neighbors, you first need to be "dry" bathroom.Make it a rule to ventilate the room every time after the adoption of water treatments.If this is difficult to implement (eg, if you have a large family or adjacent bathroom), just leave the bathroom open at night.Do not be afraid, woodlice not scatter all over the apartment - there for them too dry. Also try every day to wipe dry all surfaces in the bathroom.

Wiping the surface in the bathroom

Perform a thorough cleaning of the entire bathroom, look at all hard to reach places, check for their water and dirt accumulations. Pay special attention to the space under the bathroom sink, behind the toilet and washing machine.Deal with all the hidden corners of detergent.There is no need to carry out such a cleaning every day, but try to repeat it at least once a month.Next, you need to take care of waterproofing.Check all plumbing and water pipes for leaks and eliminate them.

Heated towel rack in bathroom

air dry in the bathroom help heated towel rail.If it is not enough heat, install the heater and turn it on for a couple of hours a day.Do not be amiss to stretch and get to the bathroom.

Forced ventilation in the bathroom

If the cleaning you can not find anything that might attract the attention of woodlice and make them live forever in your bathroom, perhaps, they come to visit you from the neighboring apartments.

In this case, check all the vents - there are no grids of holes?It is also worth to see the floor and the wall - maybe you'll find a crack between the tiles or walls.If any show up, repaired them and cut woodlice access to your apartment will not be difficult.

Traditional methods

In earlier times, a favorite place of woodlice living room was.This is where a really dark and damp!It has since come down to us old folk remedy to get rid of these creatures.

This is a very humane method that allows you to withdraw woodlice without causing them any harm. order to expel from his apartment arthropods, you'll need a few birch brooms.At night, wet twigs and arrange them in the most humid and dark places in the bathroom.Daylight collect brooms and ye shall carry them out of the apartment.For greater reliability, better to burn them, but if you are sure that the lice do not return to you, just throw them in the trash.

Birch broom

Here's another, more modern recipe: need to take a pinch of red pepper, tobacco and soda and pour a liter of warm water .Then, all mix well and sprinkle the mixture overnight on the floor and the ceiling, and in the morning all the wash.

can try other traditional recipes.For example, sprinkle doubtful place in the bathroom salt and leave it there for a few days.Or dissolve dry kvass in boiling water in a ratio of 1: 5 and treat the resulting solution, all surfaces in the room.It is important to note that these methods will act only in the event that you fully protect your bathroom from the re-emergence of woodlice (ie, all the items in the previous section).Otherwise, the return of your multi-legged neighbors did not take long.


If folk recipes you do not like, you can use more radical modern ways.Here you will come to the aid of chemicals.

most inexpensive means - an ordinary bleach .If you can not find it in its pure form, it will suit any disinfectant cleaner, in which structure has a sufficiently high chlorine content.Pour or pour means all corners in the bathroom and leave overnight.In the morning be sure to wash off all the places that you are treated as chlorine is extremely dangerous to humans and animals. necessary to avoid falling into the respiratory tract and eyes, especially in the stomach.

The bathroom after cleaning

Another proven method of getting rid of woodlice in the bathroom - it make a chemical attack using quicklime lime.It is necessary to fill a small container and keep in the bathroom for at least three days.During this time, putting to use in any case it is impossible, therefore it is better to defer this experiment until then, until you are all the family will not be able to get a rest for a few dney.Suschestvuyut and tools developed specifically for the fight against woodlice.Their you can easily find in the economic department of any supermarket.Here are some of the most popular means of "dichlorvos Varan», «Tarax», «Get», «Tetriex», «Schabengel», «The Mole."

sure to follow the instructions for use, as these preparations contain toxic substances that can harm a person.

What if nothing works?

If you've tried all the popular and modern facilities, but it has not brought any results, it is necessary to resort to professional help.Apps that are engaged in etching a variety of insects from the apartments, in any city there is a huge amount.The easiest way to find such a service - to carefully study ads pasted on the access door.If it is unable to detect anything, the newspaper, city sites and other media to help you.

Professional disinfectors used potent tools and professional equipment, which will almost certainly cause the pill bugs leave your house.

Professional disinfectors

Finally, if the sanitary and disinfecting processing has been done, but the lice continue to freely roam on your bathroom, perhaps the reason lies in the neighborhood.In this case, it makes sense to combine the efforts of the inhabitants of several apartments and arrange a joint war against woodlice.With all neighbors agree, of course, will not succeed. Try to convince even the owners of the apartments above and below. If you start "fighting" at the same time, it is likely that you will be able to work together to get rid of the inhabitants of arthropods bathrooms.

main thing, remember that cleanliness and dryness in the bathroom - a pledge of woodlice will never go back to your home.